5 Best Brow Lamination Kit – Safe & Easy DIY at Home

Best Brow Lamination Kits
Best Brow Lamination Kits

Brow lamination is perming your brows, with the use of a lesser harsh solution compared to other perms. This enhancement is basically the lifting of your own natural brows for the natural-fluffy, feather effect.

There are many ways to achieve this modern model look, you can either have it done professionally, which will cost you between $80- $140 per session. Or you can do it yourself by using a kit. which is way more affordable and convenient.

If purchasing a kit, it is important that you select the right one that is best suited for you and your skin type. That’s why I will guide you through selecting the right brow lamination kit for you.

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best brow lamination kits

The best brow lamination kits are:

  1. Sarah Gold brow lamination– Recommended for sensitive skin, because of its mild chemicals used for the perming solution.
  2. Libeauty Brow Lamination + Tint Kit– Comes in bulk, making it ideal for professional/commercial use. (18 sessions per kit)
  3. ARYANA Brow Lamination Kit– Volumizes brows and has a mattified finish.
  4. ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit– Very affordable and Works for both Lash & Brows
  5. SUNSENT Brow Lamination Kit– Amazing for beginners because of it’s Step-By-Step easy to follow Guide/instructions.

items required for brow lamination

Clean, Sturdy Spoolie- For Proper grooming of brows hair
Y-Comb– Allows a firm combing of glued-brows upwards
Cling Wrap– Helps in speeding up the process
Cotton Swab– Cleaning of brows
Cleanser– For cleaning of brows
Glue– Makes hair stay in the desired formation for perming process
Perming Solution– Breaks down hair structure
Fixation Solution– Keeps hair in its desired formation

Step-By-Step Video DIY Brow Lamination using Kit

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Recommended Brow Lamination Kit

1. Sarah Gold brow lamination – sensitive skin

One of the most promising kits out there for sensitive skin is The Sarah Gold Brow Kit. This easy-to-use DIY at-home kit, contains all the necessaries for that full brow, laminated effect.

Sarah Gold Brow Lamination Kit is:

  • Easy for beginners because it has easy step-by-step demonstration
  • Gives you a total of 8 sessions with just one kit (It also depends on your brow thickness)
  • Its Effect will last for 6 weeks maximum all depending on how well you care for them
  • Cost Efficient– Kit has 8 sessions for less than $ 30. Unlike professionally done will cost you $80-160 per session.

The Sarah Gold Brow Lamination Kit is perfect for persons who:

  • Have Sensitive Skin– mainly because of the mild chemical used for the perming solution.
  • Are Easily Prone to Irritation– Its delicate creamy texture and mild ingredients works best together to avoid any sort of irritation.
  • Are prone to an allergy reaction– so far there have not been any case of an allergy reaction on users. Its advisable to still carry out your spot check.
  • Have Messy and Thin Brows– Glue works effectively well, to keeps hair in formation for perming.

Where to get Sarah Gold Brow Lamination Kit-Best

You can get Sarah Gold Brow Lamination Kit-Best on Amazon, click here to see the current price there.

2. Libeauty Brow Lamination + tint Kit- business use

Libeauty Brow Lamination kit comes with a full setup, to complete your perfectly looking feather-like fluffy-looking brow. It is also inclusive of a tinting solution, for bolder-looking brows.

Libeauty Brow Lamination + Tint Kit

  • Perfect for Business Usage
  • Brow lift glue contains natural ingredients.
  • Fast acting, premium glue gets tacky fast
  • Can last for 6-8 weeks, depending on how well you care for them.
  • Tint available in color brown
  • Gives up to 18 sessions

Libeauty Brow Lamination + Tint Kit is perfect for individuals:

  • Wanting to start a business and who are already business/salon owners.
  • Who prefer a bolder look, seeing that it comes with its own tint.
  • Of all Skin Types, but be cautious, it is still recommended to do spot check in advance regardless of the claims made.
  • With thick and bushy brows, because it’s premium glue works effectively at holding hair in place, for the perming process.

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Where to get Libeauty Brow Lamination

You can click here to see the price for Libeauty Brow Lamination on Amazon.

For Bulk Buying See the Links Below for Tools:

Y-Combs are usually available in bulk on Amazon, you can click here to see the price for a packet

SpooliesClick here to see the price on Amazon for a pack of 100 Spoolies

For Bulk Organic Cotton Swabs, you can click here to see the price on Amazon.

3. ARYANA brow Lamination Kit– Mattified Finish

ARYANA NEW YORK Eyebrow Lamination Kit is perfect for those who prefer the matte finish. Its easy-to-follow instructions, make it a fast and easier way to achieve the fluffy-looking brows.

ARYANA EyeBrow Lamination Kit:

  • Amazing for it mattified finish
  • Tames any type of brows
  • Is Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Gives you about 6 sessions
  • Volumize brows

ARYANA EyeBrow Lamination Kit is perfect for persons who:

  • Prefers a matte finish
  • Are Vegan
  • Have meduim thick or fuller brows and also kinky brows
  • Have sensitive skin

Where to get ARYANA brow Lamination Kit

You can get the ARYANA brow Lamination Kit on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for it.

