Latisse for Brows- Does it Work, Side Effects & How to Use

Latisse for Brows- Does it Work, Side Effects & How to Use
Latisse for Brows- Does it Work, Side Effects & How to Use

Latisse was first created due to a topical ingredient called bimatoprost (used for treating glaucoma). This ingredient was acknowledged for one of its side effects, where patients were experiencing thicker, and longer lashes. Bimatoprost is a type of prostaglandin, an ingredient that is widely used in lash and brow serums for a full and thicker look.

This then led to the born of Latisse lash serum, which was formulated to enhance our lashes. Here in this article, we will talk about using Latisse on our brows and if; it is as effective as it is on our lashes.

Does Latisse Work On Brows

The Latisse lash serum has shown great results when applied to eyebrows. Latisse will effectively grow your brows out by thickening, darkening, and lengthening your strands, giving you fuller-looking brows.

Does Latisse Make Eyebrows Grow Faster

The Latisse formulation helps in prolonging your hair regrowth cycles when in their anagen phase. This helps them to retain more nourishment for a longer life. This does not necessarily mean that it speeds up your hair growth.

Will Latisse Darken Eyebrows

Using Latisse on your brow can cause them to have darker tones than they originally were. This serum contains certain ingredients that cause the release of excessive melanin in the hair. With this happening your brows will appear darker prior to applications.

How To Use Latisse For Eyebrows

Before using Latisse on your eyebrows, make sure to take the necessary precautions and test for allergies and any adverse reactions (redness, swelling, irritation,…). This is done by Patch-Testing this serum 24 hours before application. Once in the clear, you can now proceed.

  1. Cleanse your brows from any oil, makeup residues, and other impurities. as they can hinder the effectiveness of the serum.
  1. Take one drop of the Latisse serum on your applicator. And avoid dipping your applicator into the container as this can contaminate the remaining content.
  1. Immediately pat it into the sparse areas (your preference) on your eyebrows, making sure that it reaches the skin.
  1. Repeat the process for the other eyebrow.
  1. In case of serum spreading to further areas on the face. Wipe off excess with a clean tissue.
  1. Dispose of the applicator and never reuse them after an application.

Video showing how to apply Latisse to Brows

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Where to Get Latisse Serum

The Latisse Serum can be obtained through a doctor’s prescription. You will then be given further information on licensed providers, on where you can uplift your serum.

How Long Does Latisse Take To Work On Eyebrows

Applying Latisse serum onto your brows will take at least 2 months before noticing results, and 3-4 months until full results. Timings differ depending on how often and regularly you were advised to use this serum.

How Often To Use Latisse For Eyebrows

You can apply the Latisse serum once daily, as recommended by doctors and distributors. Using just one drop per day, in the nights before going to bed.

Can Latisse Work For Eyebrows Alopecia

Eyebrow alopecia is a balding condition that happens to the brow area. Now with this said, Latisse may not be effective enough to help with eyebrow alopecia, as this serum requires actual hair to work with.

However, you can look into DHT Blockers for balding problems such as Alopecia. Click here on Amazon to see one that helps, with this disease caused by our immune system. Ask your doctor or pharmacist before using.

Side Effects Of Latisse For Eyebrows

As effective as the Latisse serum is, it does come with its side effects. Regularly using Latisse for thicker brows may result in:

  1. The appearance of Drooping eyes/ sunken eyes
  2. Hyperpigmentation and Darkness around brow areas
  3. Adverse reactions like irritation, itching, redness
  4. Allergic reactions

The Latisse serum is generally safe once prescribed. And these side effects are very rare when used on the brow areas as compared to being used on your lashes.

What Happens When You Stop Using Latisse

Putting a stop to the Latisse serum may result in:

  1. Hyperpigmentation caused by the serum will be reversed.
  2. Brow hair will return to its actual color tone, due to melanin production being back to normal.
  3. Brow strands will reduce back to their normal thickness and length.
  4. Cases of Drooping eyes/ sunken eyes (very rare) due to fat loss around the areas will be reversed.

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Other Questions:

Can Latisse Cause Hair Loss For Brows

There has been no case of Latisse leading to hair loss even as a temporary side effect. However, After putting a stop to this serum your brows will return to their original form as they were prior to application.

Allergic Reaction To Latisse Serum

An allergic reaction to Latisse serum is a very rare case. But, some of us can be allergic to certain ingredients in its formula. Hence, it is always recommended to patch-test this first before using it.

Is Latisse Better Than RevitaBrow

Revita Brows are specifically formulated for eyebrows where as Latisse is for lashes. These serums have the same effects on the brow’s growth process and even side effects as they both contain Prostaglandin.

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