Eyebrow Tinting Vs Microblading – Which is Better

Eyebrow Tinting vs Microblading
Eyebrow Tinting vs Microblading

Eyebrow Tinting and Microblading are two brow enhancement procedures, that use pigmented inks to create the illusion of fuller brows. As alike they may seem, there are still some key differences between them.

Eyebrow tint is a non-invasive tinting treatment that uses either pigmented or dye-based ink. These inks would be placed on the brow area in an attempt to tint the skin. This will enhance your brows making them bolder and giving them a more defined shape. Whereas,

Microblading is an invasive tattooing procedure that allows for tiny hair-like incisions onto the base of the brow area of the skin (epidermis). It uses semi-permanent pigmented ink to create the illusion of fuller brows with its hair-like strokes.

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Differences between brow tinting and microblading

1. Which One is Safer – Eyebrow Tinting Vs Microblading

When comparing the risk of these two procedures, microblading is riskier than brow tinting. But however, everyone is different, meaning their skin types, skin health, etc will differ.

Microblading has a higher risk of causing an infection which can lead to further complications. Brow tinting does have some risks but they are least likely to happen.

Possible health risks when taking microblading services:

  • Transmitting of diseases (hepatitis, skin infection etc) since its required to break the skin. – Make sure tools are new and sterile.
  • Allergic reaction from the pigmented ink used – Make sure to PATCH TEST ink before service.
  • Eye Infection – if an infection occurs at the brow area, it can potentially spread to your eyes, if not careful enough.

Possible health risks when taking eyebrow tinting services:

  • Allergic reaction from organic dye or tint– Make sure to patch test before applying.
  • Irritation and burning sensation from tint- Pigmented ink sometimes contains too much of harsh chemicals.
  • Skin infection – Especially if you have very sensitive skin.
  • Eye irritation– Make sure that organic dye-based ink is of good quality and texture, this avoid it from moving towards eye area.
  • Contact dermatitis – Scan surrounding for cleanliness and make sure tool are new.

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Below Image Demonstrating How the Ink is Applied to the Brows

Image showing different application of ink for brow tinting vs microblading
Image showing the different applications of ink for brow tinting vs microblading

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2. Is microblading more natural looking than eyebrow tinting

Microblading is more natural-looking in comparison to brow tinting. Microblading is a tattooing technique that creates hair-like strokes, which imitate naturally-looking brows.

Whereas Eyebrow Tinting allows for ink on the entire brow area. Tinting the skin will give it a fuller effect.

Image showing how microblading looks vs brow tinting
Image showing how microblading looks vs brow tinting

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3. Which is best for sparse brows- microblading vs brow tinting

Both techniques work amazingly well for sparse brows. It really depends on the individual preference. However, for those who prefer the natural look, Microblading would be the best choice for them.

Whereas, on the other hand, for those preferring the fuller bolder look brow tinting will be perfect for them.

4. Does microblading last longer than brow tinting

Microblading will last longer than brow tinting. Microblading can last you 6-8 weeks, until the next appointment. Whereas, brow tinting will only last for 4-6 weeks. However, it also depends heavily on how well you care for your brows.

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5. which Looks fuller & bolder- eyebrow tinting or microblading

Wanting the strong-fuller, complete filled-in brows. Well, then brow tinting is the perfect technique for you. Tinting is basically like coloring the entire brow area to enhance the shape and boldness of your brows.

However, this method will not give you that natural-looking brows as microblading would.

6. Is microblading more affordable than brow tinting

Brow tinting will cost you between $20 – $40 per application. Whereas, an average Microblading cost will be around $600 per session.

However, the pricings are normally determined by the applicator, location, brow type, etc. But clearly, microblading is way more expensive than brow tinting.

7. How long is the healing process for eyebrow tinting vs microblading

Brow tinting will take 9-12 days to heal whilst microblading takes roughly 15 days to heal.

Eyebrow Tinting Healing Process

  • Day 5 to 6 – Pigmented ink will begin to peel off. This will leave the brow looking all cracked and scaly. This process shall take another 4-5 days to complete.
  • Day 9- 12- Your brows will start to reveal the true shade/color of the pigmented ink.

Microblading Healing Process

  • Day 4-5 – Scabbing of ink will begin; this process will usually take 10-12 days.
  • Day 15 – Your brows have fully heal and will require proper moisturizing and hydration to be done.

8. DIY Microblading & brow tint at home

With proper knowledge, it is safe to say you can DIY Brow tinting right at home. But, However, YOU CAN NOT DIY Microblading at home. Microblading requires a certified technician with the necessary skill for this application.

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Refrain from practicing Microblading, even if you are an amateur in this skill set.

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