How To Use Beard Dye For Eyebrows & Pros & Cons

How To Use Beard Dye For Eyebrows & Pros & Cons
How To Use Beard Dye For Eyebrows & Pros & Cons

We have all seen the trendy hack to dye our brows with beard dye. It looks very effective and could save us a lot of effort and cash, as opposed to visiting a salon for a Brow tinting session. Which are usually pricey.

Is It Safe To Use Beard Dye On Eyebrows

These Dyes were formulated specifically for sensitive skin such as men’s faces. So Yes, you can use beard dyes to safely and effectively Dye your brows without any harm done to your skin. Unlike Boxed Hair Dye, Which we do not recommend using on your brows

So seeing that it is completely safe. How do you apply it?

How To Dye Eyebrows Using Beard Dyes

Well, let us get right into it. Beautiful fuller and bolder brows, in the convenience of our own home. However, before proceeding it’s advised to Patch Test before applying it.

Step 1- Cleanse Brow Areas

We need a clean base to work with, so you must wash your face to remove all makeup and oil from your brows. (Avoid oil and silicone-based makeup removers)

Step 2- Create & Outline Brow Shape

Create guidelines for yourself, by outlining the brow shape you desire. This makes it easier during the application process.

Step 3- Apply Protective Barrier

Apply vaseline or anything else that will protect the outer skin from being dyed. Especially if you do not have steady hands.

Step 4- Mixing

Use a clean dry container and mix the components given. Using equal portions each.

Step 5- Apply to Eyebrows

Use a clean spoolie and carefully apply dye to the tail of your brows, working your way to the inner corners.

Step 6- Clean Up

You may now clean up any mistake around the outline of the brow, to ensure it doesn’t stain your skin.

Step 7- Wait For Dye To Process

For the dye to stain the brows, you may wait the required time mentioned on the box or let it sit for 5 – 15 minutes to process.

Step 8- Cleaning Excess

Take a clean damp cloth and wipe away the excess dye from your brows (you may add a bit of regular face wash to the cloth to ensure complete removal)

Step 9- Checking

Check your brows to make sure you got the desired shape, all gaps are filled, and if it is dark enough. If not then you can repeat the process (only once more is advised)

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How to Dye Brows Using Beard Dye

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Pros and Con Of Using Beard Dye on Brows


  1. Easy to DIY
  2. Safe for Eyebrows
  3. Last as long as Eyebrow tints.
  4. Very Affordable
  5. Can be done in the comfort of your home


  1. You need steady hands
  2. Need to know Brow Dying Techniques
  3. May not get the desired brow shape (poor technique)
  4. Adverse reactions may occur if Patch Tests weren’t done.

How Long Does Beard Dye Last On Eyebrows

When using beard dyes to tint brows, and once done correctly the results can last between 3-8 weeks. However, It really does determine the type of dyed used, cleansing products, and even your skin type.

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It is required to wait 4-5 weeks before dying your brows again. Dying them too often can result in build-ups, Drying-out of hair strands, and even cause falling.

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How To Make Last Longer- beard dye on brows

We dye our brows so we don’t have to include them in our daily routine. Because of this, it saves us a lot of time and effort every day. So, what do we want? We want it to last the longest it can. Well, for this to happen you must:

  1. Avoid using any oil and silicone-based makeup removers to cleanse them before application.
  2. Keep them away from detoxing shampoo and even clarifying shampoo.
  3. Keep them away from Toners and cleaners, as they can break down the dye from brows and remove them
  4. Do Not exfoliate your brows, else you’ll just be scrubbing them right away
  5. Make sure you choose quality dye
  6. Always choose 2 shades darker than your natural hair color
  7. Retinol can fade dye from brows
  8. Direct sunlight may cause them to fade faster.

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Best Beard Dye For Eyebrows

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Dye For Brown Hair Girls

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