Does Vaseline Help Grow EyeBrows – Actual Truth

Does Vaseline Help Grow EyeBrows
Does Vaseline Help Grow EyeBrows

Since fuller eyebrows have come back in style, people have been searching high and low on how to grow their brows and make them thicker. Clicking on all the possible ways and DIY Methods at home.

So that’s why we will be discussing one of the first and most popular DIY Hack out there for longer and thicker brows. “The Vaseline For Thicker Brows Hack”

Since people seem to be swearing by it, we are here to shine the light on the Bad and Good of petroleum jelly for your brows.

Does Vaseline Make Your Brows Grow Faster And Thicker?

We all see vaseline as this amazing miracle worker, but is it really? Over the years vaseline showed no official, scientific evidence that it has any effect on the growth of your eyebrow hairs.

Neither is there any evidence about any particular ingredient in vaseline that says, it will promote thicker eyebrow hair growth.

However, According to experts, it may assist in conditioning your brows, which is a crucial part of hair growth. Citation

What Are The Benefits Of Vaseline For Brow Growth

Although vaseline will not stimulate new growth from your brows, it has other benefits you would want for your brows, like;

  1. Petroleum jelly protects your hair against breakage, especially from having mid-shaft splits on your brow hairs.
  2. Prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle, by acting as a moisturizer, meaning its works amazingly well at moisturizing your hair shafts.
  3. Brows will look shiny because petroleum jelly adds a sheen to the brow hairs.
  4. It works perfectly at controlling frizz because vaseline is known to sit on your hair, it will calm your brows down by laying them flat.
  5. Reduces the appearance of split-ends
  6. Reduces flakiness and itchiness when it is applied to the skin around the brow area
  7. Vaseline works perfectly as a sealant, allowing your hair to retain its moisture.
  8. Vaseline can contain your dandruff problems around the brow area.
  9. It works really well for locking in moisture and helping to manage conditions like eczema and psoriasis that result in very dry skin.
  10. Vaseline Is perfect for persons with dry skin, especially around the brow areas. Citation.

Cons Of Vaselines For You Brows

As amazing as Vaseline sounds it also carries some Bad with it, using petroleum jelly wrongly can result in certain drawbacks like:

  1. Vaseline Does not generate new hair growth, nor does it make your brow hair grow faster.
  2. Vaselines can cause break out when applied around the eye area it can clog your pores. Making it hard for the release of natural oil.
  3. Because Vaseline sits on your hair, making it very greasy.
  4. Vaseline can weigh down your hair when applied. Your brow hairs will look pulled down, losing their natural formations.
  5. If not properly removed and cleaned, it can create a breeding ground for bacteria. This can, later on, affect your hair follicles causing hair fallouts.
  6. Vaseline will make it easier for dust and other fine particles in the air to grip onto your brows. This will result in plaque build-ups.
  7. It is not recommended for persons with oily skin or if you have acne-prone skin since it might clog pores.

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Does Vaseline Help Grow EyeBrows – Actual Truth

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How Does Vaseline Make My Brows Look Thicker

Can vaseline make my brows LOOK thicker? Yes, they can by simply using vaseline you can shape your brows and hold them in place. This without a doubt, be able to effectively fill in your sparse areas and give you those well-groom brows.

You can first comb the hair through with a clean eyebrow brush or spoolie. Place a small amount of vaseline on your brows, and comb your eyebrow hairs upward to achieve that feather-looking brows, making them look fuller and bolder. Citation

Video On How To Groom Brows With Vaseline

How To Apply Vaseline To Brows For Healthy Growth

  1. Clean your brow areas with a damp cotton pad, (avoid rubbing alcohol if you have dry skin)
  2. Use a clean spoolie and scoop a tiny bit out, (avoid using fingers since it can transfer bacteria to the entire jar of vaseline)
  3. Gently brush it through your brows allowing it to also get around the brow area on the skin, (avoid double-dipping).
  4. Let it sit overnight or for a few hours (you can also use it to groom your brows)
  5. After you will use your regular face wash and clean it thoroughly.

What Is Vaseline?

Vaseline is the name of the brand for petroleum jelly. It’s a blend of minerals and waxes that spread easily.

Vaseline is mainly used to improve dry and cracked areas of the skin and has been used as a healing balm and ointment for wounds, burns, and chafed skin for over 140 years.

Vaseline To Help Treat Eczema

People with eczema on the face sometimes have sparse eyebrows because the dryness makes hair growth difficult. Citation

Using vaseline to seal in treatments for eczema can improve moisturization around the area. This will help the hair growth by locking in hydration and conditioning the hairs that are already there.

Is Vaseline Safe To Use Around Your Eyes?

Vaseline is acceptable to apply on the eyelids, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Some even apply it to their eyelashes. Just ensure that you do not get it into your eyes.

Also, make sure the Vaseline you’re applying on your skin or brows is fragrance-free, as fragrance-containing petroleum jelly can irritate the skin, especially the sensitive skin around the eye and brow areas.

Can You Use Vaseline On Brow Area With Extra Oily Skin

The AAD advises against using Vaseline if you have oily or acne-prone skin since it might clog pores. Vaseline acts as an occlusive barrier meaning that it creates a barrier between your pores and the environment.

Resulting in getting into your pores and blocking them up, which can cause breakouts around your brow areas.

How Often Can I Use Vaseline On My Brows

If you have dry skin Vaseline can be used daily on your brow. You can take a small amount (pea-sized amount) on your fingertips and massage it gently into your brows.

However, if you suffer from oily skin or you are easily prone to acne it would be wise to use light-weighted serums like Refined Coconut Oils or a very good brow serum.

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Alternatives To Vaseline For Brows

see below are alternatives that may actually help you grow and/or nourish your brows

1 – Soap Brows- For the same feather-looking brows which are very inexpensive. Click here to learn how to get beautiful brows using the soap technique.

2 – Brow Wax- Is the perfect alternative for Vaseline Especially if you have extra unruly brows. Click To Learn More and Safe Recommendations.

3 – Brow Serums – Serums are comprised of natural oil and modified in such a way to help with new and healthy hair growth. Click Here to learn more

Serum for Thicker Brows

GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum has been proven to actually promote new hair growth. See on Amazon, Click the Link for Fuller Brows in FAST.

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Does Vaseline Help Grow EyeBrows – Actual Truth

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