Sugar Waxing Face & Upper Lips- How to DIY, Pros & Cons

Sugar Waxing Face & Upper Lips- How to DIY, Pros & Cons
Sugar Waxing Face & Upper Lips- How to DIY, Pros & Cons

Sugaring waxing is one of the most natural and organic methods of removing facial hair with its follicles. These sugar pastes can be made right at home with the consistency that you prefer (to use with; wax strips or without).

I have sensitive skin especially my face and underarms areas, which causes my skin to react with potent ingredients found in these hard wax and soft wax (preservatives, perfumes…). Hence I Switched to sugar paste which has been working great for my sensitive skin.

So, if you’re someone like me then continue reading this article as I will share first-hand experience, and tips & tricks I have learned while using sugar wax to remove my facial hair.

Is Sugar Waxing Safe For Face And Upper Lips

Sugar waxing unwanted facial hair such as eyebrows, beards, and mustache is completely safe once it is done correctly. As I have mentioned before this is the most natural hair removal method and is perfect for all skin types.

I’m the type of girl with a lot of unwanted facial hair, and honestly, I do like that clean smooth skin. And regular visits to the salon can be costly and time-consuming, hence I had to find a safe and affordable method that work for me.

Pros Of Sugar Waxing For Face 

Here are some of the amazing benefits when using sugar wax for removing unwanted hair from your facial areas.

  1. Sugar wax contains only natural ingredients– Mostly sugar and citric acid which act as preservatives.
  2. You do not have to risk burning your skin, as sugar paste only needs to be warm enough, as our body temperature.
  3. Sugar Wax is much easier to clean up after, these wax are water soluble meaning no matter how long they remain on your skin it will still be pain-free and easy to remove.
  4. Sugar wax does not leave behind sticky residues, unlike traditional wax.
  5. Little to no after-effects when using sugar wax, as traditional wax usually contains preservatives and harmful chemicals(plasticizers, perfumes…) which can cause redness, swollen skin, and irritation to very sensitive skin types (as it did to mine).
  6. Eventually, regular sugaring of unwanted hair will lead to permanent results, as regrowths will be thinner, softer, and sparse.
  7. Post-hyperpigmentation may not occur or will be very mild, as the trauma to the skin will not be that severe as compared to other waxes.
  8. Sugar paste for sugaring unwanted hair can be made right at home for easy DIYs.

Side Effects Of Sugar Waxing For Face

Although sugaring our unwanted facial hair is one of the best and most natural methods with long-lasting results. Doing it incorrectly with poor pre and aftercare can result in it going wrong.

  1. Sugar wax paste can burn your skin if you overheat it and use it while it’s too hot.
  2. Cause Hyperpigmentation if not don’t correctly, by forgetting to apply powder before the sugar paste.
  3. Cause redness and irritation if proper aftercare is ignored.
  4. It may not be effective on short hair, especially if the wax is not strong enough.
  5. Poor precare and aftercare can lead to ingrown hair, which can also lead to inflamed pores and even acne breakouts.
  6. Although the chances of folliculitis are low it is still a negative possibility due to poor aftercare.

How To DIY Sugar Waxing For Face At Home

See the video for a full step-by-step guide on sugaring unwanted hairs from your face. With the proper pre-care and necessary aftercare for smooth and healthy facial skin.

How Long Does Sugar Waxing Last On the Face

Results of Sugaring unwanted from your face can last up to 3-4 weeks, before the sighting of newer regrowth, which would appear thinner and softer.

The facial hair regeneration process is much faster than other body parts. Even though the majority of us see regrowth in just 3-4 weeks, there are many others with lower levels of androgens. Resulting in longer results as regrowths will take a longer time.

How to DIY Sugar Wax at Home

The fact that you can make your sugar paste for waxing right at home, is made life very easy and convenient. See the video I have shared and prepare your wax right at home using your natural ingredients, and save the regular trips to the salon for less.

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Best Sugar Wax for Face

If preparing Sugar wax at home is too much of a hassle or you just don’t have the time for it. You can see below for my recommendations.

1- Sugar Me Smooth Wax – Medium-Hard

Sugar Me Smooth Wax is a natural hair removal option that is gentle on sensitive skin and free from harsh chemicals.

Its formulation removes hair from the root, giving us a smoother-looking face. This sugaring kit comes with pepping powder, sugar paste, soothing after-care, and applicators. Click here to read more on this wax on Amazon.

2- Sugaring Factor Sugar Wax – Soft

Sugaring Factor is another well-formulated sugar wax paste option for sensitive skin like our face and upper lips.

These easy-to-use wax are either soft, medium, or hard. It’s made from sugar, lemon juice, and water, making it safe for persons who are sensitive to preservatives and perfumes. Click Here to see the price of this on Amazon.

Sugaring Vs Waxing Which Is Best For Your Face & Upper Lips 

Sugaring and waxing are popular hair removal methods that are safe and suitable for sensitive areas (like our face, armpits, and upper lips) once done correctly.

However, if you’re someone whose highly sensitive to preservatives or other related chemicals (alcohol, perfumes). I would recommend you try sugaring as this is the most natural method.

Or if sugaring does not work well for your hair, you can always try waxing your skin. However, you must ensure that you patch test 24 hours before proceeding. Checking for allergic and adverse reactions.

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