Using Dry Shampoo For Weaves & Extensions- Fix Bad Odor

Using Dry Shampoo For Weaves & Extensions- Fix Bad Odor
Using Dry Shampoo For Weaves & Extensions- Fix Bad Odor

Many of us get so frustrated when we have to often wash our weaves, bundles, and our extensions. Due to our many activities its nearly impossible to keep them looking all fresh and clean.

And, don’t get me started on the BAD ODORs they sometimes have!, which we try to avoid to the absolute maximum. Well, guys here we will talk about how you can keep your weave and other synthetic hair from smelling. Keeping you looking fresh and clean until your next appointment, WITHOUT WASHING.

Can You Use Dry Shampoo On Extensions & Weaves

Using dry shampoos on weaves or even if you are wearing extensions, will effectively maintain fresher feeling scalps until your next appointment.

Dry shampoos are great for persons wearing wigs, bundles, and extensions as:

  1. They contain anti-bacterial properties which fight against bad odor-causing bacteria.
  2. Contain fragrances that effectively eliminate bad odors caused by molds, sweat, and so on.
  3. Are formulated with drying ingredients that absorb excess sebum oil from the weave fibers. Keep reading to see how?

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How Often Can You Use Dry Shampoo On Your Weaves & Extension

It is advised to use dry shampoo only 1- 2 times weekly on your weaves or with extensions. Depending on how fast your scalp becomes oily, these shampoos can be used in-between salon visits, or if you have no time at all to wash your hair.

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How To Use Dry Shampoo With Hair Extensions

Whether your extensions were; wefted, clipped or tapped in. Using dry shampoo will help push pack your wash day, without causing them any damage/ to fall out.

It will also cause it to stay fresher and full of volume for a longer time. This is how it’s done:

  1. Brush through your hair to distribute the oils from your scalp to your length. Be careful when brushing over the extension.
  2. You can use a comb or your fingers and section out your hair
  3. Apply dry shampoo to the scalp and hair (if using shampoo in an aerosol bottle, hold the bottle from a distance and spray).
  4. Then you will use your fingertips, massage the product around your scalp, and brush it through your hair.
  5. Check to see if you’re in need of more products and repeat if necessary. However, avoid putting too much dry shampoo on your scalp.

For Visuals, you can click on the video below.

How to apply dry shampoo with extension.

Best shampoos for Frizzy and dry weave, bundles, and extensions:

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Dry shampoo On Weaves

For persons wearing weaves, here I how you can use dry shampoo to refresh your weaves and reduce any risk of bad odor.

Does Dry Shampoo Help Bad Odor on Weaves

Dry shampoos are a must-have if you’re a frequent user of weaves, extensions, or bundles. As it helps protect against bad odor by reducing greasiness, which avoids bad order causing bacteria/fungi to accumulate.

When weaves become very greasy due to sebum oil, they gather dust and other impurities, that are not always visible to the eyes. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can, then on cause bad odor.

Dry Shampoo For Weaves & Extension

  1. Living Proof Dry Shampoo- Perfect for preventing bad odor and reducing greasiness from weaves.
  2. Briogeo Scalp Revival- Cleanse synthetic hair, great for dry & sensitive scalp/ hair, and reduces/regularizes sebum oil production.
  3. Sweat Script Spray- Safe for regular use, especially after the gym.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

The Living Proof Dry Shampoo is a well-formulated Talc-free and Benzene-free dry shampoo. That is applied weave to effectively reduce greasiness and fight against bad odor. Leaving you with a volumized and cleaned-looking weave.

This dry shampoo is safe for application whether the weave is being worn or not. You can pick this up at your local shop, Or Click here to see the price of a bottle from Amazon.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo

The Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo is a non-aerosol liquid formulation that is infused with; Charcoal to effectively cleanse you of oils and greasiness. And biotin and other key ingredients work on soothing your scalp and keeping it hydrated which helps in regularizing sebum oil production.

This Dry shampoo also protects against bad odor-causing bacteria/ fungi. You can pick this up from Amazon, Click here to see it’s price.

Sweat Script Spray

We all hate having to deal with greasy and oily weaves, especially after hitting the gym. Well, I have the perfect solution and this is The Sweat Script Spray. This well-formulated solution is aerosol-free

The Sweat Script Spray is a liquid formula designed to absorb sweat, eliminate sweat odors and even clean your root and weave fibers.

It is also perfect for persons with sensitive scalps and delicate strands. So, Click here and the price for one on Amazon.

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How To Remove Dry Shampoo

For a dry shampoo to effectively remove greasiness, and oil from your weave and other synthetic hair. It adds drying ingredients such as alcohol, cornstarch, and other properties to absorb the oil.

If your weaves and extensions are left uncleaned and unattended for far too long. These ingredients (cornstarch….) can eventually lead to the accumulation of residue buildup. Hence the importance of cleaning them properly.

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