How to Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Hair FAST

How to Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Hair FAST
How to Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Hair FAST

When going after that bright – Platinum blond hair using purple shampoo, it can sometimes be a bit of a mess. Especially if we don’t take the necessary precautions and are completely unaware of what we are doing. And one of the biggest negative outcomes of this can be extremely dry and damaged hair or Purple stained hair.

So here in this article, we will be talking about how to FIX and avoid purple shampoo pigments/dyes from staining your hair.

How to Avoid Purple Shampoo from Staining Hair

So, as we mentioned earlier about taking the necessary precautions to take when using purple shampoo. Here I have a few important tips, you should keep in mind to avoid your hair from turning purple/ violet.

1 – Know the effectiveness of the purple shampoo

Every purple shampoo carries its own formulation and ingredients base. Hence, you should test it on a small section of our strands before applying it to your entire hair.

This will help you to become more aware of its potency and processing time needed, and to prevent over-processing. (highly recommended based on personal experiences)

2 – Do not apply on dry hair

Application on dry hair will show how effectively your strands absorb the purple pigments. But that does come with its very own risks. Like leaving you with patchy purple hair and many more.

3 – Only use when it’s needed

Purple shampoo should be used to correct, not to maintain. Meaning it will counteract the present yellow tones, however, if none, the pigments will cause your already platinum hair to go purple.

4 – Stay away from trends

There are many trends out there on how to get the best out of your purple shampoo. Which even involves applying it incorrectly. This will only put you at risk of purple patchy-looking dyed hair.

How To Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Extension

Extensions are expensive and getting unwanted dyes on them is just not a reason enough to throw them out. So, here we have the most effective methods to remove the unwanted pigments from your extensions.

  1. Hair Color Removers
  2. Baking soda and Shampoo
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide
  4. Vitamin C & Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Keep reading on how to correctly and safely use these effective methods

Ways How To Get Purple Shampoo Out Of Hair

Here are the most effective ways you can get rid of purple shampoo stains from your hair:

1 – Use a Hair color remover

Hair color removers are specifically formulated to remove unwanted semi-permanent and permanent dyes from hair. Using this correctly will effectively get rid of the purple shampoo stain from your hair.

This is the fastest and most effective way to ensure all purple dyes are removed. A widely used one is Color Oops Hair Color Remover, this can be found in stores locally or you can click here to see it on Amazon.

2 – Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for its great cleansing ability. Now adding this to your regular shampoo can enhance the shampoo’s cleansing ability without causing your hair to dry out any further. Here is how it is done:

  1. Mix baking soda with your regular shampoos (not your purple).
  2. Wet your scalp/ hair, and apply the shampoo to your scalp and along the hair.
  3. Gently massage your shampoo+baking soda into the areas with the purple tint.
  4. After a full massage, have it sit for a few minutes preferably 2 – 3 minutes. So that the baking soda, along with the cleansing properties of the shampoo and work together in removing the pigments.
  5. You can now gently rinse and condition your hair length.
  6. If needed, you may repeat these steps once more.

If your hair is not as parched and all dry, you can go ahead and use a clarifying shampoo in place of your regular shampoo in this method. As it will be more effective, but as we know clarifying shampoos will cause further dryness.

3 – Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a solution that can effectively remove the purple stain from your strands. It’s another safe and effective way of removing pigmented dyes from your strands without drying out your hair.

  1. Just combine Hydrogen Peroxide with an equal amount of water in a clean spray bottle.
  2. Give it a shake so that the water can be mixed well with the hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Hold the bottle a few inches away from your head and spray the mixture on areas with purple tints, until saturated enough.
  4. You can massage areas close to the scalp and comb through your hair’s length. This will ensure even distribution, for a thorough cleanse.
  5. Once the color change is noticeable. You can immediately wash off the remaining hydrogen peroxide from your hair.

Hydrogen peroxide can be recognized as a natural alternative to chlorine bleach and a developer. Which works by lifting the hair’s cuticles and eliminating the purple tint pigments. Click here t see the price of level 3% on Amazon

Or you can check the video down below on another effective way of using Hydro Peroxide to remove dye from hair

Avoid having this solution on your scalp for too long as it can become irritating.

4 – Vitamin C & Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Powdered ascorbic acid aka Vitamin C Acid combined with an Anti-Dandruff or any Clarifying shampoo will effectively strip your strands of its post-dyes pigments. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Grab yourself a clean and dry container
  2. Add enough vitamin c powder to the container or You can crush some vitamin C pills (enough for your hair length) into powder-like form.
  3. Now add your anti-dandruff/ clarifying shampoo to the container and mix well with the vitamin c powder.
  4. Mix until you get a thick-like consistency, avoid it being too runny
  5. Apply this to section(s) of your hair with the purple tint, ensuring to evenly and fully saturate your strands with the mixture.
  6. Use a piece of cling wrap or aluminum foil and wrap the saturated hair.
  7. After waiting 20-30 minutes, unwrap your hair, rinse, and condition it.

These pills can be pick up from you local drugstore or see my recommended powder on Amazon

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Clarifying Shampoos that contain sulfates and are not for color-treated hair, are the ones you should aim for when trying to get rid of stained hair. These should not be used regularly, but they will effectively get rid of the purple pigments from your hair.

When using Clarifying Shampoo, I would recommend using it as your first wash, rather than the second. This is to avoid it from drying out your scalp too much leading to dry and scaling scalp. Click here to see the one by Love Beauty And Planet on Amazon. This has given me the best results in removing unwanted dyes from my hair.

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