How Often Can I Tint My Eyebrows Without Damaging Them

How Often Can I Tint My Eyebrows Without Damaging Them
How Often Can I Tint My Eyebrows Without Damaging Them

It is recommended that you only tint your eyebrows once per month, you should ensure sessions are 4-5 weeks apart. This retains the bold and fuller-looking brows without damaging them.

How long do brow tint last

The bold, fuller look of brow tinting will last for a period of 3-5 weeks before it starts to fade out. It is recommended to care for your brows for a longer-lasting effect.

How long should I wait before tinting my brows again

It is required to wait 4-5 weeks before another application of brow tinting. After which the tinted effect on the brow and skin, will begin to fade off, allowing brows to return to their natural state.

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Can I tint my brows every week

It is not recommended to tint your brow every week, it doesn’t matter how fast your tint fades. constantly applying tint to brows can lead to over-processing. This will eventually damage and cause harm to the brows.

Its however recommended to learn how to properly care for them better, for a longer result.

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How to make brow tinting last longer

  • Cleaning the brow area with a non-oil based cleanser is the first step to long-lasting tinted brows
  • Make sure your brows are completely dry before application because water can neutralize the tint.
  • Make sure the room is of a cooling temperature. Too much heat can cause sweating during procedure.
  • Mixing your Light and Medium brown tints with a tiny bit of black, to make them last longer. Shades of brown tints are known to fade faster, this mix will lengthen the longevity of them.
  • Products for procedures should be kept and stored correctly, especially the oxidants need to be kept in a cool place and out of the light.
  • Tint should be applied mostle onto the brows rather than the skin. Tint tends to last longer on brow hairs than on the skin. This is because the natural oil from the skin will remove the tint at a faster rate.
  • Choose a tint/dye that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural hair color. Darker tints tend to last longer than others.
  • Avoid getting brows wet and excessive sweating. Water neutralizes tint and sweat can wash out the color from brows.
  • Spend less time under direct sunlight– The sun’s UV rays can cause colors to fade
  • Avoid products that contain a tan or gradual tanning agents. The tan can react with the tint, giving your brows a nasty shade of green. Products such as spray tans.

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What are the risks of Tinting Your brows too often

Brow tinting has many potential risks, the most common ones are irritations and allergic reactions. However, if brow tinting is done too often, it will only contribute to these issues happening at a faster rate.

Pigmented ink and dyes contain ammonia, a swelling agent that lifts up the cuticle of the hair. Which will now allow for the molecules present in the dye to be deposited onto the cortex.

Having this process done too often can damage the hair shaft and cause further hair issues for your brow.

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how to fix brows that were tinted too often

Tinting of brows too often is bad for healthy brows. If you are guilty of such an act, your brows may not be as healthy as you thought.

You Can Fix Them Simply By:

  • Proper Nourishment and hydration of brows using eyebrow serum to improve the health of your hair follicles.
  • Maintain your diet of a healthy amount of protein.
  • Consume Biotins Supplements.
  • Consume vitamin build-up pills for your hair.

Does tinting stains skin

In the process of Brow Tinting, your skin will get stained, it’s something no one can truly avoid, well that is as of yet. Brow tinting is done with either pigmented ink or dye-based ink.

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risk of leaving tinting for too long

Eyebrow tinting is considered to be one of the safest ways for brow enhancement. However, though, be cautious when using both Organic Dye-Based Ink and Pigmented Ink.

Both types of ink are known for having chemicals that if left on the area for too long, can potentially burn and irritate the skin.

Common Signs Tint/Dye Was Left On Too Long:

  • Irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Blisters
  • Swelling around eye area

It is highly recommended by dermatologists to do patch testing 24 hours before application.

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