10 Tips to Thicker Fuller Eyebrows For Men-Fast & Effective

Tips to Thicker Fuller Eyebrows For Men-Fast & Effective
Tips to Thicker Fuller Eyebrows For Men-Fast & Effective

Are Thick Eyebrows Attractive On Guys?

For men thick brows have always been a must-have and not just because they are attractive but because we have always associated facial hair with masculinity.

Unkept Facial Hair carries the power to pull down the image of a well-dressed man. “Imaging Hagrid being in a suit” yes, you get the idea. Even though thick brows are associated with masculinity we need to keep them in order.

So in this article, we will share with you some tips on how to get fuller thicker brows and more importantly how to groom them to suit your facial shape.

How To Grow Thicker Fuller Brows Naturally

Wanting to grow your brows out naturally is the safest method for those fuller, thicker brows. It does, however, require a lot of patience and effort. See below on how to naturally grow healthy, fuller brows.

1 – Using Serums For Thicker Brows

Do serums actually work to get thicker brows? well, there are a few serums out there that can effectively grow your brows. These serums are comprised of natural oil and modified in such a way to help with new and healthy hair growth.

Choosing the right one can give you thicker healthy-looking brows after consistently using them regularly. Citation

Serum for Thicker Brows

GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum has been proven to actually promote new hair growth. See on Amazon, Click the Link for Fuller Brows in 6-8 weeks.

L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Treatment that Restores, Revives, and Nourish Dry Damaged Hair, containing Protein and Triple UV Protection. Click Here to see Price on Amazon

2 – Neem Oil For Thicker Brows

Neem oil is known for its amazing health benefits for the healthy growth of hair. Applying a bit of this oil consistently will promote new growth, and maintain the health of existing hair making your brows look fuller and healthier.

Brushing Neem oil once or twice daily can give you amazing results. It moisturizes and protects the area from bacteria which avoids inflammation. it also contains nutritional properties that ensure healthy hair growth.

Click here For Full DIY on how to prepare Neem Oil right at home.

OR Click Here to See Neem Paste amazing Health benefits for hair (Brows) growth.

Neem Oil For Thicker Brows

For Organic Natural Neem Oil See The Kate Blanc Cosmetic-Neem Oil. Click here to see the price on Amazon

3 – Coconut Oil For Thicker Brows

Coconut oil is well known for its health benefits when it comes to our hair. But, Pure Coconut oil has never been proven to actually grow our hair longer nor does it encourage new growth.

Coconut oil may not contribute to new hair growth but it does amazingly well because; it help to lock in the moisture of the brows area (skin), and its antibacterial properties help to protect the skin layers from infection which may affect hair follicle causing fallout. Citation

Treating your hair like this will make your brows healthier and thicker not by new growth but because of the hair loss reduction.

Coconut oil for healthier brows

Perfect Hair Coconut Oil Hair SerumWell- formulated and Non-Toxic, perfect for all hair types. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

4 – Tea Tree Oil For Thicker Brows

Tea tree oils are famously known for their many health benefits. Its antibacterial properties and fatty acid can ensure the healthy growth of your brows.

While tea tree oil may be lauded as an alternative treatment for growing thicker eyebrows, there aren’t any scientific studies that back up these claims.

5 – Brows Transplant for fuller-looking brows

Brow Transplant is a surgery where the surgeon will transplant hair from other body parts (usually the back of the head area) to the brow areas. This procedure will take a while to show actual results, but it is one of the most natural-looking methods.

We have an entire article dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about brow transplants, click here to read it.

EyeBrow Transplant Before & After
EyeBrow Transplant Before & After

How To Get Thick Brows Fast

These are some methods and techniques that were created to help you quickly get fuller looking and amazing brows.

6 – Microblading For Fuller-Looking Brows

Microblading is a tattooing technique for brow enhancement, this procedure uses a small handheld tool with tiny needles. to create hair-like strokes while also depositing semi-permanent pigment under your skin.

It is great for filling in sparse areas, giving you fuller, thicker-looking brows, and a more defined formation.

Note: If you have oily skin we do not recommend this procedure. A more suitable method for your skin type would be Nano Blading, this will give you the same result as microblading

Related Article – You can click here for 12 Alternatives to Microblading.

Microblading Before & After
Microblading Before & After

7 – Brow Lamination For Thicker-Looking Brows

Brow lamination is a pain-free procedure, whereby brows are being permed. This enhancement is basically the lifting of your own natural hair in an upwards direction. Which fills in sparse areas and makes your brows look thicker and bolder.

Brow Lamination Before and After

How to DIY Brow Lamination For Men

You can click here to read how to do brow lamination at home.

8 – Microshading For Thicker-Looking Brows

Microshading cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses a handheld tool with multiple tiny needles to shade your brows giving you the filling powder effect.

This procedure is very effective at filling in gaps between brow hair, making them look fuller and bolder.  

If you prefer more of a natural-looking brow. we recommend the ombre brows effect on you. Unlike microshading, ombre brows will give you more of an ombre/faded effect.

9 – Eye Brow Tinting to fuller-looking brows

Brow tinting is using semi-permanent inks (mainly being dye-based ink or pigmented inks) to apply to the hair shaft and the skin of the brows area.

This creates the illusion of fuller, bolder brows. However, note that this does not add volume to brows.

How to Tint Your Brows at Home

You can also click here to read 7 ways to tint your eyebrows at home.

Tint your brows using Natural Henna Dyes.

Click here to Learn More on how to DIY tinted brows at home using Henna

PPD-Free Natural Henna is ready to use & comes in the cone already to save you preparation time and help with easy application. Click here to see the price on Amazon

10 – Makeup for thicker-looking brows

Makeup is a very temporary quick fix to thicker-looking brows. It is widely used because of its affordability. Perfect for those who are on a budget and not ready as yet to commit long term to thick brows

The brow pencil is ideal for filling in sparse areas. Click here on Amazon to see Maybelline Total Eyebrow Pencil for an easy and smooth application.

A perfect brow powder combo by Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder, click here to see the price for it on Amazon.

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Thick Brows For Different Face Shapes Of Men

In our books, thick brows are perfect for anyone. Even though, Some may say it’s not for them. That’s because they don’t know how to properly groom their brows, accordingly to their face shape.

Men Brow Type To Face Shapes
Men Brow Type To Face Shapes

1- Brows For men with Oval Shapes

Men with oval faces are the best candidates for flat eyebrows. The best thing you can do with your eyebrows is to keep them relatively straight. Straight-looking brows will make your face look more balanced, by creating the illusion of a rounder-looking face.

2 – Brows For men with Round Faces

Men who have round faces look best with eyebrows that feature angles. Men with round faces can benefit from this style, as it will make their eyes stand out and will balance out the roundness of their faces. It will help by creating the illusion of a slimmer facial structure.

To ensure a natural look you should go for a soft angular shape when you are having them done. It is also best suited for guys who have smaller foreheads.

3 – Brows For men with Heart Faces

Heart faces are already structured faces. This means you will not need a brow shape to add or take away from your face. You need one to suit your face. The best-suited shape for your heart’s face is a flat brow with a slight curve by the tail area.

Heart-shaped face should avoid too much of an arch to their brows. this will only feminize their already structured face.

4 – Brows For men with Square Faces

Men with square faces tend to have a wider forehead and large eyes, so to add some balance, round-shaped brows are best suited for you. Rounded eyebrows add a delicate vibe to your face and make you appear confident and bold.

Don’t try haircuts with center parting or fringing because they throw off the balance of your face.

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