How Often Can You Do a Face Wax- Tips to Make it Last Longer

How Often Can You Do A Face Wax & How Long Does It Last
How Often Can You Do A Face Wax & How Long Does It Last

Is Facial Waxing Safe

Facial waxing is relatively safe, once done correctly and if the necessary precautions were taken. When it comes to the waxing of our face we tend to be a bit more cautious, because of how sensitive the skin is compared to other parts of our body. Citation.

So in this article, we are going to answer some of the most important fax waxing questions so that you can avoid damaging your skin.

How Often Can You Do A Face Wax

Waxing of our Facial hairs is usually done around 6 weeks apart sometimes it’s more or even less. It mainly depends on your genetics and your personal health which will influence our hair regrowth rate.

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How Long Does A Face Wax Last

Facial waxing will usually last around 3 – 4 weeks. After which you will begin to notice regrowths. Do note that you need to wait for another 1-2 weeks, so your hair can fully grow out back enough length before another waxing session.

However, the rate of your hair growth may differ as it depends on our genetics, overall health, and some other factors.

Why Does My Face Hair Grow Back So Fast After Waxing

Facial Waxing is widely used because it leaves us with a smoother-looking face, which is expected to last a while. However, there are a few reasons why our regrowth may happen earlier than expected. Citation

We May Experience Earlier Regrowth of Facial Hair Because:

1 – Facial Hair Is Not Long Enough

This usually happens when you wax your face a bit too early. When you don’t let your hair grow out before another waxing session you will be unable to remove the ones that are still sitting under the surface and waiting to sprout.

The wax will not be able to tightly grip onto the hair to pull them out from its root. So these ‘hiding’ hairs will grow as planned, which may seem to be too fast after your session.

2 – Genetics Causing Faster Hair Regrowth

Some of us are just blessed with thick and healthy-looking hair. So because of our genetics being such, our hair will grow back faster than other people.

Having said that, waxing your hair is far better than shaving it. Waxing will allow them to grow back finer and softer, which will eventually reduce the hair on our face.

3 – Medical Issues

This may be due to diagnosed or undiagnosed medical issues. This is usually because of Hormone fluctuations, that are caused by conditions like Polycystic ovary syndrome or even certain medications which can potentially cause excessive hair growth.

4 – Camouflaged Hair

Having thicker, darker hair with a denser growth, over light or brown skin will appear very visible to the eyes. But if compared to having hair that matches our facial complexion, it will be less noticeable.

So what we are trying to explain is not that your hair has grown back faster. It is just that you are trying to compare it with persons, whose hairs are camouflaged with their skin color. Hence, making us think our hair has grown back too fast.

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Can I Shave Missed Hairs After Face Waxing

Shaving off all the hairs that were missed after waxing always sounds very convenient because it saves us from experiencing a second round of pain.

But as amazing as it is, it’s not recommended to shave missed hairs this is because they will still eventually resurface faster than the rest in the end.

You can also risk the chances of bacterial infection from the blade to your; now more sensitive skin.

How To Slow Facial Hair Regrowth After Waxing

1 – Use Hair Inhibitors

By using a facial inhibitor cream or spray will help you to reduce your facial hair regrowth rate. This is one of the most used methods which actually helps with slowing down your regrowth.

However, these creams will show results depending on your overall health and genes. Some may see a faster result compared to others.

2 – Hairs Should be Removed With Their Roots

When facial waxing is done correctly, it means that your hairs have been completely removed from their root. This does not prolong your regrowth rate but it helps in reducing a faster comeback of visible facial hair.

And this is why you are required to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized between sessions because dry skin can cause hair breakage while waxing your face.

For all the more reasons, we highly recommend waxes that are strong and best suited for your skin type.

3 – Do Not Shave In Between Sessions

Shaving between sessions can cause your hair to grow back its length at a faster rate. But chipping it off it may also result in ingrown hair which can then lead to inflammation.

4 – Always Prep Before Waxing Treatment

Prepping your face will allow for a complete and smooth removal of your facial hair. Also, it reduces the risk of breaking the hair which will result in faster hair growth and even ingrown hairs.

5 – Maintain Scheduled Waxing Appointments

Regularly showing up for your appointments as recommended by your beautician will give you amazing results in the end. After a few waxing sessions you will notice how your regrowth will decrease.

A lot of us are blessed with healthy hair and fast hair regrowth. We should not try to live up to a certain expectation of beauty standards. In fact, set our own standard and love ourselves, especially for how different we are.”

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How Many Times Can You Wax The Same Spot

When it comes to our face it is recommended that we wax over the same spot only twice.

Seeing that the skin on our face is already very sensitive Going over the same area more than twice can damage our skin and tends to be a bit more painful.

But if there are still a few hairs left behind you can use tweezers to pull them out. You should avoid shaving them off as they will regrow faster. Citation

How Many Times Do You Have To Wax Before Hair Stops Growing

It usually takes quite a few waxing sessions to actually reduce the rate and the amount of hair regrowth. There is not a definite number of sessions needed before regrowth stops, it really depends on a lot of factors.

Which Wax Is Suitable For Face

The best type of wax for our face is Hard Wax. It is applied in the direction of our hair growth and usually has less pain when removed, compared to other waxes. This is ideal for our face because it is effective and gentle, seeing that our skin there is very sensitive.

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