Threading Upper lip Hair- Cost, Pros & Cons, How to DIY

Threading Upper lip: Cost, Pros & Cons, How to DIY
Threading Upper lip: Cost, Pros & Cons, How to DIY

Thinking about threading your upper lip? And don’t know if it is safe for you and your skin type? Well then continue reading this article for all the Pros, Cons, and everything related to threading your upper lip.

We all want flawless skin But not all of us were blessed with smooth hairless skin. So we take matters into our own hands by trying The Threading method. Let’s get into how a simple piece of thread can give you smooth and hairless skin.

Is Threading Your Upper Lip Safe

Removing hair using the treading method has been around for quite a long while. Threading sensitive areas on the skin such as the upper lip have been and still is safely practiced among many females.

However, you will experience temporary after-effects (Swelling and Irritation) But that is just because of the disturbance caused to the area, which will subside shortly after. Citation

Is Upper Lip Threading Painful

Threading of the upper lip is not at all painful, however, but you will feel the continuous sting throughout the entire process. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different so it may hurt some persons more than others.

How Long Does It Take to Thread Upper Lip

Threading of the upper lip will take usually around 15 -30 minutes. It also depends on how fast your beautician works and even if it is a combo service or just threading.

Upper Lip Threading Before And After

Upper Lip Threading Before And After
Upper Lip Threading Before And After

What Is The Cost Of Upper Lip Threading

Threading of the upper lip will cost you anywhere from $10 – $20. The cost will vary seeing that it really depends on your location, place of choice, and even your beautician.

You may also be charged for aftercare products, which may be another $15- $20. While some salons may offer discounts to students, seniors, or military personnel.

Best Thread For DIY Upper Lip Hair Removal

The VARDHMAN Threads come with a light sticky texture which gives an extra grip to the hair at the same time still very soft for the upper lips. Click here to see the price of this Thread, which is available on right Amazon.

Don’t know how to thread? Well, they have made it easier for us to have smooth, hairless skin. With The Slique Hair Threading and Removal Tool, you can get your threading done within no time. Click here and Get yours now from Amazon.

Video Showing Step-By-Step Upper Lip Threading

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How to prep your skin for upper lip threading

As mentioned above threading will take a while and there will be pain throughout the entire procedure. That is why it is important to always prepare your skin so it may help get the job done easier and faster. You can do this by:

  1. Make sure to exfoliate the area at least 24 hours before the procedure, this is perfect for removing dead skin and other impurities.
  2. Hydration is very important, a well-hydrated skin will react better than extra dry skin.
  3. Always properly clean the area before threading so that makeup and natural oils are removed.
  4. Applying ice over the area will help to temporarily numb your upper lip, or by using Baby Origel can help numb the area throughout the threading process.
  5. If you have extra oily skin you can apply talc powder, this will help absorb the oil and moisture.
  6. Make sure the threads used are always clean and new every time.

Hydrating Toners For Face

The PCA SKIN Hydrating Face Toner is perfect for your hydrating and moisturizing routine, as it is very gentle on all skin types. Because it is Alcohol-Free, it Moisturizes and even Purifies Pores.

Click here to see the price of the PCA toner, which is available on Amazon

Also, See an effective numb cream for your upper lip and save yourself from much pain during your threading session. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

Aftercare Tips For Threading Upper Lips

  1. It is advised to wash your face with cold water so as to minimize skin irritation after.
  2. Avoid at all costs touching the area, as to avoid bacteria transfer from your hands to the now very sensitive area.
  3. Apply a nourishing and alcohol-free moisturizer this will calm your irritated skin.
  4. If the redness does not subside on its own you can apply rose water and natural oils like coconut oil.
  5. Applying Aloe vera or icing the area can effectively soothe your upper lip.
  6. Always use sunscreen when you have to go out in the sun.
  7. Use anti-bacterial soap/ facewash, in order to deeply cleanse your skin and keep bacteria away from open pores.
  8. Avoid steam rooms, hot showers, and baths for at least 2 days, it is recommended to use room temperature water.
  9. Do not exfoliate or vigorously wash the area for at least 2 days after threading.

See The Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel, which will calm and soothe the area as it absorbs rapidly with no sticky residue left behind. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

What to Apply After Waxing- Treat & Moisturize Dry Skin

Threading Vs Waxing Which Is Best For Face & Upper Lips

How Often Should You Thread Your Upper Lip

It is recommended to thread once with around 3–4 weeks period apart. You must make sure your hair is at a good enough length to thread again. It also depends on how fast your hair grows and your regrowth cycle, as well.

Pros Of Upper Lip Threading

  1. Threading is very inexpensive compared to other methods like laser treatments.
  2. Like soft wax threading does not leave behind any sticky residue nor does it, tug on your skin.
  3. It can be done right at home.
  4. There is absolutely no risk of after burns.
  5. A great option for persons with sensitive skin or are easily prone to acne.
  6. It is very gentle on the skin since there is hardly any contact between it and the thread.
  7. No harsh chemicals are used.
  8. Don’t have to worry about skin lift or stop and facial creams before the threading procedure. Citation

Cons Of Upper Lip Threading

  1. Can be painful throughout the entire threading procedure, you will experience pain according to your skin sensitivity and pain tolerance.
  2. You may experience inflamed hair or clogged pores. This occurs only if proper cleaning and aftercare were not done correctly.
  3. An adverse reaction may occur if the thread is laced with something you are allergic to, or your skin is just too sensitive for threading.
  4. Takes slightly longer to complete than waxing
  5. Need to make sure your beautician is well skilled at threading so as to avoid hair breakage and more pain.

What are the side effects of threading upper lip

After threading a sensitive area such as the upper lips you may experience a few after-effects. No need to worry as these are only temporary and are mainly because of the disturbance to the area, you may notice:  

  1. Swelling
  2. Redness
  3. Tiny bumps
  4. Ingrown hair

Correctly Following the aftercare and these shall subside very quickly.

Is Lip Threading Safe For Sensitive Skin

Threading your upper lip is relatively safe for sensitive areas, which makes it perfect for upper lip areas. This is because there is no harsh chemical to cause any reaction, nor does it penetrate the skin in any way. Citation

Upper Lip Threading Vs Waxing

Threading and Waxing are two different hair removal methods but will most definitely give your the same end results. Citation

Upper Lip Threading Vs Waxing
Upper Lip Threading Vs Waxing

Waxing is the faster method with less pain. It uses melted wax to rip the hair with its follicle out, with one pull.

However, The Threading method is by using a piece of string crossed together, to grip your hair and pluck them out. Threading is more painful and does take longer than waxing.

Learn more on UPPER LIP WAXING by clicking here to see the full article on Waxing Upper Lip- Pros & Cons, Cost, How to DIY, Aftercare

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