Aftercare Tips To Make Your EyeBrow Tint Last Longer

Aftercare Tips To Make EyeBrow Tint Last Longer
Aftercare Tips To Make EyeBrow Tint Last Longer

When having your brows tinted professionally, your applicator will give you a brief outline of the DOs and DON’Ts. Well of course you have to follow their instruction.

But if you can have your beautiful bold tinted brow last longer, wouldn’t you have them? Of Course, Yes. Now Let’s get into making your tinted brows last longer.

how long does eyebrow tint last

Having your brows tinted professionally will usually last 4-6 weeks. However, this is if it’s properly cared for of course. The fading of your tint is highly determined by; the product used, your hair type, and the aftercare received.

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Aftercare Tips to Make Eyebrow Tint Last Longer

1 – Avoid Using Silicone-Based or Oil-Based Makeup  Removers.

When prepping brows for the tinting procedure avoid both oil and silicone-based make-up removers to cleanse them. This will now allow the pigments to really stick to the hair shaft and skin.

After the procedure, it is also advisable to not clean your brows with these types of removers. They will just speed up the fading process of your brows.

These products break down the pigments making your tint lighten with every use. It would be wise to use mild soap and water to clean brows.

2 – Be Cautious when Using Clarifying Shampoo

These shampoos remove build-ups from the hair shaft. meaning it can also wash away the tint pigments from the brows.

It would be wise to use an adjustable baby showering cap. This will help prevent the shampoo from cleansing away the tint from your brows. You can click here to See the Price On Amazon for one that is perfect for adults

3 – Avoid Contact With Tinted Brows When Using Facial Toners

These toners have extra cleansing abilities that ensure deep cleaning. This is why it is advisable to keep it away from your brows area when applying it to your face.

4 – Refrain from Exfoliating Your EyeBrows

When exfoliating, make sure to avoid contact with your tinted brows, seeing that the scrubbing motion can remove the pigments. It would be better to use mild products such as soap and water.

5 – Choosing Quality Ink is Important

Cheap knock-off inks will always fade away at a faster rate, no matter how well you try to save them. They can never be compared to high-quality pigmented inks.

Cheaper inks tend to have a lower concentration of dye and other active ingredients which gives you poor results.

6 – Blond/ Brown Shade Tints Hacks

You must be aware that the lighter the shade, the faster it fades. So by mixing your brown tint with a tiny bit of black pigmented ink will go a long way, to extend the life of your tinted brows.

7 – Always Go two Shades Darker Than your Natural Hair Color

Remember the darker the tint the longer the pigments shall last. This will have your brows looking full and defined for a longer period.

8 – Make Sure to Avoid Tanning Products

Tanning products of any kind will only ruin your brows. (tinting properties will mix with the tan and create an ugly khaki green-orange looking brow)

9 – Retinol

Daily dosage of products with retinol can cause the ink to fade resulting in color changes.

10 – Avoid Direct Sunlight

Always try to avoid direct sunlight as much as you can. Seeing that Uv Rays

You can wear SPF on your brows to prevent color from shifting. I recommend The CETAPHIL Sheer Mineral Sunscreen.

It is ideal for protecting tinted brows while its hydrates and nourishes the brows without adding moisture. You can click here to see the price for it on Amazon.

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Other Important Points for Longer-Lasting Tinted Brows

11 – Brows should be completely dry, to avoid tint from being neutralized.

12 – Rooms should be of a cooling temperature. to avoid excessive sweating which will affect the tinting process.

13 – Products for procedures should be kept and stored correctly so that active ingredients do not become less active/ completely inactive

14 – Tint should be applied mostly onto the brows rather than the skin.

15- Tint needs to be applied correctly Click here to read How to Apply Eyebrow Tinting at Home

How long after eyebrow tinting can I wash My face

It is required to keep your brows dry for at least 12 hours after having them tinted. The reason being water neutralizes the tinting properties. This is why it’s wise to stay in dry places and avoid excessive sweating.

If however, you do get some water spilled on them it’s recommended to tap it dry. Make sure to avoid rubbing motion.

Does eyebrow tint fade after the first wash

It all depends if the first wash was within 12 hours after the tinting procedure. This will cause a drastic change, in the color fading process.

If however, the first wash, was as per advised and was done after 12 hours post-treatment. Your tint will not begin to fade as yet. Your brows will start to lighten towards your desired shade, during the first week after treatment. This is because of the natural oil and constant washing.

Note: using facial cleansing products with intense cleaning properties and which contain bleaching solutions can cause the tint to fade at a faster rate.

Can i workout after eyebrow tint

Keeping your brows dry, and away from water and sweat for 12 hours minimum is one of the important aftercare tips when it comes to brow tinting. It is recommended by applicators to refrain from working out or any activities that will result in excessive sweating.

Things to avoid after brow tinting

Wanting to keep your beautiful full brows lasting longer, then see below for a few things to avoid or be cautious with.

  1. Water– water will neutralize your tints
  2. Excessive sweating -will add moisture to the tint resulting fast and easy removal
  3. Tanning products– tinting properties will mix with tan leaving your brows discolored.
  4. Retinol– result in making tint fades faster.
  5. Products with high cleansing properties

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