Waxing Upper Lip- Pros & Cons, Cost, How to DIY, Aftercare

Waxing Upper Lip Pros & Cons- Everything You Need To Know
Waxing Upper Lip Pros & Cons- Everything You Need To Know

Wanting clean, smooth, and soft upper lips, but these pesty hairs always seem to get in the way? Well, waxing is one the easiest and fastest ways of removing those unwanted hairs that sit on our upper lips.

In this article, you become familiar with all the tips and tricks to a clean and successful upper lip waxing session. With a full step-by-step guide and aftercare for upper lip waxing right at home.

Cost Of Upper Lip Waxing

Waxing of your upper lip will typically cost you between $10 – $15. The price may vary because of your living location, beautician, and place of choice.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of upper Lip waxing


  • Long-Lasting results.
  • Leaves your skin hairless and smooth
  • Hair grows back sparse.
  • Thinner hair regrowth.
  • Inexpensive
  • Less pain when compared to other hair removal methods.


  • Pain, Swelling skin, and irritation.
  • Potentially cause Ingrown Hair.
  • Inflamed Hair.
  • Chances of skin darkening.
  • Lifting of skin (rare case)
  • Temporary Bumps and Mild Bleeding

What are the Pros Of Upper Lip Waxing

  1. Longer-Lasting results– because hair can take as long as 6-8 weeks to regrow.
  2. Leaves your skin hairless and smooth– Hairs are completely removed with their follicles and it also helps remove dead skin.
  3. Hair grows back sparse– the hair is removed with its follicles, and it becomes very hard to generate new hair in that area.
  4. Thinner hair regrowth– New Regrowths tend to be more thinner and finer.
  5. It is inexpensive when compared to other hair removal methods, like laser hair removal procedures can be very pricy.
  6. Pains less when compared to other hair removal methods– because it is a very fast procedure.

Disadvantages of Waxing Upper lips

  1. You may experience slight Pain, Swelling of your skin, and irritation. this is completely normal and very temporary.
  2. Poor pre-care can cause hair breakage resulting in Ingrown Hair.
  3. Poor aftercare can cause bacteria to seep into open pores causing Inflamed Hair.
  4. Chances of skin darkening because of our pigment cells reacting to the disturbance of the area.
  5. Lifting of skin is usually a very rare case. This is why you should pause the use of retinols and other face creams 2-3 days before waxing.
  6. Temporary Bumps and Mild Bleeding may occur because of the disturbance caused to the skin when hairs are ripped from your pores.

How To Wax Upper Lips At Home

Waxing your upper lip at home is relatively safe, considering you are reasonably knowledgeable about the procedure, pre-care, and its’ aftercare. Citation

Steps to upper lip waxing using hard wax for hair removal are:

Step 1- Prep the Area

Before waxing you are to make sure that a patch test was done. it is also recommended that your upper lip area is moisturized and exfoliated 24 hours prior to the waxing session. –See more info on Precare Below

Step 2- Cleanse the Area

By using a bit of rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton pad and gently rubbing over the area should get the job done. (make sure to wait until the area is dry before proceeding to the next step).

Step 3- Test the Wax Temperature

Always test and make sure your wax is of tolerable heat, this will help to avoid burning yourself or your client.

Step 4- Apply The Wax Onto The Upper Lip Area

Apply the wax by firmly pressing in the same direction as your hair growth.

If you or your client is constantly sweating, it would be wise to apply a bit of powder or cornstarch, this will absorb the moisture allowing the wax to tightly grip on the hair.

Step 5- Wax the Hair Off

While waiting for the wax to harden (which usually takes just 5-7 seconds) and grip the hairs, you will remove the wax by lifting the end in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Proceed by using one hand pressing on the side you’re ripping from (opposite direction of hair growth), and quickly rip the wax off.

Immediately after, apply light pressure with your hand/ finger, this will help to calm the area.

How Often Can You Do a Face Wax- Tips to Make it Last Longer

Step 6- Clean up

After waxing scan the upper lip area for any hair left back, if so. Just simply go in back with fresh wax and repeat the process (not recommended for persons with extra sensitive skin) or use a tweezer to remove the hairs left behind.

Use aftercare wipes or oils to remove any residue left behind. It is advisable to use oil base products, and avoid rubbing alcohol especially if you have extra dry skin.

Step 7- Moisturize Area

After waxing is all cleaned up we remoisturize the area, this is because waxing takes away a lot of moisture and water content from the area.

You can restore lost moisture by using Cetaphil Soothing Gel. Using a pea-side of gel can will effectively soothe, rehydrate and calm your freshly waxed upper lip area. Click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

If you are experiencing any swelling, itching, or further irritation you can use OTC Topical Drugs. or get a Hydrocortisone cream. we recommend The CeraVe Hydrocortisone Cream 1% click here to get it on Amazon.

Or you can Click on the video below for a step-by-step guide on upper lip waxing.

