Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair Gone Wrong- How to Fix

Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair Gone Wrong- How to Fix

“Try Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair, it works faster and better,” they said, as this trend continues. And then, it becomes too late for many of us, who are now realizing the possible outcome of it.

But, what we don’t hear; Is what could go wrong, especially if it’s left on for too long. Or, if it’s even safe for weekly toning. Putting this drying solution directly on your strand can potentially be a risk to your hair and scalp.

Why Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair is a BAD Idea

1 – Stains your Hair Purple

When our hair is dry it is more porous meaning (our cuticles are opened) meaning faster absorption of pigments. Now applying purple shampoo directly to our hair for a bit too long will cause the strands to surpass the toning process leaving you with purple stained/dyed hair.

How to Fix Purple Hair from Purple Shampoo

No one wants to have purple patchy stains in their hair unless it was done intentionally. So guys, here is how you can easily get your purple shampoo stain from your hair right at home FAST.

1 – Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a solution that can effectively remove the purple stain from your strands. When Combined with equal parts of water, and applied to your hair it will effectively draw out the purple pigments from your strands, without drying out your hair even further.

Hydrogen peroxide can be recognized as a natural alternative to chlorine bleach and a developer. Which works by lifting the hair’s cuticles and eliminating the purple tint pigments.

2 – Vitamin C & Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Powdered ascorbic acid aka Vitamin C Acid combined with an Anti-Dandruff or any Clarifying shampoo will effectively strip your strands of the unwanted purple pigments.

Mixing them together and leaving the solution on our hair for a few minutes in aluminum foil (for faster results) will add a bit of heat. Allowing your cuticles to open, as the solution cleans away the pigments.

2 – Parched & Dry Hair After Using Purple Shampoo

When our strands are in direct contact with both cleansing and drying ingredients found in these purple shampoos. It causes our hair to lose its shine, moisture, and water content at a high and fast rate.

Purple Shampoos are drying on wet hair, just imagine it against dry hair.

Here are some recommendations in restoring the shine, moisture, and hydration of your strands.

1 – Condition your hair after using purple shampoo

Using a well formulate conditioner after purple shampoo can effectively return moisture to your dry and dull-looking hair. However, do ensure that you are conditioning your strands mid-length down, away from your scalp.

If you are in possession of a very good conditioner that is great. But if not, you can see our recommendation below.

The Joico HydraSplash Hydrating Conditioner is a jelly-like moisturizing and hydrating conditioner that restores health and elasticity to your strands. I personally use this for nourishing my fine and treated hair that requires regular toning from purple shampoos. You can Click here to see the price of it on Amazon

2 – Leave-In Conditioner

Applying a water-based Leave-In Conditioner is a great way in restoring proper moisture and hydration you your strands. Leave-in conditioners are also very nourishing for your strands inside- out. Which can help prevent further damages like mid-shaft breakage and split ends.

Redken Leave-In Conditioner spray is a multi-benefit spray that is nourishing, moisturizing, and heat protectant. Which is great for keeping your toned hair safe from the heat of styling tools and direct sunlight. Click here to read more on this Spray from Amazon.

Leave-in conditioners will also tame frizzy and untamed hair due to the loss of moisture from regular toning sessions.

Seeing that our strands will absorb more of the ingredients (alcohol, perfume, cleansing, and other drying ingredients). This will lead to the fast drying of our strands from the inside out. leaving our hair parched.

3 – Uneven toning results, leaving your hair patchy-looking

Purple shampoo usually carries a dense consistency, which means applying it directly to dry hair, will be very difficult to ensure full coverage and saturation of every area. Leading to uneven distribution of the pigments.

And, because our hair is more porous when it’s dry, the purple pigment from the shampoo gets absorbed unevenly. This leaves you with patchy yellow undertones contrasting with cool undertones. Uneven application Equal uneven absorption of pigments.

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Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo

How To Fix Patchy Hair after Purple Shampoo

The Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo is a well-formulated spray that can effectively get rid of all your patchy yellow undertones, without affecting your cool tones. it will leave your hair silky, soft, and free of brassy colors. To learn more, You can click here to see this yellow eliminator on Amazon.

Or, To correct this you can wait a few days 3-4 days, and correctly tone over wet hair. As, after a few days your cool tones will eventually go warm, leaving you with only one undertone to correct.

4 – Hair Becomes Brittles and Dull-Looking

Direct contact with too much purple shampoo for a long time on dry hair can be damaging to the outer protective layer of our strands (hair shaft). Which leaves your shaft weak and lacking elasticity, by stripping away its moisture.

1 – Conditioner

Pureology Nanoworks Gold Conditioner is a must-have when it comes to my hair, so as to achieve that rich, luxurious hair image. This conditioner is formulated with nourishing ingredients and healthy oils that add shine and strength to your shaft. Making it more tame and manageable.

You can pick this up from your local Target or Walmart. Or click here to see its price on Amazon.

2 – Nourishing Oil

You can also grab a nourishing oil for your strands as this can help repair the outer layer of your damaged strands. This will encourage a healthier and stronger shaft. This will also reduce breakage and split ends.

Click here to see The Moroccanoil Treatment which is formulated to restore healthy nourishing benefits and fatty acids for repairing damaged strands. It adds shine and does not weigh down your hair. Click here to see this light-weighted oil from Amazon.

5 – Can be irritating to the Scalp

Using purple shampoo too often or having it applied directly to your dry scalp can potentially irritate your scalp, causing dryness and scaling. For this, you need to restore moisture and hydration to your scalp for maintaining healthy skin (scalp) and follicles.

Scalp Treatments

Any nourishing scalp treatment can return the lost moisture and hydration of your scalp along with the necessary properties needed for painting proper health and strong follicles.

Living Proof Dry Scalp Treatment is one of my top-listed recommendations when it comes to replenishing a healthy, hydrated, moisturized, and balanced scalp. This hyaluronic-based formula will soothe and help your scalp recover from regular moisture loss caused by purple shampoo. You can pick this up from any local store or Click here to view it on Amazon.

One of my utmost favorite Scalp treatments is The Fantasia Leave-In Treatment Hair & Scalp. It is a very thin light weighted serum (almost water-like) that is rich in minerals and vitamins. And is very much affordable you can click here to see it on Amazon.

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