Neu Brow Review- Does It Work & Side Effects 

Neu Brow Review- Does It Work & Side Effects 
Neu Brow Review- Does It Work & Side Effects 

Want to have fuller-looking brows naturally? And you are finally tired of the time they consume to get them done every time and have given up on home remedies. Well, then continue reading on how Neu Brow Serum can give you just that within a few weeks

We have put together this article on NeuBrow serum to enlighten you on how to correctly use it for fast and effective results. Including FAQs and guidance before purchasing any.

Does Neu Brow Work

Using the Neu Brow Serum correctly and regularly can effectively grow out your brow hairs giving you longer, darker, and thicker strands. Which helps in portraying fuller and bolder-looking brows.

Is the Neu Brow Serum Safe

Correctly using the Neu Brow serum is relatively safe to be used on your brows for enhancement purposes. However, to avoid mishaps always patch-test this serum before using. So as to, identify any adverse or allergic reactions.

How Often to Use Neu Brow

The Neu Brow Serum can be applied to your brows 1-2 times daily for great results. Although, it is recommended to be used once daily by the company. As using it twice does not speed up the process, nor does it cause any harm, it’s just considered wasting the serum.

How Long Does It Take For Neu Brow To Work

When using the Neu Brow Serum regularly, you will begin to notice results after 4-5 weeks. Your hair will become darker in color, and strands will grow longer and thicker, imitating fuller-looking brows.

How Long Does Neubrow Last

Using the Neu Brow Serum correctly, the 6 ml tube will last you for 2-3 months. Whereas, the effectiveness will last until your hair is ready to shed for newer growth.

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How To Use Neu Brow

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Does Neubrow Make Your Eyebrows Darker

Neu Brow Serum contains ingredients that lead to increased melanin production in hairs. Your strands will now carry a darker color tone. Hence, making your brows bold and darker looking.

Does Neu Brow Contain Prostaglandin

Neu Brow does not contain any type of Prostaglandin, unlike other hair growth serums. However, its formulation contains active ingredients that largen the hair bulb, which causes the release of more melanin in strands. Hence, making it very effective as it is.

Neu Brow Serum Side Effects

Seeing that Neu Brow Serum does not contain prostaglandin, you are free from side effects like; dropping/sunken eyes and hyperpigmentation around the brows area. However, it still has a few like:

  1. Adverse reactions such as; swelling, redness, irritation, and even itchiness may occur if your skin is too sensitive for it.
  2. It may give the opposite result if used right after having your brows laminated
  3. Allergic reactions may occur if you are allergic to any ingredient in its formulation.

It’s advised to get this serum patch test 24 hours before using so as to avoid certain mishaps.

What Happens When You Stop Using Neubrow

Putting a pause or stopping the use of the Neu Brow serum completely will result in your brows returning to the original state they were before application. To be more specific:

  1. Melanin will reduce back to normal production level, leading to hair strands returning to their previous color (lighter tone).
  2. The absence of polypeptides will cause a reduction of hair thickness and length. Hence returning strands to their original form.

Can Neu Brow serum damage Brow Hair

Neu Brow serum will cause no harm to your brow hair as long as it has been applied correctly and a patch test was done 24 hours before to ensure that you are free from any allergic or adverse reactions.

Can I Use Neubrow On My Eyelashes

We advise against the use of Neu Brow your on lashes. Although this serum is safe for brow enhancement. It is still not recommended to experiment with Neubrow on your lashes.

However, it would be best to look into their lash serum called the NeuLash Serum, which is specifically formulated for lashes and safe to be around the eye area.

Neubrow Active Ingredients

  1. Polypeptide– Increases the size of bulbs, which leads to thicker strands
  2. Molasses & Fruit Extracts- Provides healthy Nourishments
  3. Vitamin C & Green Tea Extract- Helps with oxidation & maintains hair’s protein
  4. Sodium Hyaluronate– Boost hydration, softness, and shine
  5. Biotin & Blackberry Extract- Has fortifying benefits, that protect from outside dangers

For more information on ingredients for health purposes, Kindly click here to see their website.

Neu Brow Vs Revitabrow

The Neu Brow and The Revitabrow are both serums for enhancing brows appearance. However, the main difference is that Revitabrow contains an ingredient called prostaglandin Analogue, unlike Neubrow which is free of it.

Prostaglandin Analogue is widely used in brow-enhancing serums and is also one of the few reasons for their effectiveness. Prostaglandin also comes with a few side effects like:

  1. Drooping around the eyes, commonly referred to as sunken eyes.
  2. Cause hyperpigmentation around the eyes
  3. Fat reduction around the eye areas.

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