Purple Shampoo for Grey Hair- No More Yellow/ Brassy Tones

Purple Shampoo for Grey Hair- No More Yellow Brassy Tones

It is not that your grey hair makes you look old, nor does it makes you look unkempt. It’s just that you may not know how to treat and style this new look you were forced upon.

And one way to beautify your grey hair is to make it greyer or whiter. So STOP Dying your hair and let me show you How you can Enhance your grey hair, and how you can stop feeling insecure about it, By just using Purple Shampoo.

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Grey Hair

Our grey hair usually has these yellow or brassy undertones which make our hair look a bit nasty and rustic. Hence we have a hard time falling in love with it.

So, this is why we use purple shampoo, its pigments will help to neutralize the yellow discolored grey hair, leaving it looking all clean and white if not giving you the famous ashy effect.

Does Purple Shampoo Brighten Grey Hair

From time to time you may notice your grey hair isn’t as grey or white as before and this is usually due to the environment and water stain (iron content in water).

So according to the color wheel, using purple pigments will help in brightening your grey strands by neutralizing the yellow/ rustic tones from your hair.

How Long Do You Leave Purple Shampoo On Grey Hair?

When using a very potent purple shampoo, we would advise having it sit on your grey hair for about 3-7 minutes. The processing time of purple shampoos in grey hair should be determined by the:

  1. Shampoo formulation, meaning; effectiveness, and potency.
  2. Your hair type and absorption ability, whether it’s; thin, weak, or low/ high porosity level.
  3. Your level of warmth, the warmer it is, the more time may be required.

How Often Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Grey Hair?

You can use a well-formulated purple shampoo on grey hair 1 -2 times weekly, depending on how fast your hair may go back to being warm again. If YOU DON’T NEED IT DON’T USE IT, or else you may be left with damaging results (see below).

However, with proper conditioning and care you will be able to maintain a healthier scalp and strong beautiful white hair.

Risks Of Using Purple Shampoo On Grey Hair 

Using purple shampoo to get rid of your yellow/ brassy tones from your grey will indeed leave you with desirable white-ashy hair. However, using incorrectly can potentially lead to other results like:

  1. Purple/ violet stained hair due to over-processing.
  2. Dry and frizzy-looking strands, due to over-processing, or if formulation contains high levels of; drying ingredients.
  3. This may lead to mid-breakage and even split ends if strands are not properly conditioned after.
  4. Hair loses its shine and becomes Dull-looking
  5. May cause scalp irritation and dryness, which may lead to scaling of the scalp. Due to constant and direct contact with poorly-formulated ones.
  6. Incorrect application and overusing may lead to an unhealthy scalp, which can affect the health of the follicles and eventually cause hair fallouts (rare case).

Click here to see my full article on –Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair Gone Wrong & How to Fix

Blue Shampoo Vs Purple Shampoo For Grey Hair

Is blue shampoo better than purple shampoo for grey hair? Well, only your hair can answer this question. what I mean is that:

If your grey hair consists more of orange tones, that you would like to neutralize, then we would recommend you use the blue shampoo, as this would work best for you.

However, if you are more of a yellow-brassy tone girl. Then it would be best to stick with the purple pigments. As, this will work better, in helping you achieve that cleaner look.

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Best Purple Shampoos For Gray Hair

Here are a few of my favorite purple shampoos, that I would recommend for anyone with grey hair. And wishes to lighten and enhance it for a cleaner, and well-put-together look.

  1. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo– Works great for grey hair with unwanted Yellow Tones.
  2. MATRIX Brass Off Blue Shampoo- Will effectively tone your greys with unwanted Orange Undertones.
  3. Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask- is best for Thin and Fragile grey strands

Purple Shampoo For Grey Hair

For Grey Hair with Yellow/Brassy Tones, we would recommend the Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo, this also comes with a deep conditioner that will restore the moisture that was loss during the processing time of the shampoo. You can click on the video below for visual results.

Blue Shampoo For Grey Hair

Persons with grey hair with more of an orange tone to it. You will find the best results after using Blue Shampoos. According to the color wheel and experiences, we recommend blue pigments to neutralize orange tones. So, you can have an ashy-platinum effect.

One of our most used Blue shampoos on grey hair is the MATRIX Brass Off Blue Shampoo. It’s pigments counteract heavy brassy – Orange tones on grey strands. This also works perfectly for Brunettes and Balayage. This also comes with a paired conditioner that works well alongside it. You can Click here to see the price of them on Amazon

Thin & Fragile Grey Hair

For Grey Hair with thin strands, we would recommend something a bit more moisturizing, like a Purple Hair Mask. Purple Masks are usually more moisturizing, when compared to shampoos, meaning they will be effective and a bit more gentle when dealing with thin grey strands.

You can use any well-formulated purple mask, through recommendation from your stylist or beautician.

Or you can also Click here to see The Vitamins Keratin Purple Hair Mask. This mask is generally used on Grey hair as it contains both Violet and Blue Pigments. It offers deep conditioning benefits while toning grey strands to a more Platinum-Silver and Ash- Grey. Click here to see its price and other Reviews of this mask

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