What to Apply After Waxing- Treat & Moisturize Dry Skin

Video Showing How To Wax Your Upper Lip

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Waxing Upper Lip Pre-care

When it comes to doing anything, especially to your body and skin it is important to always prepare it. Pre-care for waxing your upper lip will give you a clean and perfect finish with longer-lasting results. Citation

Proper pre-care will help avoid hair breakage, irritation, ingrown hairs, and the many other after-effects of waxing sensitive areas like your upper lip. Before waxing you are to ensure:

  1. That you are using wax of good quality
  2. Always have a patch test done 24 hours prior to the actual procedure.
  3. Don’t choose your wax depending on people’s suggestions
  4. Ensure your wax is at a tolerable temperature before applying it to your upper lip. A face burn can be pretty tricky to deal with.
  5. Exfoliation helps remove plaque and dead skin so the wax gets to grip the actual hair.
  6. Cleanse the area first to remove any makeup or natural oil, as this will prevent the wax from gripping the unwanted hair.

Waxing Upper Lip Aftercare

As important as the pre-care is, so is the aftercare, proper aftercare will ensure you longer results and remedy the after-effects of the waxing. By following simple tips like:

  1. Clean the area with a bit of rubbing alcohol. This will help close the open pores thus reducing the risk of post-wax bumps and breakouts.
  2. If using rubbing alcohol on dry skin make sure to moisturize after.
  3. Applying essential oils like Tea Tree Oil/ Neem Oil will reduce inflammation and soothe any irritation post wax.
  4. Apply calming lotion to reduce the irritation and conceal the redness or a soothing cream with Vitamin E and aloe formula or Vitamin A & D ointment.
  5. Always rehydrate the area as moisture and water content get lost during waxing.
  6. Avoid direct sunlight and wear Sunscreen whenever heading out in the sun
  7. Wait until 3 days to return to regular exfoliating of the area.

For a more detailed aftercare guide click here to read What To Do After Face Waxing – Aftercare Tips & Guide

Is Waxing Upper Lip Harmful

Upper lip waxing when done correctly may not be considered harmful. however, it can cause temporary swelling and pain, but as long as proper pre-care and aftercare follow there will not be any long-term issues.

Do remember we all have different skin types and we are dealing with melted wax. So it is important to be well informed about the procedure, its’ pre-care and aftercare, especially for your skin.

NOTE: If you are suffering from a certain type of skin disease it is wise to seek permission from your dermatologist before proceeding with any waxing session.

Upper Lip Wax Burn Scab

Upper lip burns while waxing can be painful and scary to deal with. If not properly taken care of it may lead to other difficulties like becoming infected or scarring. Citation

Using a cold compress and resting it on your upper lip may provide some temporary relief. Refrain from applying ice directly to the area it will just lead to frostbite and even cause the skin to peel off.

How To Heal A Wax Burn On Upper Lip Fast

Does Waxing Your Upper Lip Make It Darker?

After upper lip waxing you may experience a bit of discoloration this is commonly referred to as Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This however does not stay forever, it will subside once the skin has returned to a calm state. Citation.

This usually happens either because; the wax is too hot or due to the disturbance caused to the skin. Resulting in pigment cells, releasing too many pigments. Hence, the discoloration.

NOTE: Persons who have Darker Skin tones have more of a chance to experience this Pigment Problem.

Does Waxing Upper Lip Cause More Hair Growth?

Waxing your upper lips does not lead to the regrowth of more hair. In fact, waxing will help to reduce the amount of hair in every regrowth. That is if properly done, with both pre-care and aftercare practiced.

However, if you experience more hair and faster regrowth, this can be due to many other reasons like hair breakage, poor aftercare, pre-care, or even because of poor wax quality.

Best Wax for Upper Lip

1. Hard Wax For Upper Lips

Hard wax is known to be the best wax for sensitive skin, hence making it perfect for waxing your upper lips area. This is because it is easier to apply, does not tug on your skin, and leaves no sticky residues when removed.

I recommend, The Lifestance Waxing Kit which comes with all the necessities for complete waxing sessions, including both pre-care and aftercare treatments. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

2 . Wax Strip For Upper Lip

Wax strips need less effort and preparation time when compared to Hard wax. These ready-to-use wax strips will grip even the shortest of hair, this is because of it’s sticky glue that the firmly grips the hair. But sometimes they may leave behind a sticky residue which can be very messy.

For the best facial wax strip for dry and sensitive skin see the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit. It’s Available on Amazon, Click here to see the Price.

3 – Waxing Wand

A waxing wand is perfect for persons always on the go and usually miss waxing dates or just don’t have time to visit the salon. This ready to used wands can be taken almost anywhere because of their small size. You can conveniently remove your unwanted hair where ever u are.

Stay on the safe side and get yourself one of these, they are also perfect for brows. I recommend Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper Wax Kit, Click here to see the price for it on Amazon.

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