Sugaring Underarms – Side effects, Aftercare, Pros & Cons

Sugaring Underarms - Side effects, Aftercare, Pros & Cons
Sugaring Underarms – Side effects, Aftercare, Pros & Cons

Sugar waxing, also known as sugaring, is a hair removal method that uses a natural paste made of natural and organic ingredients to effectively remove hair with its follicles. This popular hair removal method is safe and gentle on sensitive areas such as our underarms and pubic areas.

Continue reading how this method can effectively remove armpit hair, leading to slower regrowth over time. And how it can easily be DIY right at home for less, which is more affordable than a waxing session at the salon

Can You Use Sugar Wax On Armpits

You can easily get rid of unwanted hair from your underarms using the sugaring method of hair removal. Sugar wax is very effective, pains less, and works great on sensitive areas such as the underarms.

Leaving you with cleaner, exfoliated, and hairless skin. However, there are certain precautions and requirements needed when sugaring in order to achieve this desired result.

So keep reading as I will be answering the most important Questions and FAQs, to provide you with the necessary information for your personal DIY at home.

How Long Does Sugar Waxing Armpits Last

Using the Sugaring Method to remove unwanted hair from underarms will last 5-7 weeks until seeing regrowth. Hairs will regrow thinner and sparse under your arms, also the regeneration of hair follicles depends on your overall health, diet, and even genes.

Does Sugar Waxing Cause Dark Underarms

Sugaring your underarm hair does not lead to long-term hyperpigmentation. What happens is that during the hair removal process your skin will become irritated which causes the release of excessive melanin. Which is what we refer to post- trauma hyperpigmentation.

This adverse reaction is temporary of course and will go away within 2-3 days. After your skin is much calmer and has returned to its normal state. See below for the Cons sugaring underarms.

Pros Of Sugar Waxing For Underarms

Here are the many benefits of using organic and natural hair removal methods such as Sugaring for underarms for unwanted hair.

  1. The regrowth cycle of sugaring removes hair with its follicles and slows down the regeneration of newer follicles. Meaning this will take a long time to grow when compared to the shaving method.
  1. Regrowths will be thinner, softer, and almost invisible to the eyes. Leaving you with manageable underarms hair and no irritation from hard regrowths.
  1. Regularly using the sugaring method will result in regrowth being sparse and eventually stopping. As not all areas of the underarm will be able to regenerate newer follicles (follicles regeneration also depends on your diet and overall health).
  1. Little to no risk of irritation and itchiness due to regrowth. As armpit strands will not carry sharp ends as when shaved (or cut by blad) but are now softer due to waxing.
  1. Results are long-lasting and can last from 6 – 8 weeks long. meaning it is very time convenient, especially for a busy person. Unlike shaving sometimes have to be done every 2-3 days for maintenance.
  1. There are no risks of razor bumps, rash, and cuts caused by blades. Which reduces the risk of infecting the broken skin.
  1. Sugaring is a very fast and easy procedure and can be done right at home.
  1. Sugaring your underarms is very much affordable for its effective results, especially when compared to other hair removal devices and procedures.
  1. Sugaring the underarms help with hyperpigmentation. Which, are usually caused by damage done to the skin due to constant shaving.
  1. The sugar wax has a bit of stickiness which also helps to remove the dead cells, leaving behind softer, smoother, and well-exfoliated skin.
  1. The chances of ingrown hairs are as little to none. Which also depends on good aftercare and maintenance.

Cons Of Sugar Waxing For Underarms

Removing unwanted hair from your underarms using the Sugaring Method is highly recommended. As it’s very easy and effective, However, it still comes with some risks, which are completely avoidable…

  1. Too many skin cells are sometimes removed, which results in sore or irritated underarm. For this, you can use a soothing cream to calm the area.
  1. If not careful enough, Warm sugar wax can sometimes be a bit too hot for sensitive skin. Which can result in burn scars. Hence it’s always advised to wait until the next day after the wax preparation.
  1. Skin lifting may occur especially if your sugar wax is too hot or if you had previously used skincare containing retinol. You can pause your skincare 2-3 Days before Sugaring your underarms.
  1. Hair breakage may occur if the sugar wax is not of good quality or if no precare was done prior to your sugaring procedure. Learn about good precare steps before waxing for desired results.
  1. Underarm Bleeding after Sugaring is completely normal and is a sign of hair being removed with their follicle. It is nothing to worry about and will subside after a few hours.
  1. Although the chances of infection are very low you still need to take the necessary precaution and protect the skin from bacteria and fungi. Hence, it is advised to avoid public pools and saunas during the first few days after sugaring.
  1. If you carry out poor aftercare, your bumps which are supposed to be temporary after-effects, can easily become inflamed and develop into pimples leading to an acne problem.