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4. ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit- multi- purpose & affordable

This lash kit is also very effective for the brow lamination effect. ICONSIGN kit comes with 4 perming solutions. And is also very pocket friendly.

ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit

  • Very affordable
  • Salon quality
  • Can give 5 -6 sessions depending on you brow type
  • Last for 6-8 weeks depending on the care received
  • Tools are not inclusive (Y-Brush, Spoolie, wraps, etc)

ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit is perfect for:

  • Amazing for all skin type
  • Effective on all brow type
  • Pocket Friendly – cost less compared to other kits, and saves you more.

Where to get ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kit

You can get ICONSIGN Lash Lift Kits at really good prices on Amazon, click here to see the current price.

5. SUNSENT Brow Lamination Kit- beginner Friendly

This brow lamination kit is perfect for beginners and DIY at home. Comes with step-by-step, easy-to-read instructions. Its solutions are made of mild and non-irritating ingredients, making it perfect for every skin type, especially sensitive skin.

SUNSENT Brow Lamination Kit

  • Contains mild and non irritating ingredients.
  • Very affordable for its amazing results
  • Adds volume to brows, by creating the feather effect
  • Gives you about 8-10 sessions per kit

SUNSENT Brow Lamination Kit is Best for:

  • Beginners
  • Persons with Sensitive skin
  • Individuals who are Easily prone to irritations
  • All brow type (thin or thick ,fuller brows)

Where to Get SUNSENT Brow Lamination Kit

SUNSENT Brow Lamination Kits are usually available on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for one there.

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A Step-By-Step Guide on how to use a brow lamination kit.

It really is quite simple. Let me guide you through these easy steps for the fluffy, feather-looking brows.

1- Clean your brows using the Cleanser provided and a cotton swab, by gently rubbing the area

This will get rid of all the impurities and tiny particles left-back from makeup, natural oil, etc.

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2- Apply provided glue onto brows, and then immediately after use a clean Spoolie/ Y-comb and groom brow hairs using upward motions.

This is so that, the hairs are kept in the desired formation for the perming process. (Some glue gets tacky faster than others)

3- Gently apply a fair amount of the perming solution to brows.

This is the chemical solution that will break down the hair structure. So as to, allow it to take the uniformed formation, it is now formed in.

4- Now seal it with a piece of Cling Wrap

Let the wrap sit for 10-12 minutes. This works in keeping/concealing the heat, making the process faster.

5- Clean the brows by using a damp cotton swab

By gently rubbing the brows using upward motions (direction of the hair)

6- Apply a generous amount of the Fixation solution with cue tips

The Fixation solution will help in keeping the hair in the desired formation. Apply enough for full saturation of hair.

7- Cling wrap the brows once more, and let it sit for 10-12 minutes & then remove.

This is so that, the fixation solution can be fully worked in and do its job.

8- Damp cotton swab/cue tip with cleanser and gently clean the brows using upward motions.

Make sure you fully clean them by removing all the products.

9- Moisturize and Hydrate brows by using provided nutrition oil

This is to restore moisture and water lost in the process. Ensure you apply the oil using upward motions.

REMINDER: You are Required to Maintain Dry Brows for 48 Hours Minimum

It is important for proper pre-care & After-care for brow lamination. follow these steps to avoid any unwanted reaction. And proper maintenance for long-lasting results. Citation

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Proper Pre-care & after-care to brow lamination

Pre-Care to brow lamination

  • Avoid waxing, plucking, and shaving around brow area for at least 24 hours before procedure.
  • Seek dermatologist advice before approching brow lamination-if you have sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, or any history of dermatitis.
  • Avoid facial treatment– such as acne products, retinol, Accutane, or any related products one month before- to avoid any possible skin reaction.
  • Different skin type – Seek advice from a dermatologist if you have dry and damaged skin.

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Proper after-care to brow lamination

  • Refrain from applying makeup and receiving any sort of eye treatments for 24 hours after procedure.
  • Maintain dry brows for 48 hours after procedure. Avoid swimming, steam, or excessive sweating.
  • Avoid touching your brows for 48 hours after the procedure.
  • No tanning products should be used for 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Refrain from applying Facial Treatment (Retin-A, Alpha Hydroxy Acid), 72 hours after the procedure.

You can click here for more aftercare tips on how to make your brow lamination last longer.

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Can you laminate your brows without A kit

Yes. It is possible to laminate your brows without using a kit. Getting your brows laminated means creating the fluffy, feather-look. And there are other ways to achieve this look. but however, they may not be as long-lasting as getting your brows done using a kit.

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can you use lash lift kit for brow lamination

Yes, you can use a lash kit for brow lamination. This is because the procedure and ingredients carried out for lash lifting are the same as brow lamination. Both require the same solutions and take about the same time. They basically share the same concept.

And because of how identical lash lift and brow lamination can be. Companies have been producing 2 in 1 combination kits, that specialize to serve either purpose, by your preference.

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