Eyebrow & Eyelash Split Ends – Causes & How to Fix

Eyebrow & Eyelash Split Ends - Causes & How to Fix
Eyebrow & Eyelash Split Ends – Causes & How to Fix

The hairs that make up our eyelashes and eyebrows are no different from the ones on our scalp, if not more thinner and fragile. But, what many of us fail to realize is that these hairs can also become damaged and even have split ends.

Here we will not explain how to treat and avoid split ends on your brows/lashes. But we will share with you the reasons for it happening.

Can Eyelashes Have Split Ends

Short answer yes. just like the hair from our scalp, our eyelashes hair can potentially have spilled ends. This may not seem normal but many people miss this because it’s really hard to notice on tiny strands and due to the lack of attention we usually give our lashes.


Can Eyebrows Have Split Ends

With the lack of proper care and nourishment and the use of harmful chemicals, your eyebrow strands can lead to the risk of split ends.

But why does this happens? and how can we treat it? well, continue reading to see what to avoid and how to fix them.

Reasons For Eyebrows & Lashes Having Split Ends

Our eyebrows and lashes are generally very thin and fragile hair, hence it is important to take care of them as well. Or else they could become weak and dry, leading them to split ends and even fall out.

Here are some factors you should take into consideration and avoid, to avoid, or if you’re already noticing split ends.

1. Over-processing lash/brow hairs

Chemically treating your brows or lashes for long period and/ or too often can eventually lead to over-processing, causing your strands to dry out and split at the ends.

This usually happens when applying dyes, tints, and perming solutions to these hairs.

2. Using cleansers with high-level drying ingredients

Many soaps and facial cleansers contain drying ingredients such as alcohol, and perfume and the list continues. Using these on your lash/ brows that have fine strands or are normally treated with the chemical can cause their shaft to damage and dry out.

3. Lacking the proper nourishment

The way we take care of our hair endings, so as to protect them from split ends, is the same concept we need to apply to our lashes and brow hairs. Applying proper nourishing serums will help with the strand’s elasticity and build stronger shafts.

Our eyelashes and brows carry very thin and delicate hair. hence it is important to take as much care of them as possible. (continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to DIY your nourishing serum for lashes/ brows).

4. Harmful Cosmetic Makeup

When it comes to lash and brows makeup getting the best for your money does not always mean; how great they work and make you look. But, also they can have damaging effects on the strands when applied, like frizziness and split ends.

Cosmetics like; brow pencils, eyeliners, brow gels, mascara, and even adhesive glues contain ingredients that can be damaging for this type of hair (thin and fragile).

5. Friction

Many of us are guilty of drying our faces, by vigorously rubbing them with towels. What it does is that it creates friction among brows and lashes causing them to eventually damage and split, this could also lead to fallouts.

6. Heat

If you’re guilty of heating up your eyelash curlers before curling those thin hair, this is your sign to stop. We know it’s the fastest and most effective method.

But, the heat can lead to damaging the shaft and elasticity of your strands. constantly doing this with no proper care can lead to hair being split in the ends.

7. Environmental Factors & Harmful UV Rays

Lashes and brows that usually get treated with chemicals and are not properly taken care of, are more at risk when in harmful UV Rays and faced with an unhealthy environment (polluted air). This factor may not have drastic effects but you should be aware of it.

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How To Fix Lashes With Split-Ends

The honest answer you may not be able to fix lashes/ brows that already have split ends. But, you can prevent this from happening to the newer growths (which happens after the strands with split-end have shedded).

  1. Your damaged lashes/ brows will shed, and newer growths should be cared for with proper nourishing serums and included in your night care routine.
  2. Leave brow/lash procedures entailing dyes, tint, and chemicals to the professionals, if you are not knowledgeable of them. So as to avoid any over-processing and other mishaps.
  3. Avoid using heat on the lash curlers to curl eyelashes.
  4. Invest in clean and safe cosmetics, as these carry little -no harmful effects on hair.
  5. Choosing facial cleansers that are also safe for brows/ lashes are advised. Or avoid them from sitting on your brows for too long.
  6. Always use clean face towels, and pat wet brows/lashes dry. So as to avoid vigorous friction against them.

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Nourishing Serum for Brows/Lashes

You can use any nourishing oil right at home and apply it to your eyebrow and lashes after your morning shower, or/and in the evening during your nightly skincare routine.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum is well formulated for fine and even damaged hair. It also repairs the shaft and soothes frizz. While providing the necessary nourishment and moisturization for Softer controllable brows/lashes. Click here to see a bottle on Amazon.

DIY Serum for Healthier Brows & Lashes

You can also make your own nourishing serum right at home, with times you may already have. First, you will need:

Carrier Oil– Any would work, but I personally recommend Jojoba oil because it is light and highly penetrable by our skin and hair shaft. You can click here to see the one I use from Cliganic, which is available on Amazon.

Essential Oil– Choose any with moisturizing and nurturing benefits like Helichrysur or Frankincense essential oils.

Click here to see the price of Helichrysum Oil on Amazon. Click here to see more information on Frankincense oil from Amazon.

Container- Store in a clean and dry container. Or you can Click here to see my preferred storage which comes with spoolies for easy application, this is available on Amazon.

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