Purple Shampoo On Dry Vs Wet Hair- Which Is More Effective

Purple Shampoo On Dry Vs Wet Hair- Which Is More Effective
Purple Shampoo On Dry Vs Wet Hair- Which Is More Effective

So, we are here because of the ongoing trend of using purple shampoo on dry hair. While using purple shampoo on dry hair does get absorbed faster, it does come with some risks you should be considering.

Continue reading as we will disclose these risks that are not mentioned when experimenting with this hack/ trend.

Does Purple Shampoo Work Better On Dry Or Wet Hair

Purple Shampoo does not work better on dry hair if compared to wet hair. Purple shampoo needs to be evenly distributed among hair and be fully saturated in between your strands. And water is what actually helps this process.

Purple shampoos do not have that thin liquified consistency, which is needed for even distribution. It’s a more thick liquid, and that is just one of the many reasons it’s a bad idea.

Keep reading for my full explanation of how it can affect your desired results and even the health of your scalp and strands.

Purple Shampoo On Wet Vs Dry Hair

Dry Hair
Purple shampoo’s Pigments get easily and evenly distributed among strands
Effectively neutralize any yellow/ brassy tone from strands leaving your hair on the cool-toned side.
Pigments are absorbed faster, allowing for less processing time required.
Does not leave your strands too dry and parched
Does not dry out the moisture from your scalp, which can lead to dry and scaling scalp
There is Little to No risk of pigments dying/ staining your hair purple.
Leave your hair well-toned, meaning no patchy results or both warm and yellow-toned hair.

Can I Put Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair To Tone

Short answer No, You should avoid at all costs, putting purple shampoo on dry hair. As, this can be damaging, and very unhealthy for your strands.

As effective as this method is at neutralizing your yellow tones faster, it’s not deemed safe and can go wrong very fast. You can not force your strands to go from a full yellow undertone to that flawless platinum blonde in just one go.

Keep reading as we continue to share with you What really happens when purple shampoo is applied to dry hair.

What Happens If I Put Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair

Applying purple shampoo to dry hair does have the advantage of being highly absorbent by our now porous strands. However, due to our hair porosity level when it’s dry, and the uneven application you may end up with results like:

  1. Patchy-looking Hair

This is when different sections of your hair, were toned more than the other parts. Leaving you with a patchy nightmare.

  1. Hair becomes too dry and parched

Due to, all the drying ingredients (alcohol, perfume, cleansing, and other drying ingredients) being left on the strands for too long, literally draws out the moisture leaving your hair dehydrated and parched.

Leaving your hair untamed and frizzy looking.

  1. Potentially damages your hairs bonding structure

Due to the excessive amount of product absorbed by dry hair. It causes damage to the bonding structure within our strands. When this happens we are at risk of breakage, mid-shaft breakage, and even split ends.

  1. Stain your hair purple

Due to the high amount of pigments absorbed, there will be too much of it to neutralize the limited amount of yellow undertone. leaving our strands to become dyed with the purple pigment.

  1. Hair becomes brittle and dull looking

Having drying ingredients on our hair for too long will lead to stripping away its moisture and natural shine and rendering them dull-looking.

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Important FAQ’s

Does Putting Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair Make It Blonder

Dry hair does have a greater ability to absorb more pigments when compared to wet hair. Hence, its ability to be more effective at eliminating the yellow and brassy undertones is faster.

Now because your hair gets blonder faster, you are also at risk of turning your now blonde hair into a purple shade, just as fast.

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Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo

Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Dry Weaves

Applying purple shampoo on weaves, bundles, or even extensions that are dry, will only leave them looking; patchy, unhealthy, and parched. These synthetic hair are more at risk of damage and breakage when in direct contact with drying ingredients.

Can You Leave Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair Overnight

Leaving purple shampoo overnight in your hair can be extremely damaging to your scalp and strands. You will be waking up to:

  1. Uneven tones of brassy and silver patches in your hair.
  2. Purple-stained hair due to the long processing time. A high amount of pigments has been absorbed into the strands.
  3. Parches and dry hair since Purple shampoos are formulated with drying ingredients.
  4. The scalp becomes clogged with residue from shampoo and pigments.
  5. Hair will become damaged, leading to breakage and split ends.

For more information on the dangers of purple shampoo on dry hair. Scroll up and see our detailed list of side effects.

Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair Fails

How To Get Stain Out Of Hair

So you applied purple shampoo to your hair for processing and it has been sitting there for a bit too long. Now, you’re left with a purple stain on your hair. Well, here is an easy fix on how to get rid of it safely without causing any further damage.

Over processed highlights
Over processed highlights

1 – Use a Hair color remover

Color Oops Hair Color Remover is one of the most effective ways of removing tint/dye pigments from your strands. Using this correctly will get rid of the purple shampoo pigments from your hair, without drying it even further.

You can pick this up at any supermarket or Click right here to see the price of it on Amazon.

2 – Charcoal shampoo

You can use any well-formulated shampoo infused with charcoal to get rid of the purple pigment. These shampoos work like a clarifying shampoo. But, is a bit more delicate and will not cause your hair to be dried out any further.

Or if you do have a gentle clarifying shampoo you can try that, and ensure to condition after, as these shampoos will strip your hair of its moisture.

Click here to read our full article on Charcoal Shampoos- its effectiveness and best recommendations

Click the video to see more options available to remove purple pigments from your hair.

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