Wrinkles, Loose & Saggy Skin After Facial Wax- Actual Truth

Wrinkled, Damage & Loosen Skin- After Facial Waxing
Wrinkled, Damage & Loosen Skin- After Facial Waxing

So you’re kinda new to facial waxing, or you’ve heard rumors of facial wax damaging our face, causing wrinkles and even discoloring it, well continue reading to see If all said is somehow true.

Facial waxing does come with its own pros and cons, But could wrinkles be one of the disadvantages of this procedure?

Does Waxing Cause Wrinkles Or Loosen Skin

We know when waxing, there will be some tugging on the skin, but does this actually stretch our skin? well, the short answer is No, facial waxing does not result or cause loose or wrinkled skin. Wax is only supposed to grip the hair and not our skin, this is why it’s important to know your wax and how to correctly use them.

However, if proper aftercare were not attended to you may be left with very dry skin which can portray itself as wrinkles. See more below

Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles After Waxing

Waxing does take away a lot of moisture and water content from our skin. Dry Skin however will only give off the appearance of skin becoming wrinkled but don’t be worried about this. Once moisturize with proper aftercare your skin will return to looking healthy again.

moisturize to avoid Wrinkles after Facial wax

Most importantly it’s advisable to wait 2-3 hours after waxing, to apply oil or moisturizers. However, when moisturizing you should ensure that you are using gentle and very light-weighted moisturizers that can actually penetrate the skin.

Rather than using random thick heavy-weighted oils and vaselines that just sit on the skin and go nowhere. See oils that are best suited for your skin type and that have great absorbing capabilities. Click- Best Oils To Use After Waxing- How To Apply & Benefits

Or Click here to see my Favorite Moisturizing cream that has help me repair loose skin and shrink my pores. The seoul ceuticals multi-function all-in-one snail repair cream can be purchased off of Amazon.

seoul ceuticals multi-function all-in-one snail repair cream
seoul ceuticals multi-function all-in-one snail repair cream

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Are you Moisturizing correctly according to your skin type? Click the Link To avoid dry skin and restore moisture and water content to your face.

Does facial Wax Make You Lose Elasticity

Well, it all depends on how and what type of wax you are using. You may see some answering this question with a YES whilst others saying No. Confusing isn’t it? Well, what’s more, confusing is that they are both correct answers. And this is because of the different types of waxes.

There are different types of wax, You’re either using:

  1. Hard Wax– For large and small areas & best for sensitive skin areas
  2. Soft Wax– Best suited for large areas (such as; Arms, legs & Backs)
Soft Wax-Hard Wax
Soft Wax-Hard Wax

Well, When using the Hard Wax on our face you will notice it is very gentle. Now when removing wax after it’s been hardened, you’ll only feel the pulling/plucking of the hairs, without any tugging onto your skin.

That is why hard wax is more suitable for sensitive areas such as our face and bikini areas. And this is why many will say waxing does not stretch our skin.

Whereas using soft wax, can be very painful and you will instantly notice an extreme tug onto the skin when removing it. This is because soft wax contains certain components, when applied to our skin it doesn’t only stick to our hair but to our skin as well.

Hence when soft wax is being removed, it’s not only ripping the hair out but because of its stickiness, it also tugs onto our skin. And experiencing this anyone may be convinced that waxing loosens our skin.

Apply & Removing- Hard Wax Vs Soft Wax

Demonstrating the difference between when hard wax is removed from the skin Vs when soft wax is being removed.

Saggy Skin After Waxing

While it’s natural to feel the constant pulling of our skin during a Facial waxing session, it’s hard to not think after a time it could make our skin saggy. But the truth is that Facial waxing does not make your skin saggy.

These waxing products combined with vitamins and other natural ingredients protect the skin and encourage the regeneration of new cells. Hence, the reasons why our skin tends to glow more and feel healthier after a facial wax.

Which Wax is Better For The Face

After understanding and analyzing how these two wax impacts the skin very differently it could only come down to Hard Wax being the best-suited Wax for sensitive areas such as our face due to it having little to no grip to tug onto the skin.

You can get a facial wax done by a professional or you can easily DIY it right at home. Click here to see the price for a complete Waxing Kit with a full step-by-step Guide on Amazon

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