Dangers of Purple Shampoo to Hair & Scalp – Fix & Avoid

Dangers of Purple Shampoo to Hair & Scalp - Fix & Avoid
Dangers of Purple Shampoo to Hair & Scalp – Fix & Avoid

Purple shampoos are one of the simplest and easiest ways of toning bleached or naturally blonde hair. However, these shampoos carry different formulations, meaning some can be too harsh for your specific hair type and even cause possible damage to the scalp.

Hence, we are here to talk about that and enlighten you on the necessary precautions as well.

Can Purple Shampoo Damage Hair

Purple Shampoos can potentially be damaging to your hair if it’s not used moderately and correctly. These shampoos contain drying ingredients that can cause a chain of issues, to your strands and even your scalp.

Dangers of Purple Shampoo to Your Hair

Although, there are well-formulated purple shampoos Using them too often can be damaging to your hair. Here are some issues your strands may be faced with:

  1. Hair will become frizzy and dehydrated, due to the water content loss.
  2. Strands will lose their shine and become dull-looking due to moisture loss.
  3. Can cause hair-shaft damage, resulting in strands becoming thinner and weak.
  4. After continuously using it too often or for long periods you are risking breakage, split ends, and other damages.

Is Purple Shampoo Bad For Your Scalp

Using purple shampoo for too long and incorrectly can lead to scalp issues, especially when applied directly. These shampoo ingredients can cause scalp irritation and other adverse reactions.

When using purple shampoo on a sensitive scalp always patch test and look for a solution that is specifically formulated for sensitive scalps.

Dangers of Purple Shampoo to Your Scalp

Purple shampoos are indeed generally safe for hair and even scalps, but not for all scalps. What I mean, is that not all formulations work for everyone, especially if you’re someone like me and have a sensitive scalp. Applying purple shampoo directly to your scalp, for long period is allowing for risks like:

  1. Scalps can easily become irritated by the purple shampoo formulation, especially if you have extra sensitive scalps.
  2. Scaling of the scalp and even dandruff may occur, as these purple shampoos contain drying ingredients (perfume, alcohol, LPG…) that can lead to a dry scalp.
  3. Using poorly-formulated purple shampoos that are not PH balanced, can change the PH level of your scalp. which can either lead to an extra dry scalp (too acidic) or a breeding ground for bacteria (too alkaline).
  4. Generally making your scalp becoming unhealthy, will lead to weak follicles, causing your strands to fall out or worst leaving us with a serious case of hair loss.
  5. Not patch-testing your purple shampoo may lead to mild/ severe adverse and allergic reactions. As unknowingly you can be allergic to an ingredient (s) in its formulation.
  6. Applying purple shampoo incorrectly to your scalp or left for too long can cause your skin to become stained purple.

Our scalp is literally the most important foundation for healthy follicles and strong hair. that’s why we should always be cautious of what we apply to it, and how the applications are done. See below for side effects

Other FAQs

Can Purple Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

Using Purple Shampoo incorrectly and too frequently for long timings can affect your scalp, causing weaker follicles which will lead to hair loss. Other reasons that cause lead to damaging of the follicles are:

  1. Your scalp is too sensitive, for the strong/ potent solution.
  2. The formulation contains high levels of irritants, which cause adverse reactions, (The scalp may experience a burning sensation, itching, swelling,…).

Any severe negative reactions from your purple shampoo, caused to your scalp, can potentially affect the present follicles leading to hair fallouts.

Does Purple Shampoo Cause Dry Hair 

Most Purple Shampoo contains high levels of drying ingredients such as perfume, alcohol, and others. These are the same reasons for our strands drying out and becoming damaged.

Hence it is recommended to always (deep) condition your hair after toning the strands with purple shampoo pigments.

Side Effects Of Purple Shampoo

Generally, the main side effect of purple shampoo is that, it can be a bit drying even if used correctly. However, if not used correctly and moderately it can affect both your scalp and strands. You may experience:

  1. Allergic and Adverse reactions– Hence it’s important to always patch test before using.
  2. Loss of moisture and water content leading to dry and dull-looking hair- Always use a deep conditioner to return your strand’s moisture and elasticity.
  3. Hair fallouts may occur when purple shampoo is left on your scalp for too long. That it severely affected the scalp and follicles negatively.

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Can You Use Purple Shampoo While Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Using a well-formulated Purple Shampoo correctly and moderately is generally safe during pregnancy and if you are breastfeeding. However, we advise you to patch test 24 hours before using. As, during pregnancy, you are now more sensitive to almost anything.

There are many purple shampoos that contain irritants such as parabens and sulfates. So, before purchasing always research and read the labels of the shampoo properly.

Allergic Reaction To Purple Shampoo

Developing an allergic reaction to your purple shampoos is rare cases, but it can happen. Especially if you’re using a formulation that contains ingredient(s) that you are sensitive or allergic to. Some of the common symptoms are:

  1. Swelling of the scalp and other areas of the skin that was in contact with the purple shampoo.
  2. Itching and irritation on the scalp
  3. Red discoloration of scalp and skin that was in contact with it.
  4. In severe cases, you may experience burning sensations.

Purple Shampoos are generally safe, long as you take the necessary precautions, to protect yourself from possible allergic reactions. Hence, it is important to get a patch test done 24 hours, before actually using the shampoo on your scalp/ hair.

Is Purple Shampoo Safe For Kids

Purple shampoos can be used on teens and adults with blonde hair. we recommend that your refrain from applying it to kid’s/ toddler’s hair, as it can be too damaging for them.

I personally advise that you should keep your kids away from hair care and styling products that contain harmful chemicals, toxins, and irritants. So, that they can have healthy and strong hair while growing up.

Best Purple Shampoo for Kids

The Best Purple Shampoo I would recommend is one without toxins and is formulated for sensitive scalps. You can get these at your local variety store. Or click here on Amazon to see the one I use for children.

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