Best Brow Lamination Aftercare Oil & How to Use Correctly

We all know of the beautiful effects brow lamination can give us. But it comes at a cost. You see Perming those hairs literally breaks down their keratin structure so that they are controllable.

But if you are not properly taking care of your laminated brows they can become very unhealthy. So keep reading to learn about which oils are best for brow lamination aftercare, and how to correctly apply them.

Can I Oil my Brows After Brow Lamination

Applying any nourishing oil or serum to your brows after having them laminated is important. As this will help in replenishing what was lost (nutrients, moisture, water content, etc) during the perming procedure.

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How Long After Brow Lamination Can I Oil my Brows

After your brow lamination procedure, it is also recommended to wait 24 hours before applying any nourishing oils or conditioning serums. This helps to maintain longer-lasting results

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How Often Can I Oil Brows After Brow Lamination

After your brow lamination procedure, you can apply your nourishing oil 1-2 times per day. You could apply it in the mornings after showering and/or before heading to bed.

Make sure to see below how to correctly oil them after your brow lamination procedure

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Best Oils For Brow Lamination Aftercare

Deciding on the best oils for your brows may not necessarily mean the best oils out there. Many oils and serums are specifically modified for their main target, as they are modified and carry other related ingredients, for that specifically targeted job.

So see below as we have narrowed it down to what we would recommend for your brows lamination aftercare oils.

1 – Keratin Based Brow Conditioning Oil

One of the best ways to restore your brow’s health is by rebuilding its keratin. And we all know how keratin is important for our hair’s health and strength. So returning it is one if the most vital aftercare.

Here we recommend a brow conditioner, that will provide the necessary nourishment and help boost your keratin content for healthy hair. It prevents frizz and breakage, and heat damage caused by the sun.

You may check their website @ K Kerotin Store for other related treatments, Or Click here to see the recommended Keratin conditioning serum they have on Amazon.

2 – Vitamin E Nourishing Oil

When it comes to choosing your oil you are to always make sure that it is absorbent as well as carries the necessary ingredients; Meaning being able to Calm and Nourish skin for healthy follicles(Vitamin E), Provide hydration (Grapeseed / Jojoba Oil), And return moisture.

When purchasing your nourishing oil always read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting what’s needed.

One of my favorite oil is by The Ancient Greek Remedy. It is lightweight and possesses the necessary benefits for your brow care. Click here on Amazon to see the many more benefits and honest feedback from customers.

Check out the video below to see more about this oil’s effectiveness

3 – Jojoba Oil

The jojoba oil comes from the seeds of a drought-tolerant plant. This Oil carries a waxy texture compared to other usual oils. This makes it highly penetrable by the skin and hair. Besides its absorbent abilities, it also restores and retains the water content in both hair and skin.

Jojoba oil is also great for skin and other health purposes. Click here to see the price of it on Amazon and Get yours so you can restore the Water content that was lost during the brow lamination procedure.

Other Related Oils:

Can I Use Castor Oil After Brow Lamination

Water-based serums or conditioners containing castor oil are a great way of moisturizing the skin around the brow area for healthy follicles. as they will be able to penetrate the skin layers easily. Now, Pure Castor oil is a perfect sealant that can help to lock in moisture.

If using pure castor oil please keep reading for the correct steps for application. Or else you risk drying out your brows even more.

Another great way of actually getting the benefits out of castor oil is by using Castor Oil Capsules. You can pick these up from your local shop or Click here to get them right from Amazon.

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Coconut oil After Brow Lamination

Coconut oil after having your brows laminated is a great way of helping the process of returning moisture to your brows. However, coconut oil needs to be applied following certain steps, or else you will just be drying out your brows more

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Vaseline After Brow Lamination

Vaseline after brow lamination will not restore moisture to your brows. But it will assist in retaining what is already there. After your laminating procedure, there isn’t really much moisture or hydration left due to the chemicals used.

So the best way is to use vaseline as a sealant and apply it using the steps we have below.

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How to Correctly apply oil after Brow Lamination

So we have mentioned using the correct method, it is really just ensuring you carry out the application steps correctly. So do it correctly and keep on reading.

Step 1- Cleansing the Brows

Before applying your nourishing oil or serums, you need to make sure that your brows are cleaned from all makeup, dust, and even natural oils. The Less barrier between the skin and the nourishment the better.

Step 2- Dry Your Eyebrow

When drying eyebrows, always use a clean face towel or tissue. Gently pat the brows until completely dry. Always avoid rubbing them vigorously as this can cause friction resulting in hair fallouts.

Step 3 – Conditioning The Brows

Use a conditioning serum and brush through your brows, for even distribution you can use a clean spoolie. Always ensure the serum is water base, this will make it easier to penetrate the skin and hair.

Step 4 – Apply your Nourishing Oil

Apply your nourishing oil using a Spoolie. Brush the oil moving in the opposite direction of the hair growth, and then according to the hair growth. Also, do ensure that the skin beneath is oiled.

When oiling remembering a little bit goes a long way. Over-saturating your brows can affect your skin from breathing, which could lead to problems later on.

Step 5 – Maintaining Aftercare

Avoid constantly touching the brows and being in areas with a lot of dust and impurities in the air. For, they can stick to the skin and hair due to the oil stickiness (if any).

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What Happens When You Don’t Oil After Brow Lamination

Oiling your brows after having them laminated is one of the important aftercare. So refusing to oil your brows after the procedure may result in:

1 – Brow Hairs Will Become Weak

The chemical in the perming solution already breaks down the Disulphide Bonds, which determine the strength of our hair strands.

And oiling is a great way in returning the necessary nourishment to the hairs and their follicle, allowing for the healing and regeneration of stronger bonding structures.

2 – Eyebrow Becoming Dry and Brittle

The lack of proper oiling will prevent your skin and follicles from receiving the necessary nourishment. This will lead to follicles dying out and hair becoming frizzy and brittle.

3 – Changed in Brow Color

Refusing to oil or incorrectly oiling your brows prevents them from receiving the necessary vitamins and other vital nutrients. Now, a change in the color of your brow may result for two reasons.

1-Due to thinning and falling out of your brow hair you will notice your brows becoming lighter in color. This does not necessarily mean that the hair color has changed (lightened). It’s the loss of hair that portrays lighter/ faded brows.

2 – Some perming chemicals in brow lamination have the tendency to damage the melanin of the hair. And Melanin deficiency is also associated with vitamin deficiency.

Now preventing your follicles from receiving the necessary nutrients and nourishment, through the lack of oiling, proper diet, or even supplements, can cause them to lose their melanin, causing hair color to fade.

4 – Brow Hairs Fallouts

As we also mention above reasons like not receiving the proper nourishment after the procedure can cause your brows to become weak from the follicles to the strands of the hair. Causing them to fall out.

You can also use nutritional capsules to help with returning and maintaining the health and strength of your hair and its follicles. Click here to see our recommendation. You can look for it in your local supermarket or Click here to see it on Amazon.

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