7 Ways to DIY EyeBrow Tint at Home – Natural & Safe

DIY EyeBrow Tint at Home - Natural & Safe
DIY EyeBrow Tint at Home – Natural & Safe

Is tinting eyebrows at home safe?

Considering on getting your brows tinted at home? Tinting or dyeing your brows at home is relatively safe once you are well educated on this and necessary precautions are taken.

NOTE: Whether you are using processed tint or naturally made dye, you are still required to take the necessary precautions.

Having your brows tinted at home doesn’t mean you are dyeing them naturally.

So continue reading below to see which method is right for you.

Which is better- eyebrow tint or dye

Getting your brows tinted and getting your brows dyed naturally can be seen from two different perspectives. Eyebrow tints are processed products, they contain preservatives and certain chemicals but are longer lasting.

Whereas naturally made dyes will contain plant-based ingredients, no preservatives, and no chemicals. It is a much safer approach, especially for persons with sensitive skin, however, dye does not last as long as processed tints.

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how to tint my brows at home– Affordable

You can easily tint your eyebrows at home by following the steps below.

1 – Cleansing the area by using a water-based makeup remover to clean the brow areas.

2 – You will now do the mapping out of the brows to help with alignment and shaping.

3 – Use a brow pencil to outline the brow shape you’re wanting.

4 – Apply petroleum jelly around the outer layer of the outlined brow, this will make it easier to clean off tint/ dye.

5 – Now use a brow brush to apply the tint/dye within the outlined brow area, starting from the tail and working your way to the middle.

6 – After application, you will let it sit for 10- 20 minutes ( all depending on how dark you would want your brows to be).

7 – Finally, use a damp cotton pad and wipe off the excess tint/dye hovering over the brow area.

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DO NOTE that there is one procedure for applying tint/dye to your brows. However, the product you decide to use is all up to your preference.

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Video showing step- by- step eyebrow tinting

What to do before tinting your brows at home

  1. Always have a patch test done 48 hours prior to application. Whether it’s processed tint or naturally made dye you are still required to test for adverse reactions for your own safety.
  2. Do not use products through referrals, we are all of different skin types and health.
  3. Before purchasing any tint or dye check reviews for honest feedback
  4. Read ingredients for preservatives and chemicals that can potentially harm you.

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DIY home remedies to tinted brows

See below for simple home remedies to achieve these expensive tinted brows we see all over the internet. So easy you can do it yourself with affordably available items that can cost you next to nothing.

1. Tinting eyebrow with food coloring

Can I use food coloring to dye my brows at home? Yes, food coloring can effectively dye your brows naturally but it may contain certain preservatives depending on the brand.

It is relatively safe and chemical-free making it one of the perfect alternatives to processed tints which can be somewhat harmful to your brows.

Video On food coloring for eyebrow tinting

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2. Tinting eyebrow tint at home with coffee

Prepping coffee correctly can indeed give you darker healthier-looking brows. Coffee is literally in everyone’s kitchen, readily available, and is a perfect alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting.

So save yourself the expense and Do It Yourself.

How to prep coffee to dye brows

  1. Add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee into a dry clean bowl
  2. Follow by a teaspoon of cocoa powder
  3. Then Pour 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey.
  4. Mix for a smooth and thick paste.
  5. You will now allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes

video on coffee for eyebrow tinting

3. Tinting Eyebrows Using Processed Tints

Tinting your eyebrows at home using semi-pigmented inks has become a common practice by lots of individuals out there. This method lasts the longest and looks very professionally done.

However, these tints are not FDA Approved and has certain drawbacks, which is why if attempting this method make sure to do your research. To make it easier we have linked some important Browtinting related articles that may interest you.

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Where to Get EyeBrow Tints

Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Color gives a mattified finish and is PPD-Free perfect for sensitive skin. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

Eyebrow Tint that has no ammonia, and no peroxide but conditions your brows then The Ardell Brow Tint is best. Click Here to See Price On Amazon

4. beard dye for eyebrow tinting

Men’s beard dye can safely and effectively tint your brows. As you see these dyes are safe for the face. This makes them the perfect alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting, used by professionals, which can be expensive.

