Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt- How To Prep & What To Expect

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt- How To Prep & What To Expect
Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt- How To Prep & What To Expect

So you’re here because you are thinking of getting your eyebrows threaded and wondering if it hurts. Or, what really to expect when it comes to this method of removing unwanted eyebrows hair.

Well, after reading this article you will not only understand how it feels to thread your eyebrows. But also some really great and effective ways to make you feel little to no pain at all.

How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt

Eyebrow threading can be very painful for some and tolerable for others. It’s like a bearable constant irritating pain, that definitely needs time to get used to. However, it still very much depends on your pain tolerance.

If you are new to threading, or you prefer this method over others, but the pain could sometimes be too overwhelming for you. Then, You would be better off Numbing to the area.

Threading Pain Vs Other Methods

Does Eyebrow Threading Pain More Than Waxing

When it comes to threading and waxing, most people will say that they experienced more pain with threading than waxing. And the main reason for this; is that threading takes longer. This means you will feel the stinging pain on your face throughout the entire procedure.

Does Brow Threading Pain more Than Shaving

Threading eyebrows definitely hurts more than shaving brows. Shaving in no way causes irritation and trauma to the skin, as compared to threading where you are continuously plucking hair from the skin.

Which Pains more Threading or Plucking Brows

Where plucking and threading are concerned many people feel threading to be more hurtful, but because it is faster they find that very convenient.

Whereas plucking is tugging on one hair at a time which can be irritatingly painful throughout the entire process, which does take longer than threading.

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Here is What To Actually Expect

Eyebrow Threading Procedure

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How To Prep Brows For Painless Threading

Prepping is one of the important steps that has always been overlooked. And because of this a lot of mishaps follow like; bruises, pimples/ Bumps, and even breakage. Prepping helps to also reduce pain during the procedure, for this you can:

1 – Numb Brow Areas Before the Procedure

Numbing the area with numbing creams/spray or even your own DIY numbing remedies from home, will effectively numb the entire area. Relieving you of almost any possible pain. This is great for persons with low pain tolerance and extra sensitive skin.

2 – Cleanse Eyebrow Area

Cleaning the eyebrow hair and skin is very important, as this allows the removal of oils and buildup from the area. This will help threads to easily grip hold the hair for easy removal. This help to avoid threading one area twice.

3 – Opening Pores

Beauticians will go in with a hot towel or steam the face so that they could open your pores. So as to release the tight grip around the hair for easy removal. Resulting in the skin experiencing little to no tugging sensation from the hair.

4 – Moisturize And Hydrate Skin

Trying to rip hairs out from a well moisturized and hydrated skin is always better for you and your skin’s health. Moisturized skin provides a more soft and smoother removal of the hair strands. Whereas, dry skin would still have a grip on the hair, which could cause more trauma around the area.

Removing hair from extra-dried and flaky skin could also cause; hair breakage, bruises, and even lead to pimples and acne.

Now you see how important prepping your skin is. You should always try to include proper pre-care before any hair removal method.

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Now Enjoy A Painless Eyebrow Threading

How To Numb Your Eyebrows Before Threading

Numbing your brows before having them threaded, can relieve you of a lot of the irritating pain it comes with. I mean If We Can, Why Not Right?

You can numb your brows by:

1 – Ice/ Cold Compress

Applying ice or a cold compress over your eyebrows for a few minutes will effectively numb the area long enough for the completion of one brow. As you may have to reapply before starting the other brow.

2 – Clove Oil To Numb Skin

Applying a bit of this oil on the skin around your brow area will effectively reduce the pain, that will be caused by threading. Giving you a much better experience. It’s said, that clove oil acts on the skin similarly to benzocaine, making it very effective.

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How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Take

The duration of this procedure would take 15-30 minutes. It all depends on your beautician’s speed, skills, and even mishaps like constant breakage of threads.

And yes without numbing your brows, you will feel the stinging from the thread throughout the entire time.

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How Long Will Eyebrow Threading Last

The result of threading your eyebrows will last you between 2-4 weeks. It does depend on your hair regrowth cycle, general health, and even the threading job (poor job results in faster resurfacing of hair).

Things To Avoid Before Eyebrow Threading

Here are some things you should pause before heading into any threading session.

  1. Do not wear makeup on eyebrows when going for your threading sessions, the fewer buildups the better.
  1. Avoid getting your threading session during your time of the month (menstrual period). It could be more painful, and even cause more post hyperpigmentation than usual.
  1. Never go in blindly, meaning to always know what your desired brow shape you want.
  1. Always patch test before getting your eyebrow threaded.
  1. Avoid skincare containing retinal 2 days prior to your threading session.

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