Dry Shampoo Before Bed -Is It Safe, What You Need to Know

Dry Shampoo Before Bed -Is It Safe, What You Need to Know
Dry Shampoo Before Bed -Is It Safe, What You Need to Know

THIS WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU USE DRY SHAMPOO. We all know we apply dry shampoo to our scalp and hair before styling. But did you know applying it at the night can be a life-changing hack?

Is It Safe To Apply before Bed

You must be wondering if it’s actually safe to use at night. Well, Applying Dry Shampoo at night before sleeping, is safe and will effectively absorb all moisture and oil. Giving you a fresher and lighter feeling Scalp, when you wake up.

How To Apply Dry Shampoo Before Bed

Say “GoodBye Greasy Hair” the next morning after trying dry shampoo before bed.

  1. Brush your hair to distribute the oils from your scalp to between your hairs.
  2. Use your fingers and section out your hair
  3. Apply dry shampoo to the scalp and hair (if using shampoo in an aerosol bottle, hold the bottle from a distance and spray).
  4. You can now rub it around your scalp and brush it through your hair.
  5. You may use a Scrunchie to tie up your hair for overnight styling. Or just let it be, however you are comfortable when sleeping.

How to Correctly use Dry Shampoo

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Benefits of using dry shampoo before bed

Many of us have had trouble using dry shampoo just before going out. Sometimes there are residues, and sometimes they just don’t work as expected. Well, using dry shampoo before heading to bed means:

  1. You’re allowing the shampoo to work its way in during the night.
  2. It allows you to style your hair at the night.
  3. It adds more volume to your hair.
  4. There are no residues to deal with after, that’s because it has all been absorbed thoroughly.
  5. Saves time and effort, because it’s an already done step, when it comes to getting ready.
  6. Waking up with fresher hair is preferred, because its a better way to start your day

Is dry shampoo more effective when applied before bed?

As shown above, you will see all the benefits you never had when using it right before you have to go out. I will say Yes, dry shampoo is better when applied before bed. Well, as far as my experience goes. See below for RISKS of using overnight.

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Risks Of Using Dry Shampoo Before Sleeping

As we all know everything carries their Pros and Cons, especially in the Beauty industry. But, don’t we enjoy all the GOOD when we do it correctly? But then there are all the BAD when done incorrectly.

Well, see below the risks and what may cause them, when using dry shampoo at night.

1 – Using too much dry shampoo thinking the more you apply the better. Well sorry to say it does not work like that. Applying too much:

  • Can cause a faster build-up.
  • Dry out your scalp because it will be too concentrated.
  • Cause your hair to cling together.

2 – Not applying it from a distance can:

  • Cause the shampoo to only focus on that specific area and not the entire scalp.
  • Cause your shampoo to not be evenly distributed to your scalp and hair.

3 – Not combing through your hair may lead to:

  • Chunks of hair clung together when you don’t brush hair out after applying shampoo.
  • Natural Oil will not be distributed to hair. Dry shampoo works better when oils are spread out.

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