5 Effective Ways To Tame & Fix Unruly EyeBrows

How To Tame & Fix Unruly EyeBrows
How To Tame & Fix Unruly EyeBrows

Eyebrows serve two primary functions; keeping moisture out of our eyes and communicating. They also add dimension and character to our face, our face structure is very much influenced by the shape and formation of our brows.

Can You Tame Your Eyebrows

When it comes to our hair; either we want them under control or gone. So, is it possible to tame our brow hairs? The idea of taming our hair is to have full control of them so Yes, you can effectively tame your brow hairs.

However, it’s not just about going for the most effective method out there, for there are quite a few. Seeing we have different hair types, not any method may be most suitable and safe for us individually. Citation

How Can I Tame My Eyebrows

1 – Brow Lamination To Tame Unruly Brows

Getting brow lamination done can effectively tame your brows. This is a pain-free treatment, whereby your brows go through a perming procedure. Giving you those fluffy feather-looking brows.

Brow Lamination works by breaking down your hair structure so you can easily shape and form them however you like. This is semi-permanent and will usually last for 6-8 weeks if cared for properly.

Is Brow Lamination safe for you & your skin type? Which kit is best suited for you? How to get brow lamination done at home- Everything you need to know Click on the Link to Tame your brows.

2 – Brow Conditioner Serum To Tame Brows

Conditioning brow serums are the next best thing to tame your brows. These serums are modified to make your brows controllable; by softening them and, at the same time caring for their health by moisturizing and nourishing your brows.

These serums come with an applicator which makes it easy to apply at your convenience. It is perfect for all skin and brow types.

Recommended Brow Conditioner Serum

RevitaLash Cosmetics Brow & Lash Conditioning Serum- This conditions, Tame & protects against breakage while improving the flexibility & shine of your brow hair.

You can Click here to see the Price for a bottle on Amazon.

3 – Brow Gel To Tame Unruly Brows

Brow Gel can effectively control & shapes brow hairs however you like. These Gels have strong holding grips that will hold your unruly hair in place. This technique is very temporary meaning your brows will return to default once the gel is removed.

Brow gel is perfect for persons of any skin type, and who are not ready to commit to a certain brow shape. And is the perfect alternative for brow lamination.

Recommended Brow Gels

1- Got Thin and unruly brows? Then see The WUNDER2 Wunderbrow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel.

Wunder2Waterproof Eyebrow Gel, lets you control and fill in all the gapped areas caused by unruly hairs. Click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

2- For girls with thick and unruly brows, The WUNDERBROW Clear Brow Gel is the one to hold those hairs in place. You can click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

4 – Brow Wax To Tame Unruly Brows

Dabbing a bit of brow wax on your brows will control your unruly hair, its strong holding grip allow you to stick them in place. Using a spoolie to brush them out into the shape and formation you want.

This works perfectly for persons of any skin type, and who constantly like to change the shape of their brows.

Recommended Brow Wax

The iMethod Eyebrow Wax available in clear and tinted shades. This is perfect for keeping your sparse brows intact all day long. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

5 – Vaseline To Tame Unruly Brows

Vaseline can effectively control your brows by holding them into place. However, it will only keep hairs that are thin and already easy to control.

Seeing that vaseline does not have a strong holding grip, it is not recommended for extra unruly or coily brows. It is also best to not use it if you have extra oily skin or if you are easily prone to acne.

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What Cause Eyebrows To Grow Unruly

There are really just a few reasons as to why you have unruly brows. Some of these reasons we can avoid and correct and some we just can’t. So see below for why your brows may be unruly:

1 – Unruly Brows Caused By Genetics

Genetics is one of the main reasons why your brows can be unruly. To be certain, you can check your family and relatives to see if you share the same brow type as them.

To fix this you can tame it by using the brow lamination technique or simple cosmetic products.

2 – Unruly Brows Because of Your General health

The General Health of your body can affect how unruly your brows can be. When our body lacks certain vitamins and necessary essentials our skin tends to suffer because of that. And our brows need healthy skin to grow healthy.

If we have dry skin our brow hair will start to grow in different directions and become coily. This is because they also have become dried up and frizzed and eventually they begin falling out.

