How Long to Leave Eyebrow Tint On & What Could Go Wrong

How Long To Leave Eyebrow Tint On
How Long To Leave Eyebrow Tint On

Eyebrow tinting has been around for quite a while and over the past years, it has gained so much more recognition within the beauty industry. It’s a service offered at almost every salon and the best part is it’s entirely safe for DIY right at home. 

So let us get into helping you find answers, to DIY your own brow tinting in the comfort of your home. 

How Long To Leave Eyebrow Tint On

Brow tints would always come with their directions where you can see recommended timings for that specific brand. However, if not, you can let the tint sit on your brows for 10 -20 minutes (processing time)

Ensure to always set a timer and not get distracted while your brows are being processed.

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 When Brow Tint Left On For Too Long

What happens when your brow tint was left to process for too long? well, you see eyebrow tints would contain certain active ingredients, preservatives, and even allergens. Now when these ingredients are left too long on your hair and skin, it can cause:

  1. Irritation
  2. Swelling-If Allergic
  3. Burning sensation
  4. Too dark brows
  5. Absorbed into the skin layers.

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What Happens If You Wipe Tint Too Soon from Brows

Removing tint from brows before time can result in poorly done work. You may not get the results you wanted and would have to redo the application process.

To avoid this always make sure to read the instructions on the packaging.

 Is it safe to Leave Eyebrow Tint On Overnight

Is it safe to leave a tint on your brows overnight? Well, due to the active ingredients, chemicals, and certain preservatives it is recommended to not leave your brow tint on overnight.

What Happens When Tint Is Left On Eyebrows OverNight

We already know it is not recommended to leave it on longer than needed. but, what could really happen if the tint was left overnight to process? Well,

  1. During our night sleep, our skin cells regenerate, this process of renewal is basically exfoliation /shedding of the epidermis. So having thick layers of pigments stuck onto our hair/ skin can affect the regenerating process by slowing it down, or even cause an adverse reaction.
  1.  Because of less sebum production at night, our skin can become very dry, and tints are already very drying, this can further lead to flaky skin. And this is not good for healthy follicles.
  1. When we sleep our skin becomes slightly hotter and more acidic. So if mixed with chemicals from tint it can lead to you having an adverse reaction and even cause breakouts.
  1. When our skin becomes hotter our pores will obviously expand. now, this is only leaving access for tint (containing allergen and preservatives) to clog our pores.
  1. Clogged pores due to tints can cause breakouts and even inflamed follicles around the brows area.
  1. Leaving your tint on overnight you are creating breeding grounds for bacteria, which can then lead to severe problems like folliculitis.
  1.  You stand the risk of overprocessing your brows, which can damage the hair shaft.
  1. Chemicals found in many tints can cause your hair to fall.

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Eyebrow tint Gone Wrong (Overtint)

So, unfortunately, you have over tint your brows, meaning the tint was left sitting on your brows for far too long, and now you may be experiencing:

  1. Extremely dark browBecause pigments from dye were left on for too long.
  2. Brow hairs have become stiff and frizzed Caused by preservatives and chemicals found in these tints.
  3. Eyebrow Hair and Skin feels dried up – These are results of the harmful drying ingredients in the tint.
  4. Loss of hairBy chemicals drying out hair and skin making follicles weaker leading to hair fallout.

Well, lucky for your cause you can fix any of these accordingly by using these effective methods.

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How to Fix Brow Tint Left on too Long

Lighten Extremely Dark Brows You Can:

Because the tint was left on the brows overnight, the pigments will keep working on absorbing themselves into your skin and treating a strong outer layer on the hair shaft. So to lighten your heavily pigmented brows you can use a Baking soda Paste.

  1. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with your shampoo into a thick paste.
  2. Apply the paste to your brows and massage in.
  3. Leave the paste on your brows for a few minutes (5- 10 minutes depending on the intensity of the color)
  4. Rinse the mixture off from your brows and part dry. (Repeat process if needed)

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Fix Stiff Brow Hairs From Brow Tint

After exposing hair to Brow tint which contains preservatives and chemicals for a long period of time, it will have a negative effect on the texture of our hair. So to fix this:

You can use a regular light conditioner on your brows for a few seconds or a water-based serum to restore the texture of your brow hairs.

The RevitaBrow Conditioning Serum will effectively restore your brows texture and it also contains active ingredients that promote hair growth. Click here to see Reviews of this serum on Amazon.

Hair & Skin feeling Dried up From Brow Tint

If brow hairs and the skin beneath brows are dried, it’s due to the loss of moisture and water content. So, to revive your hair and skin you need to rehydrate both skin and hair you can do this by:

Using a regular facial cream or any emollient-based product can add nutrients and rehydrate both your skin and hair altogether. OR

See The Cutemol Emollient Moisturizing Cream, which is very gentle on the skin and contains natural ingredients like beeswax which can restore hair and skin nutrients. Whilst the lanolin content helps to avoid the evaporation of water from the skin and hair. Click here to see the price of this cream on Amazon.

Brow Tint Cause Loss of Brow Hair

Losing brow hairs will be a very minimum experience from brow tint. But if you have lost quite a lot and want to return to your full healthy looking brows, you will need a serum with all the right nutrients for both your skin and which will help regenerate and heal hair follicles.

Well, The Revita-brow Conditioner does just that because it contains beneficial ingredients for healthier brows, it has been used by many celebrities to reach the goal of thicker natural brows. Click here to see the reviews and how it has helped many people.

Video Showing How To Use The Revita-Brow Conditioner

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Recommend Eyebrow Tints

The Godefroy Hair Color Kit is one of the most recommended kits by many beauticians. And that is because it’s safe and gets the job done effectively. It contains No odor, No ammonia, and no parabens. once done correctly it can last you up to 6 weeks long.

The Godefroy Hair Color Kit comes in the four listed colors:

  1. Natural Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Medium Brown
  4. Light Brown

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How to Use The Godefroy Hair Color Kit

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