Is Rogaine Safe For Lashes & Brows- Does It Work & Dangers

Is Rogaine Safe For Lashes & Brows- Does It Work & Dangers
Is Rogaine Safe For Lashes & Brows- Does It Work & Dangers

Wanting thicker fuller looking eyebrows is just one of the many beauty standards we try to fill. I understand the extent to which many of us are willing to put ourselves to look-the-look.

So this is why I have written this article for all of you guys to learn and become aware of before deciding to use Rogaine on your brow areas.

I hope you find this article helpful and take my advice into consideration before heading into something unknown.

Does Rogaine Work For Eyebrows & Lashes

Applying it to your eyebrows and lashes can effectively promote new follicles and strong eyebrow and lash hairs. Giving you the end results of fuller-looking brows/ lashes in just a matter of time.

However, I personally do not recommend using Rogaine on your eyebrows and eyelashes. This is because Rogaine can be very irritating and even lead to severe adverse and allergic reactions. And if it goes into your eyes it can severely damage them.

Is Rogaine Safe To Use On Brows

Rogaine is measured by the Minoxidil level in the solution, I would recommend getting Rogaine with 1% or 2% Minoxidil level for eyebrow growth and enhancement. As these are gentler for sensitive areas such as the face (ensure to patch test before application).

Using Rogaine 1 – 2 times daily can provide you with drastic visual results. You will begin to notice more brow density, length, and diameter of your strands.

Does Rogaine Work On Lashes

Using Rogaine on your eyelash for enhancement and growth will give you effective results, as it does for your eyebrows. However, coming from a safety standpoint. I personally do not recommend using it for your lashes. Seeing that there are higher risks of irritation and product getting into your eyes.

How To Use Rogaine For Brows

When using Rogaine for eyebrows enhancement and growth, you are advised to proceed with caution and have a patch test done 24 hours before applying it to your eyebrows. Once you are cleared of possible reactions, you may…

  1. Cleanse your eyebrows thoroughly, ensuring excessive sebum oil, makeup, and other impurities are gone.
  1. Use a clean/new cue tip and collect a bit of the product. Avoid trying to scoop too much onto the cue tip applicator, as the excess can drip onto your face and even risk it getting into your eyes.
  1. Take the cue tip damped with Rogaine and pat it into your eyebrows, ensuring it reaches the skin beneath the hairs.
  1. Use a damp cotton pad and clean up any drops onto the skin.
  1. You can now have it sit until you are ready to clean your face again. This minoxidil solution can be applied once in the morning and in the evening before heading to bed.

How Long Does Rogaine Take To Grow Eyebrows

Rogaine Solution with 1% or 2%Minoxidil level can take about 14- 16 weeks before the regeneration of newer hair follicles. However, other enhancements like darker color and larger strands may appear before imitating fuller-looking brows.

Rogain for Eyebrows & Lashes

You can click here to see the pricing of Rogaine with a 2% Minoxidil level, on Amazon.

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What is Expected When Using Rogaine to Grow Eyebrows

Using Rogaine for eyebrow growth and enhancement twice daily (once in the morning and evening) and regularly you may experience and notice…

  1. Rogaine can be a bit irritating to your skin (the brow areas) for the first 1-3 weeks period. This is because it contains some levels of irritants.
  2. You will experience an increase in shedding during your few weeks of usage. Not to be scared as you will begin to see newer hair growth after a few more weeks.
  3. After 6-8 weeks of regular application, you will begin to notice an increase in eyebrow density and growth.

What Happens If You Stop Using Rogaine On Eyebrows

Stopping the use of Rogaine is putting a stop to the stimulation and other benefits needed for follicles regeneration. This will obviously return the situation as it was before the usage of Minoxidil. You will begin to notice:

  1. Person brows that have gotten darker during the process, will return to their original lighter shade.
  2. The width and length of eyebrow hair strands will return to their shape and size the carried before.
  3. There will not be enough stimulation and nourishment for follicle regrowth. Hence your brows will eventually go back to their original formation and density.

Dangers & Side Effects Of Rogaine On Eyebrows

Although Rogaine is a very effective method for enhancing your eyebrows. Using it on the face (sensitive skin). Does come with some risks. Citation

  1. Irritation and itchiness around the eyebrow areas, as its formulation does contain some levels of irritants.
  2. Redness may occur, which is a temporary side-effect of the active ingredients.
  3. Swelling and other adverse reactions may occur. If this happens it is best to monitor it or ask your dermatologist for advice before continuation.
  4. You will experience severe shedding of your eyebrows as this is part of the process.
  5. If however, irritation gets out of hand sites best to contact your dermatologist before the continuation of your Rogaine.
  6. Rogaine can sometimes be too drying for the sensitive skin around our eyebrows, leading to further irritation.
  7. Mistakenly dripping Minoxidil in the eyes can cause serious issues like decreased vision, burning, irritation, and even blindness.

However, if Minoxidil does mistakenly enters the eyes your need to immediately rinse it with cold water. And see an eye specialist/Ophthalmologist for potential damages.

Dangers of Minoxidil in the Eyes

Can You Use Rogaine On Brows When Pregnant

Using Minoxidil during pregnancy is something we highly recommend against. When pregnant we are so much more sensitive to almost everything, which means we will feel the side effects of Rogaine solution 10X more. As it can be very irritating and drying to the skin around the eyebrows and has many other side effects that follow.

Latisse Vs Rogaine For Eyebrows

Rogaine and Latisse are two well-formulated solutions used for eyebrow enhancement and growth. Although these products share very effective and similar results, they are also very different from each other.

Below I have some key differences that can help you to better identify which one you’ll prefer…

  1. Latisse is a prescription medication, unlike Rogaine which can be purchased over the counter.
  1. The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, which works by prolonging the growth phase of our hair cycle. While the active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil which stimulates the areas, thereby increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and encouraging the regeneration of newer follicles.
  1. Latisse is safe to use around the eye areas, unlike Rogaine which is highly advised against, as it can cause severe irritation and even risk blindness if in contact with the eyes. 
  1. Latisse can show results in 6-8 weeks, while Rogaine will take almost 4 months before showing results
  2. Rogaine carries more risk if applied for eyebrows growth, unlike Latisse which was safely formulated and can be used on brows and eye areas.

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