Disadvantages & Benefits of Waxing – What You Need to Know

Disadvantages & Benefits of Waxing
Disadvantages & Benefits of Waxing

Because of the many ways of removing body hair, it tends to become hard, to know which to choose. That’s why here we will be targeting The Waxing Hair Removal Method.

You see, Waxing is widely practiced among many beauticians and by women themselves. But should you choose Waxing over the others? Continue reading about all the Pros and Cons of waxing, to know if it’s right for you. Citation

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Advantages Waxing Hair

  1. You are completely removing hairs with their follicles, which helps to reduce hair regrowth.
  2. When hairs are completely removed they tend to regrow sparsely.
  3. New hairs are now more fine and delicate.
  4. No blunt and sharp hair ends to deal with as compared to shaving.
  5. After effects are very mild and last for a very short time.
  6. Waxing hair is a very fast procedure as opposed to other methods.
  7. Waxing has a slower hair regrowth rate compared to shaving.
  8. It can be easily done, right in the comfort of your home.
  9. Safe to DIY, once you have to tool and the know-how.
  10. It is less expensive as compared with the other techniques.
  11. It reduces Strawberry Skin
  12. There is no risk of bacteria being transferred by tools.
  13. It works well for all skin types.

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Disadvantages of Waxing

  1. It can be more painful to those who have sensitive skin. (Hard wax causes less pain compared to soft wax).
  2. You may have to invest in numbing cream if you have a low pain tolerance.
  3. There is no fixed pricing, as the cost varies on the beautician and even your location.
  4. You may experience after effects like;  redness, itchiness, or even irritation.
  5. Infected skin can get more infected after waxing.
  6. You may experience temporary post-hypopigmentation.
  7. Waxing may not remove all tiny fine hairs.
  8. Can cause skin lift only through poor aftercare.
  9. You may have to pause certain cleansers and night creams because of ingredients like retinol.
  10. When using hard wax you stand the risk of burning your skin with the hot wax if not careful.
  11. It requires proper aftercare so no outside harm comes to the skin (sunburns, bacteria buildup, inflamed pores)
  12. It can only be done when there’s enough hair for the wax to adhere.

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Reasons for Waxing Hair

Here are a few of the many reasons to choose to wax over other hair removal methods.

As opposed to Waxing, using The Shaving method will:

  • Always risks of cuts from blades.
  • Open incisions on our skin can become an access point for bacteria causing them to seep in.
  • Unsanitary blades can transfer bacteria to the skin.
  • Blunt razors can lead to breakouts and other adverse reactions.
  • Hairs are cut and not removed with their follicles.
  • Hair grows back faster.

As opposed to Waxing, using Epilators will:

  • Be much more painful.
  • Takes Longer than waxing but a faster version of tweezing hair.
  • Can be done anywhere.

As opposed to Waxing, using Tweezers will:

  • Be better for Precision
  • Perfect for very Fine and tiny hairs.
  • Best for small and sparse areas
  • Can be done anywhere

As opposed to Waxing, using Hair Removal Creams Can:

  • Hair removal creams can directly damage your skin.
  • And does not remove hair from the root.
  • Cause irritation
  • Not recommended for very sensitive skin.

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Disadvantages & Benefits of Waxing – What You Need to Know

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