DIY Purple Shampoo at Home & Natural Alternatives

DIY Purple Shampoo at Home & Natural Alternatives
DIY Purple Shampoo at Home & Natural Alternatives

As effective as regular purple shampoos are, in giving you beautiful blonde-platinum hair. They also tend to be very expensive, especially for ones that are well-formulated.

Hence, this is why we will show you some effective ways in preparing your own Purple Shampoo right at home. Which is safer than many others out there and is more cost-efficient.

Can you Make Purple Shampoo at Home

Right at home your can prepare your own purple shampoo, with items you may already have. These homemade purple shampoo works just as effectively as regular purple shampoos.

Making purple shampoo at home is a more safe and more affordable approach, to maintaining beautifully strong hair. See the amazing benefits and advantages you have when you DIY Purple Shampoo.

DIY Purple Shampoo

You can prepare your own Purple shampoo at home using these methods:

  1. Purple Shampoo with Manic Panic
  2. Using Color Filler for Purple Shampoo
  3. Food Coloring to tone blond hair

How To Make Purple Shampoo at Home

Preparing your own purple shampoo at home can be safer since you get to control what goes in. And is very convenient, especially if you unexpectedly ran out of it. Here we have a General step-by-step guide to Purple shampoo DIY right at home.

Items needed:

  1. Regular shampoo/ conditioner– Preferably white or clear.
  2. Pigments– Powdered/ liquid colors (purple/violet/blue) to neutralize yellow tones
  3. Clean Container– For mixing of shampoo solution
  4. Spatula/ Spoon – Mixing helps to ensure ingredients are blended well.


  1. Begin with adding your regular shampoo into the container– And an adequate amount that will be enough to fully saturate your hair thickness and length.
  2. Add the Purple/ Violet/Blue pigments to the shampoo, enough so that it turns purple.
  3. Use your mixing tool and mix the pigments with your shampoo, until it is of preference (consistency, color).
  4. You can add more food coloring if needed and repeat the mixing process. The more pigments added the darker and stronger the mixture becomes, with more and more of a thicker consistency.
  5. You can try to aim for the color that will counteract the tone of your hair. Meaning you can make it purple or have it leaning toward a blue shade.

Here we will include a color wheel for your guidance.


So guys, there you have it, a basic guide on how to make purple shampoo right at home.

Other great Substitutes

Seeing that you now know what to basically do and what is actually needed. here are a few other substitutes and methods you can use to prepare your purple shampoo right at home.

DIY Purple Shampoo Manic Panic

Manic Panic is a very potent pigmented dye that can be used to counteract the yellow brassy undertone in your strands. Mixing a bit of this using your shampoo solution will effectively give your beautiful blonde-looking hair.

Manic Panic Dyes are widely available in stores and are easily accessible. Or you can click here to see the price of the Ultra Violet on Amazon.

And for persons with more orange-toned hair, you may also want to get the Shade Shocking Blue as this cancels out those tones. This can also be found on Amazon.

Here is a video on how you can use the Manic Panic Dyes

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Using Color Fillers for Purple Shampoo

Color Fillers are a great way to help ensure pigments are evenly and properly distributed on strands for a smooth finish. These pigments can also be used to neutralize the yellow and brassy tones from your hair. And, leaving you with results that last for 1 – 2 weeks time.

To use this follow our guided steps above or Click the video down below.

DIY Purple Shampoo With Food Coloring

Using food coloring to DIY your purple shampoo at home is a really great thought but is it an effective idea? Well, according to our research and experiments, using food coloring and shampoo mixture will counteract a very small amount of your yellow tones. Food colorings are not as strong and potent as many synthetic dyes/tints.

Nevertheless, you can always go ahead and try it for your own experience and knowledge. You can also see the video down below on what to expect when using food coloring as purple shampoo.

Benefits of Home-Made Purple Shampoo

1 – Get to control what color shampoo is needed

You are in full control of the pigment concentration and the shade of the shampoo. As you can adjust the color of the shampoo to purple/violet or even blue. Depending on your specific undertone and the color wheel.

2 – Free from harsh preservatives and other chemicals

Due to your ingredients and choice of regular shampoo solution, you can protect your strands from all the chemicals and preservatives that are usually found in these purple shampoos.

3 – You get to control the level of drying ingredients

You can use moisturizing and nourishing ingredients in your own purple shampoo solution. And it is also unnecessary to add any drying ingredients as well.

Purple shampoo usually has added drying ingredients (preservatives, fragrance, alcohol,…) which causes our hair to dry out faster as it strips away our moisture.

4 – It is More Affordable

Purple shampoos that are Well-formulated and safer, are usually very pricy. So, learning the art of preparing your own purple shampoo is the next best step you can take to maintain beautiful and healthy hair on a budget.

5 – It is safer than poorly-formulated purple shampoo

DIY Purple Shampoo at home is safer for your scalp and strands as compared to Purple shampoos that are poorly-formulate ( Which tend to contain high levels of chemicals, preservatives & cheap ingredients). As they tend to be cheap and yet effective, but with hidden long-term side effects Which can:

  1. Lead to severe dryness to the strands and even the scalp.
  2. Potentially cause breakage and split end at a faster rate.
  3. Leads to untamed and frizzy-looking hair.

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