Pros & Cons Brow Lamination- Costs, Dangers & Is it Worth it

Pros & Cons Brow Lamination- Costs, Dangers & Is it Worth it
Pros & Cons Brow Lamination- Costs, Dangers & Is it Worth it

Brow lamination blew up the internet when it comes to fuller, bolder, and fluffy-looking brows. Because of this procedure, doing our brows on a daily basis has become much easier and less time-consuming.

Although getting your brows laminated seems like the perfect gift, it does come with its Pros and Cons. To find out if brow lamination is for you and worth getting, keep reading for all its amazing benefits and possible risks.

What is Brow Lamination

Having your eyebrow Laminated simply means that you are getting a semi-permanent, non-invasive step-by-step procedure done for thicker fluffy looking brows.

It uses a perming solution to chemically break down your hair’s bolding structure. Leaving you with bolder, fluffy-looking brows.

Cost Of Brow Lamination

Getting your brow laminated can cost you anywhere between $40- $180. Pricing varies depending on your location, beauticians and packages offer (brow lamination only/ brow lamination+ brow tint+ waxing, and so on..).

Brow Lamination Before and After

Brow Lamination Before and After
Brow Lamination Before and After

Pros And Cons Of Brow Lamination

Pros Of Brow Lamination

By getting your brows laminated you will experience benefits like:

  1. Your brows will have a more, fuller and thicker appearance
  2. Laminated eyebrows results are semi-permanent, and will last up to 4-6 weeks.
  3. No risk of infection from tools as this is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure.
  4. Your brows become more manageable and easier to control, as the solution effectively tames unruly hairs.
  5. There is absolutely No risk of contracting any bacterial infections since there is no need to break the skin.
  6. Brow lamination is considered very affordable when compared to other procedures for fuller-looking brows
  7. It’s perfect for persons with curly hair types and extremely unruly brows
  8. Makes it easier to cover sparse areas and add definition to brows
  9. Can DIY right at home, as step-by-step guidance is provided.

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Cons of Brow Lamination

Although having your brows laminated comes with a lot of benefits, it still carries comes risks, especially if the procedure is not properly performed. These may include:

  1. Brow lamination may not be suitable for persons with very sensitive skin types, as its solution can cause irritation and other adverse reactions
  2. Possible side effects like; redness, itchiness, and a light burning sensation. These are very temporary and will subside within 1-2 hours if not sooner.
  3. Allergic reactions may occur if you are allergic to any ingredient(s) carried by the perming/ fixation solution. Click here for full article on the allergic reaction from brow lamination
  4. The perming solution can be damaging to persons with very thin and delicate brow hairs.
  5. It is safer to get your eyebrows laminated by a professional, especially if you are completely unaware of the procedure.
  6. Your brows still require grooming after getting them laminated. Hence, it’s wise to invest in a nourishing and light brow gel.
  7. Always need to apply nourishing oil/ treatments to your laminated brows, so as to maintain healthy follicles and hair strands (eyebrows). Click here to see the best oil for laminated brows.

For persons with sensitive skin, you can use other options to achieve fuller-looking brows like:

  1. Eyebrow tinting with Beard Dyes- Step-by-step Guide
  2. 7 Ways to DIY EyeBrow Tint at Home – Natural & Safe
  3. Henna Brows- Cost, How to DIY – Everything You Need To Know

Who Should not get Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination procedures are generally safe. But, it’s not recommended safe for everyone, especially:

  1. Persons who suffer from cases of Psoriasis, Eczema, or Rosacea, as these chemicals, can cause irritation to their skin.
  2. Breastfeeding moms should avoid untested chemicals ( perming and fixation solution), or seek doctor approval before proceeding.
  3. Persons whose brow area was recently waxed/ facials, or suffer from sunburned scars, and other related skin conditions should avoid this treatment and seek advice before attempting it.
  4. Persons with very thin eyebrow hairs should be cautious with chemicals, as they can lead to damage and fallouts.

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Brow Lamination Gone Wrong – Tips on How To Fix & Prevent

Does Brow Lamination Damage Your Brows

Brow Lamination is generally safe when done correctly. However if not, the chemicals used can potentially damage your eyebrows, leaving them looking frizzy, dry, and even cause fallout.

Also for persons with very sensitive skin, if the chemicals are left on the skin area for too long it can lead to burns and scarring. Now depending on how severe the scars are they may/may not fade.

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Do Brows Go Back Normal After Lamination

Your brows will go back to normal 5-6 weeks after your lamination procedure. Our brows regrowth cycles usually happen every 4-6 weeks. this causes our laminated brows to shed and encourages new brow hair regrowth.

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