Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Is Eyebrow Tinting Safe During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Being pregnant or breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful experiences for any woman. And most of us would still like to maintain a certain image when it comes to our appearance. Especially when beautiful memories are being captured.

That’s why a lot of us would head into semi-permanent makeup. So we don’t have the usual daily hassles.

So here we will talk about EyeBrow Tinting and if it is safe for you during your pregnancy or breastfeeding stages.

Is BrowTinting Safe During Pregnancy

Tinting your brows is relatively safe for anyone even if you are pregnant. However, as safe as it may seem when it comes to being pregnant there are some extra precautions and steps, we may need to follow.  

However, Brow Tinting should be avoided during your first trimester of pregnancy. So as to minimize potential harm to your developing fetus.

We may look at it as just brow tinting, but to know if it is right for you is better than being sorry. That’s why we have put together important recommendations you should consider, so as to ensure the safety of your baby and yourself. Citation

Precautions For Eyebrow Tinting When Pregnant

  1. Always ensure that you consult with your doctor before getting your brows tinted.
  2. Getting a patch test done 48 hours before the appointment is recommended. So that you will be able to identify any allergy or skin reaction.
  3. Applicators should be aware of your pregnancy. So that they take the extra precautions necessary. (Pregnancy hormones can change the condition of your skin, so they may have to adjust the processing times to accommodate these changes)
  4. Make sure your applicator practice excellent sanitation and sterilization, so as to avoid any bacterial infections.
  5. Use safe tints, meaning to stay away from tints that contain too many chemicals like PPD, lead, or ammonia.
  6. Make sure you are well aware of the type of tint you’ll be using by reading up on them.
  7. Brow Tinting should be avoided during your first trimester of pregnancy.
  8. Refrain from using coal-tar Tints/ dyes seeing that it can cause chemical burns leading to bacterial infection and even blindness if in contact with the eyes.
  9. Do not use hair dye or beard dyes to tint brows at home during pregnancy. Citation

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What To Look For In A Patch Test When Pregnant

Seeing that during pregnancy we are now more sensitive to almost literally anything. Having a patch test done will determine how we will react to the tints used.

During the 48 hours period of the patch test, there are a few things we look for, like:

  1. Excessive redness around the area where the patch test was made.
  2. Swelling
  3. Itchiness– it is recommended to not itch at the area for it can become infected. Seeing that you are breaking the skin and your nails can transfer bacteria.
  4. Irritation
  5. Becoming nauseous

After completing the patch test and no harmful reaction was experienced, and if recommended by your doctor, only then is the tint safe for you.

Brow Tinting Safe While Breastfeeding

Tinting your brows whilst breastfeeding is something we try to avoid altogether. This is to avoid any sort of chemical or bacteria that can be caused by an adverse reaction, which can pass through you to your child.

Although there are a few moms who have tried brow tinting whilst breastfeeding and everything was perfectly fine. There are also some who were faced with the complete opposite result.

Brow Tinting Safe While Breastfeeding
Brow Tinting Safe While Breastfeeding

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What To Avoid In Tints

If cleared by your doctor and you got full permission to proceed with brow tinting. Here are a few chemicals and ingredients to look out for in tint, which are highly recommended for us to stay away from.

You should look out for ingredients like:

1 – Harmful Preservatives like Parabens and nitrates are two of the few used to preserve these tints. They can lead to chemical burns which can cause bacterial infection.

If not properly treated it can then have an indirect effect on the developing baby, or during the breastfeeding stage.

2 – Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is an allergen, which can cause severe allergy and even blistering reactions. They can also cause bacterial infections, that if not properly taken care of can potentially be harmful while breastfeeding. Citation

3 – Heavy Metals such as antimony, arsenic, cobalt, and lead are a few of what some tints may contain. These metals can be very toxic, which can later on not only affect the skin, but also your lungs, liver, bladder, and even kidney. This will be very bad during pregnancy or the breastfeeding stage.

4 – Coal-Tar Tints/ Dyes can cause chemical burns leading to creating the possibility of bacterial infection if not properly taken care of. Citation

5 – Other chemicals would be ammonia and peroxide which can easily become harmful during pregnancy seeing that we become more sensitive. And while breastfeeding as to avoid transferring harmful chemicals to the baby. Citation

Safe Alternatives For Brow Tinting

Seeing that we prefer brow tinting because it lasts longer and saves a lot of time when it comes to our daily makeup routine. But since it may potentially be harmful during pregnancy and breastfeeding stages.

We have put together some safe and just as effective alternatives to brow tinting:

1 – Henna brows during pregnancy

The henna brow is a natural alternative to the traditional brow tinting, this is because these dyes are extracted from the henna plants. Which are then used to stain the skin under the brows hairs, whilst coating the hair shaft with its pigment.

Henna Brow is one of the safer alternatives to brow tints, and that is why Natural Henna is widely used by beauticians seeing that it is free of toxic chemicals and harmful preservatives.

Learn more on Henna Brow and how you can DIY right at home or even get it done professionally. Click here to learn how.

2 – Tint Brows Using DIY Home Remedies

By using simple everyday items found in your home and kitchen to effectively give you the same effect as brow tints.

These methods are safer making them perfect during the time of pregnancy or breastfeeding. See below for more:

  1. Food coloring to effectively tint your brows.
  2. Coffee to safely tint your brows right at home
  3. Beetroot pigments to effectively dye your brows

Use these methods and Click the links above to learn how to tint your brows safely right at home

3 – Cosmetic products

There are some cosmetics out there, that literally makes it easier for us to apply our makeup. See below for the few we have selected that will actually change everything about applying makeup. especially during these times.

1 – Brow Stamp– Is the fastest way to perfect shaped brows. The MADLUVV 1-Step Brow Stamp™ + Shaping Kit makes it easy by allowing us to create the perfect brow shape faster every time.

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2 – Eyebrow Pen– Get microbladed brows within seconds by using The iMethod Eyebrow Pen, which creates perfect hair-like strokes. Click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

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