Beard dyes are widely available, way more affordable, and last as long as regular eyebrow tinting.

video for men’s hair dye for brows tinting

Read the full article on How To Use Beard Dye For Eyebrows & Pros & Cons.

Click here to see – 5 Best Henna Brow Kit – Safe & Effective

5. Peel off Tattoo eyebrow gel

Eyebrow tattoo pens are pen-like cosmetic products used to enhance brows by tinting them. By simply applying the tint to your brow, and peeling it right off after it has been fully dried.

This is easy to use, mess-free, affordable, and very convenient to carry around because of its small size.  

Video on how to apply peel off tattoo brow gel

Recommended Tattoo Gels

For one of the best tattoo gels out there see Maybelline New York Brow Tattoo Tint. Perfect for all skin types, Available on Amazon in a variety of brown shades.

OR see The WUNDER2 Wunderbrow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel. Vegan and cruelty-Free. Available in black and shades of browns. Click here to See the Price on Amazon

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Can I tint my eyebrows naturally

Yes, tinting your brows naturally is possible, you can do it either by yourself right at home or by having it done professionally. Getting your brows tinted naturally means you will be using chemical-free plant-based dyes rather than processed tints.

How can I tint eyebrows naturally at home

6. dyeing eyebrows with henna

Henna brows are really very famous because of how effectively it can naturally tint your brows. Henna comes from a plant called Lawsonia inermis (Henna Plant). This natural substitute is widely used because it contains plant-based ingredients.

Henna Dye making is great for your hair and skin’s health because it is PPD-Free, and when naturally prepared it is much safer compared to other tints.

For more details and videos that are henna brows related Check out our Article on Henna Brows: Cost, How to DIY – Everything You Need To Know

7. Dyeing eyebrow with beetroot

Beetroot can effectively dye your brows naturally. Its pigments come directly from the root of the plant. However, though, it would be better on blond and light-colored brows.

Perfect for persons wanting a red- burgundy color brows.

how to prepare Beetroot Pigment

can I dye my eyebrows with hair dye?

Are hair dyes safe for eyebrow tinting? It is not recommended that you use regular hair dyes to tint your brows. Permanent hair dyes contain chemicals that can be too aggressive for sensitive skin, especially your brow hairs. They could potentially scorch your fragile eyebrow hairs right off.

Make eyebrows darker without tinting them

Eyebrow tinting can save a lot of time when it comes to your everyday makeup routine. But if it’s something, you are still a bit skeptical about approaching. See below for some amazing alternatives to eyebrow tinting.

Makeup application over the brows can effectively give you darker brows. This is, however, a temporary alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting.

You can Simply Use:

1 – brow pencil for Darker Brows

A brow pencil to create darker-looking brows. Eyebrow pencils will enhance your brows by making them more defined, well-shaped, and appear to look darker. Depending on the color you want them to be.

Click here the see The Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil. available on Amazon in a variety of brows shades.

2 – Tattoo brow ink pen for darker brows

Tattoo brow ink pens are cosmetic products that can be used to imitate hair-like strokes, by stroking the pen over gapped and sparse brows. By doing this you will be making your brows look fuller, which can give off a darker vibe.

Create those realistic hair-like strokes fast and easily with The iMethod Eyebrow Pen. Available on Amazon in a variety of shades to match your brow color.

3 – Tinted eyebrow gel for darker brows

Tinted eyebrow gels are beauty products, which are applied with a spoolie. They come in both tinted and clear versions; the tinted gel will add definition and will darken your brows making them look fuller.

The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Tinted Eyebrow Mascara. Available on Amazon and comes in a variety of shades.

4 – Brow Powder for darker brows

This is a powdered-like cosmetic makeup for your brows. That is used to perfect your brow shape and fill in gapped areas to create the appearance of fuller-looking eyebrows. By simply using darker shades on your brows you are easily making them darker.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo Combo allows you to create amazing ombre brows making them look darker yet natural. Click here to see Price on Amazon

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