How to Use & Apply Neem Oil – For FAST Hair Growth

How to Use & Apply Neem Oil to Hair
How to Use & Apply Neem Oil to Hair

Neem oil has been put into many ancient Hair-Care practices. This is because it’s a proven natural remedy to give you strong and healthy hair.

But for neem oil to improve the overall health of your hair/scalp, it needs to be applied correctly

So that’s why in this article I am gonna guide you through the best methods to apply neem oil to your hair.

Methods to Apply Neem Oil to Hair

The three best methods to apply neem oil are:

1- Massaging Method (Using Neem Oil as a Pre-Shampoo Treatment)

  1. Apply the neem oil, by evenly distributing an adequate amount directly to your scalp.
  2. Next, apply neem oil to the ends of your hairthe reason being; natural oils produced from the scalp rarely meet the hair’s end, especially for lengthy hairs, leaving hair looking all dried and frizzy.
  3. Gently massage scalp using your fingertips or any scalp massaging tool – This act helps with relaxation and stimulates blood flow, which helps with your hair growth.
  4. Put your hair in a basic braid or bun, and then wear a shower cap, let it rest for 30 minutes minimum.
  5. Next, wash hair thoroughly, using a natural shampoo and conditioner.
  6. Gently dry hair avoid Vigorously rubbing your wet hair with towels, this can lead to excessive hair breakage and hair fall. The towel ruffles up the cuticles of the hair, this does more harm than good, causing it to become extremely frizzy.
  7. Finally, apply your regular hair oil/serum to the scalp and hair – this reduces the rate of moisture depletion which prevents dryness, and frizziness – this is called sealing-hair. You can use a pure oil or create your own blend.

One of the best ways to massage your scalp to stimulate hair growth is to use a scalp massager.

I highly recommend using an electric cordless scalp massager, as this provides long comforting massage with little. You can click here to see the price for the one that I use on Amazon.

Neem oil or neem paste is at its best when it’s all-natural, meaning no preservatives or chemicals. This is why the best neem oil or paste is homemade.

You can click here for my simple DIY method for the preparation of neem oil.

You can click here to learn how to easily make and apply neem paste at home.

Benefits of Massaging Neem Oil For Hair

The act of Massaging neem oil onto the scalp:

  • Helps with relaxation.
  • Is more affordable since you done need any special tools.
  • Allows stimulation of blood flow which triggers hair growth.
  • Prevents dandruff, by allowing antibacterial properties to be worked into scalp more effectively.
  • Massaging also works as an exfoliating act, which helps buff away dead skin cells, unclog the pores on your scalp, and clear product buildup from the hair follicles.

2- Steaming Method (Using either a Hot Towel or Steaming Cap)

There are two different methods you can use to steam your hair.

1.Steaming Hair Using Hot Towel:-

  1. Gently apply neem oil to the scalp and throughout hair length.
  2. Massage neem oil onto the scalp using your fingertips for an evenly distribution.
  3. Damp a clean thick towel with warm water (warm enough to your tolerance).
  4. Squeeze out excess water.
  5. Wrap your hair in the damp towel, use a hair dryer (on hot setting) to heat the wet towel. OR you can place a shower cap or a plastic bag over your towel-wrapped hair which seals the heat and steam,
  6. Now wait about 10-12 minutes until towel gets chilled/cold.
  7. Next you repeat this process 3-4 times.
  8. Wait until the temperature of your scalp has returned to normal and then wash your hair
  9. And, finally apply hair oil/serum to seal your hair.

2. Steaming Hair Using Steaming Cap/Hair Steamer:-

  1. Gently apply neem oil to your scalp and throughout the hair length.
  2. Next, gently massage neem oil on your scalp, and use your fingertips to ensure that the oil is evenly distributed.
  3. Steam your hair using a steam cap/hair steamer. Ensure you adjust temperature to your likings and comfort.
  4. Wait until the temperature of your scalp has returned to normal and then wash your hair
  5. And, finally apply hair oil/serum to seal your hair.

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to DIY steam hair at home, you can check out the video below.

Steaming caps require less effort and are more convenient, You can click here to see the price for an affordable one on Amazon.

Video Showing Methods How to Steam Hair

Benefits of Steaming Hair/Scalp With Neem Oil

  • Steaming scalp with neem oil is good for individuals whose cuticles don’t open easily, since it allows for easy absorption of moisture
  • When steamed Neem oil properties works as a deep cleanser.
  • It helps with deeper conditioning
  • Improves overall health of the scalp
  • Reduces dryness and gives your hair strength, shininess, thickness and softness
  • Protects your hair follicles from external damages

3- Hot Oil Method (Warm the Neem Oil before application)

  1. Add adequate amount neem oil to a dry and clean glass container.
  2. Next, warm the neem oil using either the double boiling method or microwave.
  3. You should section out your hair to allow for easy distribution of the warm oil onto your scalp.
  4. Wait until oil is of a tolerable temperature before applying to scalp, by testing it on skin.
  5. When the temperature is manageable, you gently apply to scalp using your fingertips.
  6. Massage your scalp gently using fingertips or any scalp massaging tool – This helps with relaxation and stimulates blood flow.
  7. After which, apply oil to remaining length of hair, brush hair for an easy distribution of neem oil.
  8. Next, put your hair in bun or do a basic braid.
  9. Damp a clean towel with water and place it in the microwave, for about 40-50 seconds (depending on the power of you microwave).
  10. Wait until towel is of a handle-able temperature, then use it to wrap the oiled hair, then keep the towel on for 10-15 minutes
  11. Repeat towel process for about 2-3 times.
  12. Wash hair only after scalp temperature returned to normal, then seal hair with hair oil/serum

Double Boiling is where the oil is heated to a certain temperature without applying direct heat. It is a gentle and slower method of boiling. Double Boiling prevents the damaging of essential properties of the oil. You can click here to learn more.

Benefits of Applying Warm Neem Oil to Scalp

  • Strengthens hair roots by harnessing the regenerative properties of neem oil by working them into the scalp.
  • Neem oil moisturizing content reduces dryness of both the scalp and hair, which reduces dried frizzy hair.
  • Prevent split-ends.
  • Promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Help with dandruff relief.
  • Increases blood flow to the scalp, which helps to promote healthier hair.

How Often Should You Apply Neem Oil to Hair

The health and condition of your hair/scalp will determine how often to apply neem oil to your hair/scalp, depending on the method of preference.

Steaming MethodOnce-Twice per monthSteam every 7-10 days “
(A weekly dose of steaming adds extra hydration to the hair and over time steam improves elasticity and moisture retention.)
Hot-Oil MethodOnce-Twice per monthPractice once every 7 days
(Until Hair and Scalp overall health improves.)
Hot-Towel MethodOnce-Twice per monthOnce every 7 days
(Until hair and Scalp overall health improves.)
Table showing How often you should apply neem oil on your hair

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