Best Oils For Eyebrow Growth & How To Use For Results

Best Oils For Eyebrow Growth & How To Use For Results
Best Oils For Eyebrow Growth & How To Use For Results

We all want those bold fluffy-looking eyebrows we see all over the internet. And Yes, it is very much achievable with; growth serums and hair transplant procedures.

But, although, they are very effective these options have side effects that follow and tend to be very expensive for many of us.

So here we are going to share with you a few oils that promote healthy and new hair growth. Oils are a natural hair growth remedy, which takes a bit longer than synthetic serums and other treatments. However, they are more affordable and as effective when used correctly.

Does Oil Stimulate Eyebrow Growth

Oils that are most recommended to help with the stimulation of the scalp for hair growth are generally essential oils. These oils are packed with lots of benefits and nutrients that are capable of stimulating blood flow in eyebrow areas.

How Long Does Oil Takes To Grow Out Eyebrows

Applying oil to your eyebrows can help them to become fuller and thicker looking could take 5-6 months to actually see new growths. Oiling is a natural method that will take longer for visible results, but it is effective enough to help generate follicles.

Using Essential Oils for Brow Growth

Essential oil extracts are generally very concentrated, meaning they can be overwhelming and even lead to adverse reactions, especially when used by themselves.

Hence, it is important to dilute these oils with any suitable carrier oil before applying the to your eyebrows. You can dilute 16 drops of essential oil to 3 teaspoons of carrier oil.

Best Essential Oils for Brow Growth

Essential oils will effectively help you on your journey to fuller-looking eyebrows. Here are the oils you should be adding to your list if you want healthier and thicker-looking brows naturally.

  1. Rosemary Oil
  2. Saw Palmetto Oil
  3. Peppermint Oil
  4. Vitamine E Oil
  5. Frankincense Oil

You can get these oils in your local markets or store. Or click here to see their pricing on Amazon

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Reasons For My Selections:

Rosemary oil

Rosemary Oil has been put to a study alongside the famous rogaine and Minoxidil Treatments. This essential oil has been shown to have similar effects as these hair growth treatments. As it can stop hair fall, fight against bacteria/fungi, generate new follicles, and more.

Read our article on Rosemary Oil and how it can effectively grow your brows & possible side effects.

Saw Palmetto Oil

Although there are limited studies done on Saw Palmetto Essential Oil for hair growth. There are persons who have experienced great results, after using this oil to achieve healthier and thicker-looking hair.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil is another great option for thicker fuller looking eyebrows. This oil has been proven to stimulate blood circulation, increase follicle number, and nourish the skin for healthier hair growth.

Vitamin E Oil

Contains Tocotrienols, which is capable to stimulate the primordial cells, helping with nerve rejuvenation, and generating new follicles. Which can effectively lead to thicker fuller-looking brows

Learn more about Tocotrienols in Vitamin E for faster eyebrow growth

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil helps with blood circulation which promotes healthier hair growth. It also has the ability to reduce hair loss, thinning, and brow hair fallout.

Other than essential oils, here are some carrier oils that can effectively provide you with the necessary nourishments, for healthier-looking brows.

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Best Oils For Eyebrow Growth & How To Use For Results

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Best Carrier Oil For Hair Growth

Carrier oil does come with its own benefits and nourishing values needed for healthy and strong hair growth. This plays an important role in the dilution of concentrated essential oil extracts. you can use any available at your convenience or see my recommendation which carries hair growth advantages.

Jojoba Oil- Have dryness and scaling skin around the brow area? Well, that could be a sign of dehydration. You can use Jojoba oil as it is highly penetrable by the skin and hair cuticles, to distribute the nourishment needed for healthy skin, follicles, and hair.

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Pumpkin Seed Oil- If your skin is lacking moisture around your brow areas, then this oil is for you. As it carries great moisturizing and nourishing benefits for healthy skin and follicles.

Coconut Oil- Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This works great if you suffer from hair fallout due to bacterial/fungal issues.

Fenugreek Oil- Besides its great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties it also works best at boosting blood circulation to brow areas. It can penetrate the scalp and hair to provide moisture, which softens your hair texture, making it perfect for unruly brows.

You can click here to find Fenugreek Oil right here on Amazon.

Oils do come with beneficial properties, and every oil varies due to the percentage of a certain benefit they have. The essential oil will help with your hair growth journey. But, choosing the right carrier oil is also important.

Hence, we have help with including the role they act most upon.

How To Use Oil For Eyebrow Growth

You are recommended to path test your oil 24 hours before using. This is to ensure that your essential oil is properly diluted and does not cause you any adverse reactions. Once you are clear of any risk you may proceed.

Step 1- Cleanse your eyebrow areas

Ensuring that your eyebrow areas are clean is one of the most important steps. This prevents any makeup resides or natural oil from getting in the way.

Step 2 –Disinfect your skin

Disinfecting your skin is part of proper cleansing. A disinfecting wipe can help to protect from any infection caused by bacteria.

Step 3 –Dermaroll your eyebrow areas

Apply gentle pressure when derma rolling your brow areas, do this for a few minutes that’s enough until eyebrow areas are red due to the blood flow. (Skip this step if you have dermatitis, bacterial, fungal,… infections)

Notes: 48 hours prior– Avoid exercise, saunas, hot tubs, strong sunlight, and sunscreen around brows.

12 – 24 Hours after- avoid touching the area, and applying anything that could cause irritation to your skin.

Step 4 –Apply your oil to the brow areas.

You can use a clean cue tip and gently apply oil to your brows. this can be repeated once every 1-2 days.

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Why Are My Eyebrows Falling Out

Knowing why you are losing your eyebrow hairs is supposed to be the first question asked. As they can potentially hinder the effectiveness of growing your brow hairs. Here are recommended oil treatments to stop Brow hair loss, for promoting hair growth for brows.

Oils for Dermatitis &Treat Staph Infection

This happens due to Staphylococci, Dermatitis, and also when fungi/bacteria target the hair follicles, which slows down or halts hair production. These follicles become infected (pustules), and eventually, die. To treat this, you can you Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil and has demonstrated promising efficacy in treating these bacterial/ fungal infections. Hence, hence protecting follicles and increasing the chance of newer hair growth.

Hair Oil When Nutrient Deficient

Nutrient Deficiency is the lacking of essential nutrients for hair growth. This malnutrition can cause follicles to die out and even stop them from regenerating. causing loss how hair from the brow, lashes, and even scalp.

However, it is reversible as long as you regain nutritional stability. which will help in follicle regeneration and healthy hair growth. You can use

Best Oil For DHT Problems

DHT is a sex hormone known for interfering with the hair’s growth cycle, shrinking, and shortening the brows hair’s lifespan. This disease can also lead to stopping the growth of new hair.

For this here are some oils recommended which can help treat DHT. allowing stealthy follicles and string hair growth, leading to fuller thicker brows.

  1. Rosemary Oil
  2. Apricot Kernel Oil
  3. Pumpkin Seed Oil
  4. Saw Palmetto Oil
  5. Tea Tree Essential Oil
  6. Lavender Essential Oil
  7. Fenugreek Oil

You can ingest these in order to help with DHT, if available. Or you can click here to see their price on Amazon.

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