Benefits & Disadvantages of Waxing Underarm Vs Other Methods

Waxing our body there are many benefits and some disadvantages that follow. But, when it comes to sensitive areas such as our:

As there are sometimes more risks than advantages it’s best to keep on reading to see if it is worth it.

Is Waxing Underarms Safe

Waxing is one of the safest ways to remove underarms hair. It is widely used by beauticians to effectively remove unwanted hair and yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Citation

Click here to see generalized Pros and Cons that come with waxing your skin.

Benefits Of Waxing Underarms

With waxing comes many amazing benefits. Especially, when it comes to waxing your underarms, a fair amount of benefits follow like:

1 – Waxing Does Not Irritate Underarms

Waxing underarms does not cause any long-term irritation, rather than a very short after-effect. With proper soothing, your skin will return to its normal relaxed state.

2 – Lighten Underarms

Waxing underarms can lighten your skin, you see waxing does not only remove hair but also grips onto dead skin and build-ups from deodorants, ripping them all away from the skin.

These build-ups are what we see as dark underarms. Now removing them you are technically exfoliating the area, revealing the actual skin and color of your underarms. Hence, lighting the area (Skin).

3 – Exfoliant for Underarm

As mentioned above waxing also remove dead skin and build-up. Making it a great exfoliant for the underarms. Leaving behind smoother and softer skin. 

Waxing does take away moisture and water content from our skin. That’s why it is important to restore moisture and rehydrate the area. Click here to see gentle and hydrating moisturizers for waxed skin

4 – No Risk of Transmitting Bacteria

Seeing that there will be no breaking of the skin with pointy or sharp objects there is no way for bacteria and any fungi to be transmitted to the underarm area.

However, it is also very important to maintain proper storage of the tool and equipment in a dry clean place.

4 – No Cuts

Unlike shaving, waxing uses no sharp tool. As it, only sits and pulls your hair out with its follicles. It is the best option to avoid cuts and bruises around the underarm areas and is perfect for keeping bacteria out.

5 – Less likely to have Itchiness

The fact that hairs are removed completely with waxing provides less risk of suffering from ingrown hairs poking their way out of the skin, leaving behind any irritating itchiness when compared to other removal methods.

6 – Provides Better Underarm Hygiene

When waxing we are technically exfoliating the skin leaving behind clean and clear skin. Hence reducing the chances of smelly armpits. (Read more on this below)

7 – Results are Long-lasting

Waxing is a quick procedure, that carries semi-permanent results. The result of waxing under your arms will last you from 4-6 weeks.

Waxing is like a High-Maintenance practice in order for Low-Maintenance.

8 – Pains Less

With waxing, you will only be feeling a quick pain (sting-like pain) and that is during the ripping out of hair. And immediately after you will realize that it’s gone.

But comparing it with other hair removals it would be like this:

  1. Waxing pains less than Threading Hair Removal Method.
  1. Shaving pains less than Waxing Method
  1. Waxing and lasering pain levels are technical the same but with lasering you feel it longer because it is a longer procedure, whilst waxing is a quick snatch.

If you are still experiencing uncomfortable pain it means that your pain tolerance is low or you have extra sensitive skin. We would advise looking into ‘Numbing creams’ as this will give you a painless waxing experience. Click here to see which one is best recommended for you and how to use them.

9 – Can be done at Home – DIY

Waxing is DIYable meaning you can do it right at home, in your own time. It’s a very straightforward process and easy to understand. However, for beginners, you are to ensure that you are well knowledgeable before attempting.

10 – Affordable

As much as the cost of waxing differs a lot, depending on; beauticians, areas of the body, locations, and so on. It is still fairly cheap for something that is long-lasting. And especially if you are to compare it to other removal methods like laser which can cost a fortune.

Disadvantages Of Underarm Waxing

Waxing is one thing but waxing sensitive areas such as our underarms is another thing. We know it’s the same procedure but if not done accordingly to meet those areas sensitivity it could cause problems like:

1 – Skin Lifting

With waxing, we need to be extra cautious. When waxing the armpit it is important to ensure, we’re properly informed on all the dos and don’ts before the procedure. As it can cause skin lifting. Skin lifting mainly happens due to:

  1. Wax being too hot
  2. Using skincare products containing retinol whilst getting waxed.
  3. Waxing the same area more than once
  4. Using the wrong wax for your skin

2 – Scarring

Scarring is such a rare case but it still does happen. Usually, when the wax is too hot and is applied to the skin, it could cause surface burns resulting in scarring to the skin.

