Deodorant After Waxing – Possible Dangers

Deodorant After Waxing - Possible Dangers
Deodorant After Waxing – Possible Dangers

Waxing comes with quite a few risks, especially when you are waxing areas that are already very sensitive; like in this case the armpits.

Here we’re going to specifically target the dangers of using deodorant under the arms after waxing. How soon is safe enough to use it? And, the best deodorant to use after waxing.

Can I Use Deodorant After Waxing

After your waxing procedure, the use of deodorants is completely safe to use. that is after a few hours of course. Waxing does not immediately reduce any order or sweating. Hence, we may need deodorant to help with that.

However, the main question is how long after waxing can you apply it?

How Long After Waxing Can You Use Deodorant

After waxing your underarms it is recommended to wait 24-48 hours before applying your deodorant. Using it before time will lead to more irritation to an already irritated skin.

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What Happens If You Use Deodorant After Waxing

So as mentioned above it is completely safe if used after your underarm is healed from the waxing trauma and bruises. But if used too soon this is what will happen:

  1. You are causing more irritation to the already irritated skin. Leading to experiencing some mild discomfort like:
  • Burning sensation
  • Itchiness
  • Blisters

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  1. This can cause swelling and even redness. As some deodorants contain high content of fragrance and preservatives which is no good for a freshly waxed underarm.
  1. Adverse reactions may occur especially if you are using deodorants that come from an aerosol bottle. These contain irritants like Benzene (others being butane, isobutane, or propane).

Having these Chemicals penetrating your minor bruises and opened pores can have a negative effect on your skin (Histamine & even developing an Allergic Reaction). Some reactions may be:

  • Swelling
  • Rashes
  • Pimples
  1. Risk of contact dermatitis. Waxing will cause minor bruises, leave the pores open and exposed, and strip away the skin’s protective layer. This is bound to happen because the underarm skin is very soft, fragile, and sensitive.

Using a deodorant whilst having all these breaks in the skin can encourage easier bacterial contamination from the deodorant.

Even if your skin is not waxed you should avoid sharing deodorant, this will transfer one person’s bacteria to you and yours to them.

  1. Using these antiperspirants will prevent the skin from restoring moisture and water content that was lost during the waxing treatment. Hence resulting in Dry Underarms.
  1. Can become a comedogenic issue after waxing pores are left open and vulnerable to almost anything. When deodorant is applied before time, it could end up clogging them. This can not lead to white pimples and even breakouts.
  1. Can lead to Hyperpigmentation, mainly due to the after-result of armpit breakouts and acne. That is caused but suffocating and clogging of the pore can leave behind darken underarms.

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How to Choose Your Deodorants for Waxed Skin

Choosing your deodorant is not just choosing one with the highest scent or compelling smell anymore. For, this has become a very important topic when it comes to hygiene and especially making sure it’s safe enough for the health of your underarm skin.

So here are some tips on what to avoid and look for when choosing deodorant for underarms that are post-wax safe.

1 – 100% Naturally-Derived Ingredients

Look for Deodorants containing natural ingredients sourced from plants, fruits, and flowers or even material like clay rather than unhealthy synthetic chemicals.

Ingredients such as hops, kaolin clay, eucalyptus, and saccharomyces ferment are all-natural additives when it comes to neutralizing underarm odors.  

2 – Make Sure its Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Aluminum does a great job of physically blocking sweat glands, with this happening you are not only interfering with the body’s natural cooling process but also avoiding the skin from breathing (releasing CO2 and receiving O2).

And these are things that will contribute to more bacterial and fungi buildups causing bad odor and other bacterial problems.

3 – Stay Away From Synthetic Toxin

These chemicals (like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and petrochemicals) are responsible for interfering with hormones like estrogen and testosterone levels and even promote the growth of cancer cells.

After waxing our skin weakens and breaks making it very easy for these toxins to seep into our skin layers.

4 – Avoid Deodorants in Aerosol Cans

Stay away from deodorants from aerosol containers these are more damaging than others, as they contain benzene which is carcinogenic to humans.

They are not only harmful to the environment but can potentially lead to early puberty, breast cancer, and even damage to the reproductive system.

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Best Type Of Deodorant To Use After Waxing

We are going to now step into what type of deodorant is best for waxed underarms, which makes it safer for general use.

Spray Deodorant After Waxing

Spray On Deodorants that are not from an aerosol bottle but from other containers are one of the best to use after waxing as they don’t contain harmful gas like butane, isobutane, or propane. And they also avoid the risk of cross-contamination between users.

Spray deodorants from aerosol containers should be avoided if planning to use them after waxing. These contain toxin chemicals such as benzene which is carcinogenic to us humans.

Recommended Spray Deodorant

We recommend one of CRYSTAL’s widely used Spray deodorants. It’s reviewed as being stain-free, Non-sticky, and best of all it does not interfere with the natural sweat process but combats the odor-causing bacteria. So click for more details on Amazon.

Roll-On Deodorant after Waxing

Roll-on deodorants are great, they are usually water-based meaning their moisturizing content can penetrate the skin fast without clogging pores. They last longer than sprays and they dry fast meaning no greasy residue.

But they also carry the risk of contaminating the remaining content of the bottle and the fact that it is highly absorbent means that not only the good but also bad (if any) ingredients will penetrate the skin.

However, when choosing your roll-on always look through their ingredients to make sure you are selecting ones safe enough.

Best Roll-On Deodorant

One of the Best Deodorants after Waxing will be Mindalt Roll-Ons. It provides the ability to kill bacteria and calming ingredients which is perfect to apply after waxing. They carry many options so you can Click here to see them on Amazon.

And if your Preference is not available you can then Click here to view their Website.

Gel Deodorant After Waxing Underarms

Gel deodorants are great for everyday use, they effectively reduce order and lock in moisture. When using this type of deodorant always make sure your underarms are thoroughly washed afterward. Otherwise, it can lead to buildups.

It is great for everyday use but it’s advised to stay away from it during the first few weeks after being waxed.

Solid Deodorant After waxing Armpits

Solid deodorants will adequately prevent body odor because it literally seals off the sweat glands once applied. Some of these deodorants are formulated in such a way, that they leave behind a slightly sticky feeling.

Personally, I would not be recommended to use after your waxing treatment. But for a few weeks after the waxing treatment, you can begin using it. However, always cleanse thoroughly as they can also clog pores.

Recommended Solid Deodorant

Deodorants by LUBE are known for being free of Baking Soda, Parabens, Aluminum, Phalates, and SLS. This Doctor developed cream stick that has a high moisturizing ability and fights bad odor at the same time. Click to read more about them on their website.

And to see the available scent options you can click here on Amazon.

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DIY Deodorants at Home

You can also DIY right at home. Gather your own natural ingredients and prepare one to your liking. See below for a full Guided video on doing so.

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