Charcoal Shampoo- Benefits, How To Use & Side Effects

Charcoal Shampoo- Benefits, How To Use & Side Effects
Charcoal Shampoo- Benefits, How To Use & Side Effects

No one wants to be left with a dehydrated scalp and parched strands after shampooing. Although clarifying shampoos work great for many of us, we still eventually have to deal with returning the moisture to our scalp and hair. This eventually leads to greasiness faster.

Here, I’m going to share one of my best Activated Charcoal Shampoos. We will also talk about important FAQs on charcoal, and its benefits for both our strands and scalp, when infused in shampoos.

Is Charcoal Shampoo Good For Your Hair

Shampoos infused with activated charcoal are perfectly safe for cleansing scalps and suitable for rinsing our strands. Using these shampoos will leave your scalp and hair feeling freshly cleaned and light weighed.

How Often Can You Use Charcoal Shampoo

A well-formulated nourishing shampoo infused with activated charcoal can be used 1 – 2 times weekly, as your regular shampoo. They are generally safe and effective for steady use.

However, you should avoid shampooing too often, as this can lead to washing out of healthy moisture from your scalp and strands. This will eventually lead to; dry scalps, damaged shafts (dryness, brittleness), and split ends.

Does Charcoal Shampoo Help Hair Growth

Charcoal Shampoos may not lead to actual hair growth, but it does ensure a clean scalp. Which leads to healthy follicles and encourages stronger hair growth.

These shampoos cleanse your scalp of bacteria/ fungi, excessive sebum oil, and other impurities. While its other nourishing ingredients help in restoring the needed moisture and nutrients for a healthy scalp.

Charcoal Shampoo Benefits

1 – Detoxifies your scalp and hair

Charcoal has a strong affinity for moisture, and when this happens it begins to give off heat. With this happening, the cleansing ingredients are more effective at softening buildup, breaking loose sebum oils, and cleansing clogged pores.

2 – Leave hair looking volumized

After washing with activated charcoal shampoo, your scalp and hair will begin to feel clean and light weighed. Leaving your hair volumized and healthy-looking.

3 – Reduces hair fall and encourages healthy hair growth

Using these shampoos can help with reducing hair loss by improving the health of our scalp, and follicles, which will lead to stronger and healthier hair growth.

Activate Charcoal possesses great antimicrobial properties, meaning it can protect against hair loss, causing bacteria and fungi.

4 – Perfect for persons with oily scalp

Shampoos infused with activated charcoal and formulated with hydrating ingredients work perfectly for persons with oily scalps. As it deep cleanses; all the sebum oil and other impurities from your scalp and hair. Without leaving it, feeling all dried and parched after.

5 – Treat and Prevents dandruff

Charcoal-infused shampoos will effectively deep clean dead cells, scaling scalp and dandruff from your scalp. These shampoos are also formulated with moisturizing properties, which help in soothing your scalp leaving it moisturized and free of dandruff.

6 – Safe for thin and fragile strands

These shampoos are generally safe for all hair types, especially for weak and thin strands. Charcoal shampoos will effectively cleanse your strands without causing any damage.

Recommended Charcoal Shampoo

WOW Charcoal Shampoo

The WOW Charcoal Shampoo is a well-formulated shampoo that is widely used for its effectiveness at deep cleansing getting rid of all the excess sebum oil, buildup, product residues, and all other impurities.

Whilst, it’s nourishing ingredients soothe and leave your scalp feeling hydrated, which also helps to regularize oil production.

WOW Charcoal Shampoo is for all hair types and does not leave your strands parched. As it’s infused with nourishing ingredients. To see more about this shampoo click here to view it on Amazon

Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo

Love Beauty And Planet clarifying shampoo is a nourishing and well-formulated shampoo. Infused with charcoal and bergamot, making it effective; at removing buildups (sebum oils and product residues). Whilst, fighting against bacteria and fungi, leaving you with a healthy scalp and cleaned strands.

Black women’s hair/ Textured hair requires many products for styling and maintenance, hence the importance of a safe and effective shampoo. You can click here for honest reviews and the cost of it on Amazon.

Charcoal Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar infused with charcoal and other hydrating ingredients will help with your greasy and oily hair, whether you have a sensitive scalp, thin strands, or treated hair. Its formulation will effectively give you a refreshing detox while nourishing and hydrating your scalp.

Shampoo Bars are very convenient for traveling and more affordable than regular liquid shampoos. You can find this bar on Amazon, click here to see its price.

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Charcoal Shampoo Side Effects

A well-formulated charcoal shampoo, that is effective at cleansing and nourishing at the same time is perfectly safe for all hair types. However, all ingredients may not for everyone’s skin. Hence, it is important to patch-test your shampoo before using it.

Here are side effects that are rare, but yet possible:

  1. Allergic reaction from ingredient (s) in the formulation, to avoid this always patch-test your new shampoo before use.
  2. Adverse reactions such as; redness, burning sensation, or itching irritation. This may occur if your scalp and skin are too sensitive to the shampoo’s formulation.
  3. Leaving hair dry and parched. Charcoal shampoo may have this effect if there are not enough; hydrating and nourishing properties in its formula. It will be advised to condition after.

See below for FAQs:

Does Charcoal Shampoo Help With Dandruff

Activated charcoal shampoos usually become heated when in contact with moisture. The very mild heat helps to soften dead skin and scaling of the scalp, so that the cleansing properties can easily wash them away.

These shampoos are also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which fight against these dandruff-causing micro-organisms. Hence, its ability to treat dandruff.

Can Charcoal Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

Short answer NO, a well-formulated shampoo infused with charcoal will not cause your hair to fall out. However, some shampoos do contain harsh ingredients that could cause damage to your hair.

Always read the ingredients and use safe shampoos that are toxin-free. Following up with proper care should ensure you have healthy follicles and strong strands.

Is Charcoal A Good Clarifying Shampoo

Shampoos infused with activated charcoal are perfect Clarifying shampoos. As they are indeed effective and gentle at the same time to give you both clean and hydration at the same time.

They work effectively at stripping your scalp of all dead cells, product residues, and excessive sebum oil. While it acts as a gentle rinse for your strands, properly cleansing hair without leaving it too parched and dry.

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Is Charcoal Shampoo Good For Blonde Hair

A well-formulated shampoo, infused with Charcoal coal is perfectly safe for persons with blond or light-colored hair of any hair type. These shampoos can effectively clean and moisturize your scalp and strands.

Charcoal shampoo are also relatively safe for bleached or chemically treated hair. They may also help in neutralizing any yellow or brassy undertones. However, always ensure to take the necessary precautions and patch test any new shampoo.

Does Charcoal Shampoo Lighten Hair

Charcoal is known for whitening due to its cleansing properties. Washing hair with shampoo infused with charcoal can potentially eliminate some of the brassy, yellow undertones from your strands.

Regularly cleansing your grey hair with activated charcoal shampoos can eventually lead to a solid shade of ashy grey. However, these shampoos are not specifically formulated to reduce yellow undertones and will not show you instant results, as a purple shampoo would.

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