When this happens it usually means you are lacking in vitamins, Fatty Acids or you are iron deficient are some of the few.

Recommended Supplement for Brows

You can take Supplements like The Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Supplement. This supplement contains all the necessary nourishments for your brow’s health. Click here to see the Price for a bottle on Amazon.

3 – Unruly Hair Caused By Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in women is the result of excessive hair growth (usually on your face, chest, back, or buttocks). And because of the excessive level of androgens, your hair becomes very wiry and stiffens, making your brow hairs hard to control.

4 – Harsh Oils Cause Unruly Brows

Harsh oils can make brows become stiff and unruly. Applying certain oils, especially unrefined oils can do more damage than good to your brows. Oils do not add moisture, they sit on the hair shaft as a sealant.

Oil like Coconut oil, Rosemary Oil, and even Neem oil all have their benefits for brows.

But, Note Oil in general has the tendency of stiffening your hair making them very hard to groom and control.

5 – Unruly Brows Because of Skincare and Cosmetics

Wrongfully applying Skincare and Cosmetic Products can potentially harm your brows. When you apply your skincare and cosmetic products too often and vigorously they can make certain alterations to your brows.

Harsh chemicals found in them can dry out your brows making them lose their natural formation to becoming coily and even change the direction of growth.

That’s why when you will notice most dermatologists always advise you to use your Skincare products around the eyes and brow areas. Citation

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Effective Ways To Tame & Fix Unruly EyeBrows

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How To Groom Unruly Brows

Taming and grooming can be looked at differently. Seeing we have already outlined how you can tame and practice temporary control over your unruly brows.

We will now look at how to groom your naturally unruly brows to keep them neat.

1 – Tweezing And Trimming Unruly Brows

Trimming and tweezing our brows is a great method commonly used to clean up and shape different brow types. Use brow scissors to take off the extra length and tweezers to clean up all the new hair around the brow shape you want.

Using this method gives you full control over the shape you want and last longer when compared to using a blade to clean your brows.

Recommended Brow Grooming Tools

This Professional Eyebrow Kit Comes with everything your need to groom your brows (4-Tweezers with different tips, and other important necessaries) all in its own pouch. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

2 – Threading & Trimming Unruly Brows

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that uses a threading professional who plucks your unwanted hair out by simply using trends. This simple process can also shape your brows wonderfully.

For the long hairs, you can also trim off the excess to make it more uniform.

This method is perfect for persons with extra sensitive and oily skin.

3 – Waxing And Trimming Unruly Brows

Waxing is one of the most used methods to get rid of unwanted hair. The Wax is administered at a tolerable temperature to soften the pores making them expand for a smooth and easy removal of hair around the brow areas.

This allows your unwanted brow hairs to be removed without causing any damage or irritation to the follicles and skin.

For more definition when shaping your brows you can use scissors to trim off the extra hair length.

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Video Showing How To Groom Unruly Brows

How To Style And CoverUp Unruly Brows

Unruly brows can be very hard to control, even if they are well-groomed because of how they grow they tend to leave a lot of gapped areas. If you are struggling with this see below how we can fix them.

1 – Microblading to CoverUp Unruly Brows

This procedure is a tattooing technique that is perfect for shaping and filling in the gapped areas caused by your unruly brows. This now gives your brow a more defined formation.

There are other procedures similar to microblading Click Here for Microblading Alternatives to see which works best for you

2 – Eyebrow Tint To CoverUp Unruly Brows

Tints can fill in the sparse area caused by your unruly brows. It is a semi-permanent solution that saves a lot of time during your daily makeup routine.

You can click here to learn how to apply eyebrow tint at home.

Or for the persons who prefer a more natural method, you can see our article on Henna Brows-Everything you need to know.

3 – Brow Pencil & Powder to CoverUp Unruly brows

Using a brow pencil or powder can effectively fill in gaps and neaten up your brow edges. This is perfect seeing that the color and shades available are large, meaning there is one for anyone.

However, Do not use too much of this as it can make your eyebrows seem even thicker than they actually are.

Best Makeup To CoverUp Unruly Brows

The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Brow Powder comes in a two-shade combo perfect for creating these natural fluffy brows. Click Here to see the price on Amazon.

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5 Effective Ways To Tame & Fix Unruly EyeBrows

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