6 Safe & Easy DIY Alternatives to Brow Gel

Safe & Easy DIY Alternatives to Brow Gel
Safe & Easy DIY Alternatives to Brow Gel

Eyebrow Gels are widely used to help with proper grooming and to keep brows in place. Which helps to create the famous feather-like look that imitates fuller bolder brows.

But, brow gels can sometimes contain chemicals and irritants which can lead to adverse or allergic reactions. Leaving the safer ones sold out or they are just very expensive. So here we’re going to share with you all the safe & easy alternatives and even DIYs.

Alternatives to Eyebrow Gels

  1. Vaseline– For Thin and delicate brow hairs
  2. Translucent Soap– For Soap brow effect
  3. Mascara– For tinted and boldifying effect
  4. ChapStick- Provides moisturizing and nurturing benefits
  5. Hair Gel- For keeping thick and unruly brows intact
  6. Aloe Vera- A natural alternative, perfect for all hair type

Vaseline As A Brow Gel

Vaseline can effectively groom brows to your desire. Apply a bit in between your brows, then use a clean spoolie and brush them out to your liking.

Many people use vaseline to achieve fuller-looking brows. Regardless, of its light-holding grip, it is still effective on thin and delicate eyebrows hairs.

However, Vaselines are considered sealant, meaning it is potentially comedogenic and can easily clog the pores of persons who have oily or acne-prone skin.

Click here to read more on Vaseline and Eyebrows- benefits and side effects

Use Soap Instead of Brow Gel

Before brow gels were invented, people used soap to groom their brows. So, Yes you can use soaps to imitate a fuller bolder look. Using translucent soap will help keep your brows intact. However, ensure to use it correctly so that it does not leave behind any residue.

If you are unable to grab hold of translucent/ transparent soap you can use Pear Soaps as these are just as effective and widely available in supermarkets

Soap Brows Vs Gel Brows

Soap brows will give you a stronger hold and longer wear. Soap brows are more capable of handling unruly brow hairs and keeping them in place all day long. Unlike brow gels which may not be as effective.

Mascara As Eyebrow Gel

Using mascara in place of a brow gel can effectively give you fuller brows. But, not by keeping hairs intact (in an upright position). Mascara is a tinted thickening formulation that can tint sparse areas and boldify hair strands with its thick coating.

Use Chapstick As Brow Gel

Using Lip Balm or Chapstick on your brows can keep them looking bold and feathery all day. These are great for persons who are looking to groom and moisturize their thick and full brows.

Chapsticks are generally well-formulated with moisturizing and healthy ingredients. Using this on your brows will provide nourishing benefits to both your hair and skin.

Hair Gels On Brows

Using Hair Gel Instead Of Brow Gels can effectively help you to create that fuller feather-like brow look. Hair gels have strong enough holding grips to keep your brows intact all day long. This is perfect for persons with thick and/or unruly eyebrows.

However, before using hair gels, you should patch-test them first. For some of us, our skin does not tolerate many products, which could lead to irritation, pumps, and other adverse reactions.

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Aloe Vera As Eyebrow Gel

Aloe Vera can be used as a moisturizing brow gel, it may not carry the capabilities to keep unruly brows intact for a fuller bolder look but it will nourish and leave your brows with a shine. See the DIY video below

How Do I Make My Own Eyebrow Gel

Other great and affordable alternatives to brow gels can be done right at home. See the DIY video down below for a guide on making your own safe and personalized (tinted) Brow gels.

Can you use Coconut Oil As Brow Gel

Coconut oil is not an excellent substitute for brow gel. Oils carry little to no holding grip, which is obviously needed in order to keep hairs in place and intact. So that you can achieve that fuller, and feather-like look.

Stop using your coconut oil wrong on your brows- Click here to see how to correctly use it for hair growth and healthy brows

Can You Use Hair Spray As Brow Gel

Spraying a bit of hairspray on your spoolie and brushing it through your brows is a great and effective way to keep your brows in place. However, we will only recommend this for people who have very healthy hair already, and not for persons with thin hair (brows).

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