Using Purple Shampoo on Highlights & Is it Balayage safe?

Using Purple Shampoo on Highlights & Is it Balayage safe
Using Purple Shampoo on Highlights & Is it Balayage safe

Will purple shampoo brighten my highlight without affecting my darker hair? will it change my balayage effect? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves, before applying purple pigments to our highlights.

Well, right here I’m going to tell you that you can use purple shampoo on your highlights. But, ensure that you apply it correctly and you are using the right ones for the best results desired.

Does Purple Shampoo Brighten Highlights

Purple shampoo is a great way in getting rid of any brassy undertones and restores cool tones to your highlights. Using these shampoos can save you the trip of your monthly visit to the salon for regular touch-ups, in other words, save you a lot of time and money.

However, Purple shampoos do not replace your regular shampoo, and should not be used too often. As, they can potentially leave your highlights looking purple if over-proceeded or if there were no yellow undertones to neutralize.

Over processed highlights
Over processed highlights

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo for Highlights

Purple shampoos can be used once per week, depending on how fast your cool-toned highlights become yellow-toned. However, do avoid applying purple shampoo on your hair too often as it is very drying, which can cause your strands to become dry and parched.

But, How Long Should I Wait To Use Purple Shampoo, after getting highlights? You can use purple shampoo to tone your highlights when they are looking brassy and yellow-toned. Which usually happens 2 -3 months after getting your highlight done by your salon.

Fading of the highlights in your hair varies a lot. As, it depends on your hair products, and the amount of heat received from styling tools or direct sunlight. These are all reasons for it to fade faster.

What Happens If You Use Purple Shampoo On Highlights

Using purple shampoo in highlights is a great at-home fix, for neutralizing those yellow brassy tones. So, here is exactly what happens when color-correcting your highlights with purple shampoo:

  1. The purple shampoos do not bleach, they contain pigments that will neutralize the yellow undertones in your highlight strands.
  2. Which will return the warm highlights to a cooler tone. Adding more brightness to your hair.
  3. The purple shampoo does not have any bleaching power over your darker hair, as the formulas are usually free of bleach.
  4. Will brighten your highlights without affecting your balayage effect.

So, Yes, Once purple shampoos are used correctly they will effectively lighten your highlights, without actually fading your dark areas. And most importantly, help you to avoid the regular chemical processing needed for your highlight’s upkeep.

What Color Highlights To Use Purple Shampoo On 

Purple shampoo can be used for any highlight shades between Platinum blonde to light brown. Basically, on highlights that carry too high levels of yellow undertones for your liking. You can easily brighten them with purple shampoo pigments.

You cannot use purple shampoo on colored (such as; blue, red, pink…) highlights. As it will not serve any purpose in brightening up those colors from looking dull.

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How To Use Purple Shampoo On Highlights

Using purple shampoo correctly on highlights that are too dark and dull-looking for your liking. Is one of the best ways to maintain bright highlights. Here is how you go about doing it.

1 – Wash your scalp and hair.

This is considered the pre-wash, where you rinse your hair with regular shampoo to get rid of sebum’s natural oil and product residues. As they can hinder the effectiveness of the purple shampoo.

If your hair is already clean of residues, that poses a barrier between the purple shampoo and your strands. Just simply wet your hair, so pigment can be easily and evenly distributed.

2 – Apply purple shampoo to your wet hair.

Apply an adequate amount of purple shampoo to your hair. Highlighted strands need to be fully saturated with purple shampoo. And massage it in between hair especially the areas with highlights.

3 – Leave your highlights to process.

Once fully saturated in purple shampoo, let your hair sit for 3 – 5 minutes of processing time. Allowing the purple pigments to work their way in and neutralize your warm-toned highlights.

During this time you should be checking on your hair from time to time, to ensure it is going according to expectation. After you’ve achieved the desired shade.

4 – Rinse the Purple shampoo from your hair.

You can now give your hair a thorough rinse, fully cleansing it of all remaining purple shampoo from your scalp and hair.

5 – Condition your hair.

Once your hair is completely clean of purple shampoo. You can go in with a (deep) conditioner and condition your hair. Refrain from applying conditioner too close to your scalp.

How to use Purple Shampoo on Balayage Hair with Highlights

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Can Purple Shampoo Turn My Highlights Purple

Sadly Yes, If purple shampoo is not correctly used it can potentially surpass the color-correcting stages and dye your highlight purple. Here are the possible reasons as to, why your highlight may look purple:

  1. Purple shampoo was left on the hair for too long, over-processing can lead to staining your highlight purple with its pigments.
  2. Using purple shampoo when it’s not needed- on already cool-toned highlights will just cause your hair to absorb the purple pigments. Seeing that there were little to no yellow undertones to neutralize.
  3. Applying purple shampoo to dry hair can lead to purple stains. Seeing that pigments are more absorbent by porous strands.

Best Purple Shampoo For Highlights:

Trying to select the best purple shampoo for your highlights is not at all complicated. As any safe and well-formulated purple shampoo can effectively enhance your highlights.

Or, see my recommendation down below that are safe and will effectively brighten your highlights without lightening your dark areas.

The Pureology Purple Shampoo

The Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Purple Shampoo is one of the best purple shampoos I would recommend for persons with highlights in their hair/balayage. This purple shampoo is sulfate-free and is safe for color and chemically-treated hair. Click here to see helpful reviews on this Purple shampoo from Amazon

Read more about The Purology Purple Shampoo – how it can help with making protein and does not leave your strands dry.

Luseta Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

The Luseta Purple Shampoo and Conditioner duo are well-formulated pair that works well alongside each other. This shampoo is very pigmented meaning it will effectively eliminate the yellow tones of your strands. Whilst, the conditioner restores all water and moisture content, lost during the toning process.

You can visit their site or Click right here to see the price of it from Amazon.

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