How Long to Leave Purple Shampoo in Hair- Risks & How to Avoid

Do you know the processing time of purple shampoos, is not determined by specific timings or until your strands become whiter? It’s more than just that, well that’s if you want to use it for effective results and maintain healthy scalps and strands.

Keep reading as I will share with your the other aspects you NEED to take into consideration when toning your hair with purple shampoo. So that you can achieve desired results without damaging your hair shaft, and how to avoid split ends or purple-dyed hair.

How Long to Leave Purple Shampoo in Hair

Purple Shampoos out there, are all very different, meaning their formulations and pigment concentration. If you are a first-time user we recommend leaving it in your brassy/yellow-toned hair for about 4 – 7 minutes. If needed, you can have it sitting for a few minutes more to achieve desired results.

Testing the effectiveness of your particular brand of purple shampoo is always better than leaving your hair looking purple and patchy. Usually, it can be seen as- the Darker and thicker the shampoo, the more effective.

Does Purple Shampoo Work Instantly

Once applied to wet hair Purple Shampoo will immediately begin to work on your strands. However these shampoos will not give you instant results, but they will give you fast results. The effectiveness and speed are all determined by the shampoo’s formulation and ingredients.

How Long Does Purple Shampoo Last

The time length of the effectiveness of your purple shampoo depends on what tone of blonde you are after. Meaning if your aim is a gold blonde your results will last for almost 2 weeks. And if Platinum blonde, your purple shampoo results could last for a week period.

However, proper care is also required for a long-lasting effect. Staying away from a lot of direct sunlight and avoiding heat tools (curling irons and straighteners ) will help keep your hair from going brassy.

Risk of Leaving Purple Shampoo Too long in Hair

Without knowing and testing the strength and effectiveness of your particular purple shampoo. You could be risking certain damages to your hair and even then scalp when you leave it in for too long.

  1. Leaving strong purple shampoo in your hair for too long can result in your hair surpassing the color-correcting phase and ends up staining your hair with its potent pigments.
Over processed highlights
Over processed highlights
  1. Purple Shampoos are generally very drying. Now, leaving it on for too long can lead to severe dryness, as these shampoos will strip away the moisture and water content of your strands.
  1. This leads to breakage and split ends faster when you regularly tone your hair for long periods of time.
  1. Hair will begin to look dull and lack of shine, due to the constant use of drying ingredients (alcohol, perfume, preservatives,…) found in purple shampoo.

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Important FAQ’s

Can You Leave Purple Shampoo in Hair Overnight

Leaving Purple Shampoo in your hair overnight is something to just avoid. Toning your hair overnight with purple pigments will just leave your strands very dry, stiff, and parched the next day, due to all the drying ingredients.

You are also risking purple hair instead of beautiful platinum hair the next morning.

What to Consider When Leaving Purple Shampoo in Hair

When leaving your purple shampoo to process, you should not only avoid going above the advised timing but also get to know your hair and the product you’re using. Take these helpful points for a safer approach.

  1. Test your shampoo on your strands first, to help identify how strong and effective it is. This will mean less processing time needed.
  2. Know your hair-absorbing ability. Meaning if your strands are low or high porosity levels. High porosity means faster absorption.
  3. If you have thin and fragile strands it is best to leave it on for the least time possible. So as to prevent extra dryness and even damage.

What Happens When You Leave Purple Shampoo in Hair

Leaving Purple Shampoo in the Hair for an Hour

Having purple shampoo sitting on your scalp and between your strands for an hour or more can be very damaging. As, this can lead to scalp irritation, breakage, and severe dryness to your strands, leading to split ends and even fallouts.

Is purple Shampoo Safe if left on for 30 Minutes

The advised processing time for purple shampoo is generally between 5 – 15 minutes. Now having it sit for 20 – 30 minutes or even more can potentially weaken your strands if not permanent damages.

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