Microblading & Oily Skin – Everything You Need to Know

Microblading And Oily Skin
Microblading And Oily Skin

Is microblading on oily skin possible

Having Microblading done on oily skin is possible. However, oily skin is a bit more technical than other skin types. It requires an applicator with good knowledge and skill set when having this procedure done.

These skill sets are very hard to come by, seeing that most persons with oily skin are a bit cautious when deciding on microblading.

If considering microblading and you have oily skin, there are a few things that you should consider first:

  • Is microblading safe for oily skin?
  • How does oily skin affect microblading?
  • How long does microblading last on oily skin?

Above are just a few of the considerations you should have. Continue reading for more on microblading on oily skin. Citation

Is microblading safe for oily skin

When it comes to oily skin, Microblading is relatively safe. As long as the necessary sterilization and health precautions are practiced. This will ensure no infection and bacterial development.

When it comes to the pigments though, it is highly recommended to have a patch test done 24 hours prior to your procedure. This will check for any skin reaction toward the pigmented ink.

How does oily skin affect microblading

Microblading is a bit more technical when done on oily skin than any other skin type, seeing that it is naturally more hydrated and supple.

Oily Skin Type
Oily Skin Type

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How Oily Skin Can Affect Microblading:

  • This skin type can cause the pigmented inks to spread out due to the excessive oil. This will make the supposed, tiny hair-like strokes looking broader and blurred.
  • The excessiveness of natural oil can cause your scabbing process to be soft. This is because the moisture will not allow it to scab crispy.
  • The oil glands will cause your Microblading pigment to fade faster.
  • Individuals with oil skin will require more frequent touch-ups , when compared to normal skin type this is because the ink will fade faster.
  • It will be costly. Seeing that more touch-ups will be needed when compared to other skin types. It will cost you more to maintain them.
  • Whilst healing the color will be more intense, compared to dry or other skin types.
  • There are rarely any cases of old left-back pigments

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Why Not To Get Microblading Done On Oily Skin

  1. Extra oily skin will cause your pigments to fade fast.
  2. Can be costly seeing that more touch-ups are required.
  3. Risking your hair-like strokes spreading outwards, making them look blurred.
  4. Hard to find applicators with the right knowledge and skill set for oily skin.

oily skin microblading healing process

  • DAY 1 to 2 – You are required to not touch the area and to keep them dry. This is where the brows are to be left to heal by themselves.
  • DAY 5 – Around this time your brows may start to feel a bit stiff and itchy. It is highly recommended to avoid scratching them.
  • DAY 5 to 9 – This is usually the time period your brows take to scab. If the scabbing process takes longer, this just means your skin is not that oily.
  • By now your brows would have begun to tone down. Meaning the pigments are not as intense as they were in the beginning.
  • DAY 14 – During this time you will notice your brows will go into the color you had decided on. For some people, it could take longer.

Note these time frames are basically how long an extremely oily skin would usually take to heal. And seeing that all of our skin types are different it could be sooner or take longer.

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Oily Skin Aftercare For Microblading

Microblading on oily skin is already very technical as it gets. And seeing that it fades faster we would want to keep them as long as we can. So here are the aftercare for microblading when done on oily skin:

  • Avoid activities that will cause you to sweat, excessive perspiration can cause the hair-like strokes to look blurred out.
  • Keep microbladed brows dry for 24 hours.
  • Avoid too much sun, so as to prevent the UV Rays from hitting your brows.
  • Keep facial products away from the brow areas. They contain ingredients (Retinols, acids, or vitamin C) that can cause pigments to fade faster.
  • Avoid touching and scratching on the brow areas. You can cause pigments to be removed.
  • You will need to constantly remove the excess oil for three days so you are to wipe away the excess oil with a damp cotton pad.
  • You will be given a light healing cream, instead of a healing gel. A gel is usually given to prevent the skin from drying out. But since you are not at risk of drying out, you can use light aftercare creams instead.
  • Use blotting paper on your eyebrows for two weeks. This will help to blot away the excess oils so the pigment will come out clean and crisp. Your microblading might end up blurry if there’s too much oil.
  • Refrain from using tanning products of any kind. This can cause discoloration of pigments.

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how long does microblading on oily skin last

Microblading can typically last two to three years. But for those with oily skin Microblading will last for around a year. And again it really depends on how oily your skin actually is. The more oily skin your skin is the faster your pigments shall fade.

Which inks are best for microblading on oily skin

When it comes to oily skin and pigments, it is highly recommended to use a water-based formula. This works best because it reduces the risk of pigments spreading and hair strokes expanding.

Water-based pigments tend to dry faster than glycerine-based, which helps with retention in the client’s skin. Due to their fast-drying nature, they would not be a good choice for dry skin.

However, for oily skin, it would work amazing seeing that the existing moisture creates a perfect canvas. 

Microblading touch-up on oily skin

How often do I need to touch up my microbladed brows? Is one of the most popular questions out there. Especially when it comes to having oily skin. Having Microblading done on oily skin you will need to have touch-ups done yearly (every 12 months apart).

Having the procedure done on an oily skin type will not last as long as it would on the other skin types. This is because Oil will helps in neutralizing the pigment.

What is the best microblading technique for oily skin

Microblading may sound a bit risky when it comes to having oily skin. that’s why there are other techniques which are completely safe and works best for this skin type. These are:

Oily Skin Alternatives for Microblading are:

1 – Nanoblading for oily skin

Nanoblading is also a cosmetic technique that uses ultra-fine nano-needles to deposit pigments into the first layer of the skin. And due to the super-thin needle used for the application, the strokes are more controlled and precise making this perfect for persons with oily skin.

Similar to microblading giving a natural-looking effect you can enjoy the same with nanoblading. You no longer have to risk strokes spreading, and getting blurred out.


2 – Microshading for oily skin

Microshading is another great alternative to microblading. This cosmetic tattooing procedure will give you the fuller bolder-looking brows. This technique uses a handheld tool with multiple tiny needles which gives you the filling powder effect.

Microshading will not give you the natural-looking brows as nanoblading or microblading would.


3 – Ombre brows for Oily Skin

Ombre Powder Brows/powdered brows, basically share the same procedure as Microshading, except for the fact that Ombre-brows use a handheld device with one needle. This gives you more of an ombre/faded effect on the brow shading technique.

Ombre brow technique will make your brows look a bit more faded out giving them a semi-natural look.


Read More

You can click here to learn more about these procedures and other great alternatives to microblading.

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