This is why it is important to test your wax temperature before applying it.

3 – After-Effects of Underarm Waxing

With waxing, after-effects are likely to occur, it is full-on expected to happen. And it’s because waxing does cause a bit of trauma to our skin (underarm area). It’s with proper aftercare and pre-care that help to calm the skin and return it to its normal state. After Effects can be:

  • Swelling
  • Mild irritation
  • Bumps
  • Itchiness
  • Pimples
  • Hyperpigmentation

Oiling after waxing is very important, but most oils have a specific purpose. Some are antibacterial and can calm and moisturize the skin, whilst others may clog pores and even have a drying effect. So before proceeding Click here to see which oil is best for your skin after waxing.

4 – Hair breakage

Hair breakage leads to Ingrown hair. This is when the complete hair was not removed and broken right under the skin. Our arms are always down, leaving no room and blocking the pores.

With this happening, it prevents hair from coming through and eventually becoming ingrown hair.

However, there is aftercare that can relieve you of this.

5 – Underarm Bleeding after Waxing

Waxing the underarms you may notice a few Pore bleeding, this is also referred to as pinpoint bleeding. It is completely normal and is a sign of hair being removed completely. It is nothing to worry about and will subside after a few hours.

However, with this happening you need to be extra careful and avoid bacterial transmission to the area.

6 – Underarm Infection after Waxing

Infection is not an often case but without proper pre-care, sterilization, and even aftercare you could stand the risk of bacteria and fungi infecting your armpit.

7 – Adverse Reaction from Underarm Waxing

With waxing, you can potentially develop an adverse reaction (Allergic, Histamine reaction, or others). As rare as the cases are it is still advised that you always patch test before heading into it.

8 – Underarms Pimples and Acne

If proper aftercare is not tended to. your bumps which are supposed to be temporary after-effects, can easily become inflamed and develop into pimples leading to an acne problem.

Click here to learn more on How to Avoid and Deal with Pimples and Bumps after waxing sensitive areas.

9 – Folliculitis After Waxing

Not properly prepping, carrying out aftercare, and even sterilizing your tools can put you at risk of infecting your underarm area. our under arm releases a lot of sweat which makes it easy for bacteria to adapt making it their breeding ground.

Now they can easily seep in and infect our pores.

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Waxed underarms lead to better personal hygiene. As waxing removes not only hair but, also dead skin and any present build-ups caused by deodorants or other products. Completely cleaning the area, which allows the skin to breathe easier.

With all this happening it completely removes the breeding ground for bacteria.

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How to Wax Underarms At Home

Advantages of Waxing Compared to Other methods.

Waxing the underarms does have some amazing advantages over other hair removal methods like.

Threading Vs Waxing Underarms

Threading and waxing carry similar results and their procedures are very different. However, here are the advantage waxing has over threading:

  1. Waxing procedures take less time than threading.
  2. It causes fewer chances of infection, compared to threading.
  3. Waxing is better for sensitive areas such as underarms.
  4. More affordable (depending on location and beautician).

Shaving Vs Waxing Underarms

Waxing and shaving differ in both results and their procedures. Waxing is better recommended than shaving because:

  1. Waxing last longer.
  2. The procedure covers more surface area at a time.
  3. With waxing, there are little to no bruises and cuts, unlike shaving.
  4. No chances of bacterial transmission unlike using infected blades.
  5. Waxing reduces ingrown hairs and thicker regrowth (Waxing regrowth is sparse).

Laser Vs Waxing Under Arms

The advantages of waxing over a laser hair removal treatment are:

  1. Waxing is a faster procedure than having a laser treatment done.
  2. Fewer preparations are needed for waxing, compared to laser.
  3. Waxing costs way less than laser.
  4. Waxing can be done right at home.
  5. Waxing carries less risk of scarring, unlike lasering hair.
  6. You cannot miss a session when getting the laser treatment.

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Which Wax Is Best For Under Arm Waxing

Waxing areas such as the underarms, you are better off using Hard Wax. Hard waxes are very effective and gentle on the skin at the same time. It does the job with little to no pain and leaves behind no sticky residue.

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