However, with this happening you need to be extra careful and avoid bacterial transmission to the area.

Side Effects of Underarm Sugaring

With sugaring, there are a few after-effects that are likely to occur, as sugaring the armpit hairs can be a bit traumatizing to the skin. However, with the proper aftercare and pre-care, you can calm the skin and return it to its normal state. After-Effects can appear as:

  1. Swelling
  2. Mild irritation
  3. Bumps
  4. Itchiness
  5. Pimples
  6. Temporary Hyperpigmentation

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Sugar Wax Recipe For Underarms

This recipe is for sugar wax that does not need a waxing strip and can be done right at home. So, here is what you’ll need:

  • 4 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of Lemon Juice
  • 1 cup of Filtered Water
  • 1 pot for boil
  • Mixing Spoon

How to Make Sugar Wax for Underarms

Before proceeding ensure that your utensil and pot are washed and dried clean.

  1. Add your ingredients (mentioned above) into the pot.
  2. You will now use your mixing spoon and stir the mixture until the ingredients are well blended together.
  3. Once fully mixed up, you can now put your pot on the stove for a boil using medium heat.
  4. Continue mixing your sugar wax whilst it’s boiling down into a thicker consistency.
  5. As it becomes thicker you can lower the heat, this prevents burning, giving you full control of the desired consistency.
  6. Keep mixing /stirring until the wax develop a golden brow color.
  7. After you will see all the sugar is dissolved and it resembles that of honey in apparency but with a bit firmer consistency.
  8. You can then turn off the heat and leave it to sit for cooling for about 30- 40 minutes.
  9. However, wait until fully cooled before using it on the skin/ underarms.

Video Showing How to DIY Sugar Wax for Underarms

Best Sugar Wax for UnderArms

1 – Sugaring Paste

This sugaring wax Paste just needs 10 minutes in the microwave and it’s ready to use. Its consistency is medium-hard and does not require the use of wax strips. This wax paste was formulated with natural ingredients (sucrose, water, and citric acid) making it perfect for underarms and other sensitive areas.

Click here to see this sugar paste on Amazon, Where you can also see honest reviews.

2 – Sugar Wax Paste Roller

The Wax Bear Roll-On Wax Kit is convenient and easy to use for getting rid of unwanted underarm hairs. It comes with a roll-on wax applicator, which makes it easy to apply the wax exactly where you want it, with precision and without any drips or spills making it completely mess-free.

During long vacations, my wax roller always makes my traveling essentials. As it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to pack and carry. You can pick these up at a drugstore or salon near you Or Click here on Amazon to see the price of a complete kit with all the necessities (precare and aftercare).

Sugaring Vs Hard Wax For Underarms 

Sugaring and waxing are pretty much the same, as they remove your hair with their follicles and have similar result duration. However, they still have a few key differences:

  1. Sugar wax is much more natural and organic than pebbles used for hard wax.
  2. Sugar wax can be used cold unlike hard wax, which needs to melt before applying it warm to the skin.
  3. Hard/soft wax has the risk of burning the skin if not careful enough by monitoring the heat before application.
  4. The sugaring wax method does not adhere to living skin cells, unlike heated hard wax.
  5. Sugar wax can be applied more than once over the same area. unlike hard wax which is highly advised against doing.

What to Do After Sugaring the Underarm

  1. You immediately apply pressure by resting your hand over the area waxed. This will help to calm the trauma it just experienced.
  2. Use gentle moisturizer. Restoring moisture to your underarm is important to help heal any minor wounds. It will also calm the skin and prevent post-wax hyperpigmentation.
  3. Apply a Post Wax Lotion/ Oil. This will restore water content that was lost during sugaring your underarm hairs.
  4. After a few hours you can oil the area, this will help in protecting against bacteria from seeping into the open pores, leading to pimples and underarm acne.

Oiling Your Waxed Underarm Skin

Oiling after waxing is very important, as it brings many benefits and performs many functions like; its antibacterial, rehydrates, and returning moisture to the skin.

Using the wrong type of oils and applying them incorrectly can also result in clogged pores, pimples, and other adverse reactions. So it’s important to equip yourself on how to oil waxed skin and the best oils for sensitive areas, especially the underarms.

Return Moisture and Hydration to Waxed Underarm

Although many of us have armpits that excrete sebum oils excessively. There are many others out there who suffer from dry armpits. And sugaring can cause the loss of moisture and water content from the skin.

However, using a light moisturizer can effectively restore what’s lost. When selecting a moisture look for:

  • Water Based Moisturizer
  • Contains Hylaruanic Acid
  • Contains Ceramides
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Alcohol-Free

Or click the link to see a light water-based moisturizer I always find myself coming back to. The Cetaphil Hydrating lotion, No Fragrance, Non-Comedogenic Click here to see the price of a bottle on Amazon. 

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