How to Use Purple Shampoo as Toner -Safe & Effective Result

How to Use Purple Shampoo as Toner -Safe & Effective Result
How to Use Purple Shampoo as Toner -Safe & Effective Result

Purple shampoos were formulated to help with maintaining the platinum effect for blondes. These shampoos use potent purple/violet pigmented solution to tone your uneven brassy-looking hair, by counteracting the yellow undertones.

Keep reading, as we will show you how to correctly use your purple shampoo for the best results.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo After Toner

Purple shampoos can be used after toning your hair, toners already neutralize warmth in your strands, and using a Purple shampoo can help with maintaining that extra platinum effect.

For regular maintenance, you can substitute your monthly toning sessions at the salons for purple shampoos. As Purple shampoos are formulated with pigments that can effectively neutralize the warmth in our strands.

How To Use Purple Shampoo

For a purple shampoo to give you your desired results you must use it correctly, as incorrect methods can lead to negative outcomes (Continue reading for outcomes).

Before using always ensure you patch test your shampoo 24 hours prior to your wash day. once clear of any allergic or adverse reactions you may proceed.

1 – Wash your scalp and hair.

This is also known as the pre-wash, where you use your regular shampoo and wash your scalp. Removing sebum’s natural oil and product residues is important to ensure an even toning.

After washing your scalp and rinsing your strands, you…

2 – Apply an adequate amount of purple shampoo to your wet hair.

Strands need to be fully saturated with purple shampoo. Massage it in between your wet hair from scalp to ends (wherever needed), Wetting your hair first will allow for even distribution among your strands.

3 – Leave your hair to sit for the processing time.

Once fully saturated in purple shampoo, let your hair sit for 3 – 5 minutes of processing time. Allowing the purple pigments to work their way in and neutralize your warmth.

During this time you should be checking on your hair from time to time, to ensure it is going accordingly. But, if not to expectation then it’s advised to repeat this process another day rather than leaving it in longer.

4 – Rinse the Purple shampoo out from the hair.

After being fully satisfied with the toning process you can now thoroughly rinse the purple shampoo from your scalp and hair.

5 – Condition your hair strands.

You will now go in with a (deep) conditioner and condition your strands, before your final rinse.

So guys, there you have it how to use purple shampoo at home. for visuals, you can click on the video we have included.

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How Long To Leave Purple Shampoo In Hair

Purple shampoos can be left in our hair 4- 7 minutes. As this is enough time for pigments to effectively counteract the yellow tones without risking the chances of over-processing your hair.

However. its advised to always check on hair from time to time during its processing time, as we all have different hair strengths and varying types.

How Often Can You Use Purple Shampoo

For the safety of your strands you should only use purple shampoo on weekly basis, and/ or when it is actually needed to neutralize the warmth from your strands.

Using purple shampoo every day on regular basis can lead to severe damage to both your scalp and strands. So it is best to avoid doing so and stick to recommendations.

When to Use Purple shampoo

Knowing when to use purple shampoo is just as important as using it correctly. As using it at the wrong time can cause severe damage and negative results.

  1. After bleaching your hair it is recommended to wait 4-7 days before using purple shampoo.
  2. You can apply purple shampoo right after your keratin treatment is administered.
  3. Wait until your platinum hair has yellow/ brassy tones before using purple shampoos again.

We all have very different hair (meaning strength, varying health, and types). Hence it is highly recommended by us to check with your beautician who is more aware of the state of your hair for recommended timings before using purple shampoo.

What Happens If You Use Purple Shampoo Too Much

Using purple shampoo too often like on an everyday basis and for a long processing time can negatively affect your scalp and strands. Here are some potential risks you may endure:

  1. Hair will become dry and parched, due to the loss of water content
  2. This can lead to breakage and split ends
  3. Hair becomes Dull-looking as the hair shaft has been stripped of its moisture and shine.
  4. Loss of elasticity
  5. Can potentially dye hair purple instead of toning
  6. Cause scalp to become dry, leading to scaling
  7. Lead to hair falling out as the scalp becomes unhealthy and dry
  8. Hair will easily become untamed especially if there is no proper aftercare

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