Grandebrow Review – Does It Work & Side Effects

Grandebrow Review - Does It Work & Side Effects
Grandebrow Review – Does It Work & Side Effects

The Grandebrow Serum is an effective well-formulated solution that can effectively give you fuller-looking eyebrows fast. once used correctly it will save your lots of time and effort needed to get your brows done every time.

Here we will not be talking about all the goods it brings but also we will discuss all the side effects and other issues you need to be aware of before getting it for yourself.

Does GrandeBrow Really Grow Eyebrows

GrandeBrow serum formulation can effectively lengthen and widens our strands while in its anagen phase. This is because the serum contains Prostaglandin Analogue and other contributing ingredients, which work together to give us bolder fuller-looking brows.

Does GrandeBrow Cause New Hair Growth

Grandebrow serum works amazingly well at enhancing your eyebrow hairs. but, this serum is not as effective to generate new hair growth.  

How To Apply Grande Brow Serum

Before applying your Grandebrow serum, you should ensure to carry out the necessary precautions. This is to Patch-test your serum 24 hours before applying it to your brows. Now, once you are clear of all reactions you may proceed.

  1. Cleans your eyebrows thoroughly, this is the first and most important step for effective results.
  2. Pat them dry using a clean towel/tissue. Always avoid rubbing them vigorously as this can eventually damage them over time.
  3. Use their provided applicator and gently apply the Grandebrow to your eyebrow.
  4. You can apply your serum during your night skincare routine or in the mornings after washing your face.

Where to Find Grandebrow Serum

You can pick up your GrandeBrow Serum for eyebrow Growth and Enhancement at your local shop. OR, click here to see the price of it from Amazon.

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How Often To Use Grandebrow

The Grandebrow serum needs to be applied once daily for 4 months period. Do Note that using it twice does not speed up the process, nor does it cause any harm, it’s just considered wasting the serum.

How Long Does Grandebrow Last

After four months of using your Grandebrow serum, and your eyebrow has reached the expected results. These results will last until your next regrowth cycle for eyebrow hairs.

Can You Use Grandebrow Everyday

GrandeBrow Serum should be applied once every day, either in the morning or evening. So as to ensure effective and fast results.

When To Apply Grandebrow Serum

You can apply the Grandebrow serum either in the morning after washing your face, or in the evening during your night skincare routine. If you will be using makeup, then apply your serum before and wait a few minutes until its dries before proceeding with your makeup.

How Long Does Grandebrow Take to Work

When using the Grandebrow serum you will begin to notice results in just 2 months post-application. And after 4 months (the complete supply) you will be given the full results.

Grandebrow Side Effects

Here are the possible side effects if you are using Grandebrow serum for eyebrow growth and enhancement:

  1. You may notice slight Drooping of the eyelids, especially if the serum is applied too close to the eye area.
  2. May cause fat reduction around your eyes, which deepens the upper eye crease.
  3. Can cause hyperpigmentation around the brow areas, as it does not only stimulate melanin in brow hairs But also our skin resulting in darkness.
  4. Allergic and adverse reactions are very rare. But we still recommended getting a patch test done 24 hours before the application.

What Happens When You Stop Using GrandeBrow

Stopping the use of Grandebrow in full will cause your brows to return as they once were, meaning:

  1. Brow strands will return to their normal length and thickness.
  2. The color of the brows will lighten and return to their original tone before using the serum.
  3. Any hyperpigmentation and drooping of eyes will be reversed after a while.

Are Grandelash And Grandebrow The Same

Grandelash and Grandebrows will give your very similar results, i.e. thicker, darker, and longer lash/brows. But their formulation does vary from each other, as well as the expected time for full results (Grandelash requires 3 months and Grandebrow needs 4 months).

Other Serums you should check out are:

Grande Brow Serum Ingredients

Grandebrow serum contains effective and nourishing ingredients hence it’s so effective. Key ingredients include:

  • Amino Acids (L-Proline): This is an amino acid that helps to fortify brows.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate): Condition, Protect, and keep hair and strands hydrated.
  • Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate): Essential vitamin to support brow health.

For a Full List Of ingredients. You can check websites for the ingredients list. GrandeBrrow Full Ingredient List.

Is Grandebrow Better Than Latisse

Both Grandebrows and Latisse contain very similar ingredients. Hence, they are also able to share identical results. The main difference is that Grandebrow is available without the need for a prescription, unlike Latisse which requires one from a doctor.

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