Brow Gel For Thicker Brows  – How To Use & Possible Danger

Brow Gel For Thicker Brows - How To Use & Possible Danger
Brow Gel For Thicker Brows – How To Use & Possible Danger

Eyebrow gels are popularly recognized for the fluffy-looking brows they help to imitate. These Brow Gels are literally the next best thing after brow lamination, which help to achieve fuller-looking brows on a budget and are chemical-free.

But, many persons still don’t know how to use this gel. So, continue reading as we will share a full step-by-step guide and video on how to achieve trendy-looking brows.

What Does A Brow Gel Do

Eyebrow Gels are brow cosmetics that carry a thick gel-like consistency, which is either clear or tinted with different shades of pigments. They are used for grooming and filling in sparse brows, with the aim of imitating fuller-looking eyebrows.

Is Brow Gel Safe For Brows

Eyebrow gels are generally safe as they are specifically formulated for brow hairs. However, that does not mean you are free from an allergic reaction that can harm your follicles through your now-affected skin.

That is why it is recommended to patch-test your eyebrow gel before using as you may be allergic to certain ingredient(s).

How To Use Brow Gel

As we said ‘Eyebrow gels are the next best thing to brow lamination, the only thing is, it’s more affordable’. So, here is how you can use eyebrow gels to imitate fuller laminated-looking brows.

1 – Prep & Clean Your Eyebrows

Working with already shaped and cleaned brows is one of the first and most important steps. As sebum oil and other residues can hinder the effectiveness of your gel.

2 – Groom Your Brows

Use a clean spoolie and brush your brow strands in the direction of hair growth. Usually in an up and outwards direction. This will help you to get a clearer look at your sparse areas, in need of filling.

3 – Apply Your Eyebrow Gel to Your Brows

Take a bit of gel on your spoolie and brush your brow hairs in the opposite direction of hair growth. This is to ensure enough and even distribution among all hairs.

Tinted gel contains pigments that will coat your strands making them appear thicker-looking, while its tackiness causes your strands to stick to your skin, to fill in sparse areas. How to tint your brows at home

4 – Final Grooming of Your Eyebrows.

Instantly after coating your hair with gel, use your spoolie and brush your brows in an up and outward direction. This will add shape, fullness, and depth, making them look like laminated brows.

After your gel is dry and brow hairs are held in place, you can go in back with your brow pencil and fill in any missing gap/missed area.

Brow gels usually have a reasonably tight holding grip, meaning your brow hairs will be able to stay in their shape for at least 24 hours. So, guys there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to use brow gel, to achieve fuller laminated brows on a budget.

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How Long Do You Leave Brow Gel On

Eyebrow gel can be worn for as long as 24 hours or more until you are ready to remove it. As they cause no harm to brow strands, which receive nourishing care (nourishing serums) routinely.

Can I Use Brow Gel Every Day

Short answer, Yes eyebrow gels can be used as often as every day. They are generally safe, as long as you are not allergic to any ingredient(s) within its formulation.

However, when using eyebrow gel, it is advised to apply it after your skin prepping/ moisturizer and before your makeup (eyebrow pencil). This is to avoid makeup products from getting into your brow gel container and causing cross-contamination due to double dipping.

How to Remove your Eyebrow Gel

It is important to correctly remove your gel, as it is now very tacky and technically glued with your brow hair to your skin. As, this help to avoid any tugging on actual brow hairs which can lead to you literally pulling your strands out.

  1. Damp a piece of a cotton pad in makeup remover or micellar water.
  2. Press over your brow, allowing the micellar to saturate the gel and soften it.
  3. Once tackiness is loosened, gently wipe it until completely clean of every sticky residue from your eyebrow gel.

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Best Eyebrow Gels

Here we have a few recommended eyebrow gels that may help you in your decision-making, according to what their formulation targets most.

  1. NYX Extreme Hold Eyebrow Gel– For girls with fuller & thicker Brow strands
  2. NYX Tinted Eyebrow Gel- For girls with thin and sparse eyebrows, and in need of extra boldness.

The NYX Brow Glue

The Eyebrow Gel by NYX Cosmetics is a safe well-formulated solution. Which will effectively keep your brows in their position all day long. It is clear and has a strong sticky glue-like consistency that works best for girls with thick and unruly eyebrow hairs.

Click here to see the price of it on Amazon

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The NYX Tinted Brow Gel

This formula resembles that, of their clear brow gels, meaning you are still guaranteed a strong holding grip. These gels have added pigments to match the different shades of brows, to give you a more natural finish.

You can pick these up at your local supermarket or Click here on Amazon to see their different shades.

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Side Effects Of Eyebrow Gels

Although eyebrow gels are indeed very safe, not knowing how to correctly use and remove them, comes with some risks such as:

  1. Allergic Reactions
  2. Hair fall outs
  3. Brittle and dry
  4. Split ends

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Can Brow Gel Cause Hair Loss

Eyebrow gels are usually very safe if used moderately and cleansed properly. However, overly using ones with very drying ingredients can cause damage to your actual, By drying them out, leading to split ends and breakage.

Alternatives to Brow Gel

Here are some alternatives to Eyebrows Gel that are safe and will effectively keep your eyebrows in place all day long.

Can I use Mascara as Eyebrow Gel

If you are after a filling effect rather than a laminated brow finish, you can then, use mascara instead of a tinted brow gel. A mascara will definitely fill in your sparse areas and coat your strands. Giving you fuller bolder looking brows.

But, it will not be as effective as a brow gel, to give you that holding grip needed to imitate a laminated brow effect.

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