Threading Vs Waxing Which Is Best For Face & Upper Lips

Threading Vs Waxing Which Is Best For Face & Upper Lips
Threading Vs Waxing Which Is Best For Face & Upper Lips

When it comes to having a smooth and hairless face, especially for the upper lip areas we often want the most effective method that is affordable and less painful. We have all heard of the Threading and Waxing Methods. But, how do we know which one is the best for us.

Continue reading as you will find out more about the cost, steps, and everything that is different between these two methods.

Threading and Waxing are both very effective hair removal methods practiced by many women for smooth, soft, and hairless skin. These methods will give you exactly the same end results. But as similar as they are, they’re also very different.   

Differences Between Threading And Waxing

The Threading Method– By simply using a piece of string crossed together, to grip your hair and pluck them out from your face. Threading does take longer and is said to be more painful than waxing. Whereas,

The Waxing Method is a faster procedure that carries very little pain. This uses melted wax which hardens to grip the length of hairs which are then pulled out by ripping off the hardened wax from our face.

Video Showing Waxing Method Vs Threading Method

1 – Which One is Safer for our Face -Threading or Waxing

Both Threading and waxing have their fair share of pros and cons, there is really no safer when comparing these two. Meaning, what may be safe for someone may not be as safe for you. Citation

Threading Vs Waxing

Which One Has More Risks And After-effect


  1. May develop an adverse reaction to the chemical in wax.
  2. Contain preservatives that can cause an allergic reaction.
  3. Soft wax tends to tug onto your skin.
  4. May suffer skin lifting if certain skincare usage is not paused 2 days before.
  5. If not careful hot wax will burn and scar you.
  6. You may experience; ingrown hairs and irritation.


  1. May experience irritation and ingrown hairs if not done correctly.
  2. Can cause a bacteria build-up, if there is a lack of proper sterilization and sanitation.
  3. If unskill you or your client may suffer from bruises and even rashes.
  4. It can lead to Skin eruption and bacterial infections.
  5. Not safe for persons with heavy and frequent acne, as it may trigger or harm their skin even more.
  6. The potential spread of the herpes virus and staph infections, through dirty threads and broken skin.

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2 – Which Is More Affordable Wax Vs Threading

Both wax and threading circulate around the same average pricing. You will however notice that there might be extra charges for aftercare products. These items do not influence the pricing of the actual service, but the beautician, and your location does. Citation

3 – Is Threading more painful Than Waxing

When it comes to threading and waxing, most people will say that they experienced more pain with threading over waxing. And the main reason is that threading takes longer. Which means you will feel the stinging pain on your face throughout the entire procedure.

However, to decide which one is more painful, we still need to consider a few factors like:

– Beautician skill and speed

When threading and your beautician is skilled and very fast, it will take less time and cause less pain. However,

When waxing the beautician has to be extra cautious, dealing with and applying wax, so that hot wax does not burn and scar you.

– Your Pain Tolerance

We all have different pain tolerance which means we will respond to pain differently. Some may find threading more painful when compared to wax, and some may say they share the same pain level and so on.

Persons with higher pain tolerance will feel less pain and persons with lower will feel more pain. So with it comes to which hurts more it really is on an individual level.

– Proper PreCare And Aftercare

When it comes to threading, if proper Pre-care and Aftercare were not carried out it can cause the entire threading procedure to be more painful than it should have been.

For example, most people will use ice to numb the area, this helps a lot to reduce the pain.

And for waxing, if certain skincare were not paused before the procedure it can cause skin lifting which is indeed a painful experience.

For example, most people are advised to keep a hydrated skin, this is because waxing sensitive upper lip areas can pain more if you have extra dry skin.

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– Quality of the Products

Can the quality of wax or threads influence the pain level? Yes, it can. If you are using poor-quality threads or wax it can cause more pain. This is because having to constantly go over the same spot because the wax is not strong enough to grip the hair whereas poor quality threads may just cause the hair to break or cut

So in this case waxing will be more painful than threading because the more times you apply melted wax, the more fragile your skin becomes.

4 – Which Lasts Longer Threading Or Waxing

When results were compared it shows that waxing lasts longer than threading. Waxing will last you 1-2 weeks more than the threading results, that is until your begin to see new regrowth.

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5 – Is waxing Faster than threading

If we are to measure the procedure time of each method you will see that the waxing process is faster than the threading method.

This is simply because the wax pulls almost all the hairs at once. Unlike threading which only pulls a line of hair at a time. Citation

6 – Which heals Faster- Threading or waxing

Both threading and waxing methods will usually heal during the same time period which is normally between 2-3 hours post-procedure. If however, you notice it takes longer than expected, contact your beautician or apply OTC remedies.

7 – Which Is Better For Sensitive Skin

Both waxing and threading are great on sensitive skin, making it perfect for our face especially our upper lip area which is already very sensitive. But there are some precautions and rules when dealing with extra sensitive skin like:

  1. Ensuring that you stop certain skincare before a waxing session, unlike threading which does not require you to.
  2. Stay hydrated and keep moisturized skin for either of these sessions. This helps the skin remain softer which makes the removal easy.
  3. You numb upper lip areas before threading it will help a lot with the continuous pain.
  4. Ensure to use hard wax and not soft wax, as to avoid any tugging on your skin.
  5. Always be extra careful with hot wax as it can cause skin lift.
  6. patch testing every time you try different wax.


  1. Make sure you are using a soft gentle thread.
  2. Hydrate Your skin, as soft skin provides less hair breakage.
  3. Numbing lips help to reduce excessive pain.
  4. After the 2nd-3rd pull ask the client if they will be able to continue.
  5. Always patch test 24 hours before the session.


  1. Certain skincare must be paused 24 hours before.
  2. Hydrate Your skin, as soft skin provides less hair breakage.
  3. Use hard wax over soft wax.
  4. Always be extra careful when dealing with hot wax.
  5. Always patch test 24 hours before the session.

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8 – Which Is Easier To DIY

Both threading and waxing are easy to DIY right at home. Personally, I find waxing to be more easier but at the same time, someone may think the same about threading. So we really can’t say, it’s better to practice threading or learn more about waxing.  

So Which Is Better Threading Or Waxing?

So after going through the entire article you will see that Threading allows for more precision and is safely recommended for persons who have very sensitive skin,

Whereas waxing pains less compared to threading and it is considered to be more of a gentler approach that guarantees the complete removal of hairs with their follicle But does not offer precision.

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