Pimples & Bumps After Threading- How to Treat & Prevent

Pimples And Bumps After Threading- How to Treat & Prevent
Pimples And Bumps After Threading- How to Treat & Prevent

Pimples and Bumps after threading are supposed to be temporary after-effects of threading. “we were told” Then why are they so difficult to get rid of? well, here we will talk about how to prevent bumps and acne after threading and even DIY Remedies to cure them.

Keep reading to know all the DO’s, DONT’s, and tips that they gatekeep at your salon.

Does Threading Cause Bumps

Bumps are temporary after-effects of threading. They are harmless responses to the trauma and irritation of the skin during the threading procedure. And would usually subside after a few days.

Do not confuse Bumps with Pimples. Bumps are really just uninfected Pimples. But if these bumps are taken lightly through poor aftercare, they could lead to pimples and then to even acne.

How long Do Bumps Last After Threading

Bumps after threading would subside from 2 -3 days after the threading procedure. However, if they become infected, they are now pimples (as explained above) and which could now take longer to go away.

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Can Threading Cause Pimples

Threading does not directly cause pimples But is seen as a leading factor. It does however cause irritation, open pores, and even break the skin. With this being said, your skin may now be exposed to bacteria and certain infections which are responsible for inflaming the pores, causing pimples.

Is It Normal to Get Pimples After Threading

Pimples after threading is a normal after-effect of the Trauma the skin has just gone through. It’s usually due to irritation or bacterial seeping into open pores. And this is why proper pre-care and aftercare is very important.

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How Long Does Pimple Last after Threading

Pimples after threading are usually very temporary after-effects of threading and would take 3- 7 days to subside. It all depends on proper aftercare, good sanitary and even a clean environment

How To Prevent Pimples After Threading

Pimples after threading are usually mistaken for Bumps, Inflamed Pores, and even Ingrown hair. And thankfully we can prevent all these by just ensuring proper pre-care and healthy products. Citation

Now, here are; what you can do before threading to prevent pimples:

  1. Exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours before the procedure, so as to remove the dead skin around the hair for easy removal.
  1. Keep your skin Hydrated, hair will cause less irritation when removed from a well-hydrated skin rather than dry skin.
  1. Remove all makeup and natural oils from your skin and hair to avoid sliding of the thread from your hair.
  1. Clean skin before threading, so as to avoid any present bacteria to seep into open pores and inflaming them.
  1. To help reduce the trauma to the skin, you can numb your face or area to be threaded. Using numbing gel or simply applying ice before the threading procedure.
  1. If you have extra oily skin you can apply talc powder, this will help absorb the oil and moisture.
  1. Make sure your skin and hair are oil-free this helps the threads grip tightly to the hair, providing you with no hair breakage which usually causes inflamed follicles or ingrown hair after.
  1. Make sure the threads used are always clean and new every time.
  1. Some recommend that you steam the area(s), by placing a steaming towel over to help open and loosen the pore grip from the hair.

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How To Cure Pimples After Threading

So after threading we would normally be advised by your beautician on the DO’s and DON’Ts. But however, if you’re to DIY it and are having these issues with bumps, pimples, or even acne you can:

  1. Rinse your skin with cold water, will help to calm the area and minimize skin irritation after, hence reducing bumps.
  2. Refrain from touching the area as you can transfer bacteria to the skin, which can then lead to pimples/ inflamed pores.
  3. Using a nourishing and alcohol-free moisturizer can calm your irritated skin and prevent bumps and pimples.
  4. Use natural oils such as coconut oil as a protective sealant.
  5. Apply calming aftercare natural remedies such as Aloe vera to the area will give you soothing and smooth skin after.
  6. Always use sunscreen when you have to go out in the sun.
  7. Use anti-bacterial soap/ facewash, in order to deeply cleanse your skin and keep bacteria away from open pores.
  8. Avoid steam rooms, hot showers, and baths for at least 2 days after, it is recommended to use room temperature water.
  9. Do not exfoliate or vigorously wash the area for at least 2 days after threading, this will lead to more bruising.

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DIY Remedies For Pimples After Threading

Always remember to Patch Test any product, before fully applying it to your Face, even if it’s a DIY Remedy.

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