Revitabrow- Does It Work, Side Effects – Actual Truth

Revitabrow- Does It Work, Side Effects - Actual Truth
Revitabrow- Does It Work, Side Effects – Actual Truth

So a lot of you have heard of Revitabrow and how it can amazingly grow out your brows. Well, in this article we are going to confirm how true this is, and everything that follows, like risks, and after-effects. Basically, answer the questions that should’ve been asked before buying this product.

Ever since bold fluffy-looking brows have taken over the internet, and become one of the biggest trends. A lot of us have been trying to achieve that feathery look, even after all the:

Some of us even turn to Eyebrow Transplant Procedures, chemicals, and makeup tattooing like:

So let’s see if it’s worth getting Revitabrow

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Does Revitabrow Make Your Eyebrows Grow

So the obvious question everyone wants to know does the Revitabrow actually work. Well, Revitabrow serum contains Prostaglandin Analogue ingredients, which work amazingly at lengthening our hair when in its anagen phase. Giving us longer brow hairs, hence displaying itself as thicker fuller brows.

Is Revitabrow Safe?

When using Revitabrow Serum for eyebrow growth is relatively safe for anyone, as it is a nourishing serum. However, it is still recommended to get a patch test done and avoid all contact with the eyes.

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How Long Does Revitabrow Take To Work

Revitabrow is a nourishing serum that enhances eyebrows. Using this serum every day you may notice effectiveness within the first month. However, it usually takes two months before reaching full results.

Is Revitabrow worth Getting

The main purpose of Revitabrow serum is to enhance eyebrows. And due to its ingredients, it does just that. So, yes we would recommend getting Revitabrow Serum if you’re looking for thicker, fuller bolder-looking brows.

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Is Revitabrow Permanent

Technically it’s not really permanent or even temporary. The thing is, this nourishing serum enlarges our current hair. And its effects on our brows will last until we shed those hairs.

For consistent results, we will need to always reapply it to our newer hair growth, so as to lengthen them. Hence, portraying themselves as fuller and bolder brows.

Basically, as you experience your regrowth cycle you need to re-apply to maintain your length.

What happens while using Revitabrow

So what does the Revitabrow serum actually do to our hair to make them look thicker? Well, when this serum is applied you will notice:

  1. An increase in the growth phase of our hair, meaning lengthwise.
  2. It increases the size of the hair bulb, this is now a result of thicker hair strands.
  3. Stimulate the production of pigment molecules within our hair, resulting in darker hair.

Do note that it hasn’t been proven yet to generate newer hair follicles. That happens accordingly to our regrowth rate. However, with all these happening your brows will look fuller and bolder. Citation

For more on what it can do, we have it according to its ingredients continue reading for more interesting points.

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Where Can I Get RevitaBrow

You can get your RevitaBrow from their website or Click here to see it on Amazon, with honest reviews and how effectively it worked for many people.

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RevitaBrow Review Video

Revitabrow Ingredients

  • Aqua– Highly absorbent by skin and hair.
  • Disodium ­Phosphate- Artificial Salt used as a preservative
  • Glycerin- Great for hair conditioning and skin protecting
  • Biotin- Antiseborrhoeic
  • Cellulose ­Gum- Texture enhancement
  • Phenoxyethanol- Stabilizer for product
  • Chlorphenesin- Prevents bacteria contamination
  • Phosphoric ­Acid- Buffering agent
  • Ethyl ­Tafluprostamide- Conditioning purpose
  • Butylene ­Glycol- Conditioning purpose
  • Calendula ­Officinalis ­Extract- Sensitive areas and soothing skin.
  • Panax ­Ginseng ­Extract- Boost Hydration
  • Serenoa ­Serrulata ­Fruit ­Extract- Softening and Soothing effect
  • Camellia ­Oleifera ­Leaf ­Extract- Hydrates and Replenish vital nutrients
  • Triticum ­Vulgare ­Germ ­Protein
  • Pentylene ­Glycol- Emollient effect
  • Biotinoyl ­Tripeptide­1- Promotes hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation and ensures optimal hair anchorage.
  • Octapeptide-2- Activates stem cells in hair follicles to promote hair growth.

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Revitabrow Side Effects

With the Revitabrow serum, there is really no side effect of using it just to grow out your brows. But, overusing anything really does have its downsides. So here is what may happen if this product is used for life long period or overuse:

  1. Long usage of this you may notice slight Drooping of the eyelids
  2. Using too much may shrink the fat around our eyes, which deepens the upper eye crease.
  3. Misusing and having constant contact with your eyes could affect your vision eventually.
  4. It does not only stimulate melanin in brow hairs, But also our skin which could result in noticing darkness around the area.

However, on the bright side, these are all reversible, once the usage of the Revitabrow serum is regularized or paused.

What Happens If You Stop Using Revitabrow

So a quick reminder that this serum does not generate new hair follicles. It Thickens hair strands, darkens hair color, and lengthens current hair. So, what happens when we stop using RevitaBrow?

  1. The hairs that were lengthened will eventually shed and fall out, for new regrowth to occur.
  1. Regrowths are going to grow regularly as they used to, before the brow serum. Basically, back to the length of your normal brow.
  1. Your brow color will also gradually return to its normal state because there are no ingredients to stimulate excessive melanin.
  1. Darkness on the skin around the brow areas will fade as melanin production will return to normal.

For some persons, it could reverse the drooping of the eyes and your upper eyelid could restore its fat. (This all depends on you as an individual and does not apply to everyone)

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