Purple Conditioner Vs Shampoo- Which is Best for Your Hair

Purple Conditioner Vs Shampoo- Which Is Better for your Hair Type
Purple Conditioner Vs Shampoo- Which Is Better for your Hair Type

Are you using the right product to achieve your hair goals? The debate between purple conditioner and purple shampoo has hair enthusiasts buzzing with curiosity.

Say goodbye to brassy tones and hello to vibrant, salon-worthy locks. With our expert insights, real-life testimonials, and insider secrets you will finally be able to know which one is better for your hair type.

Thankfully for you, over the years, I have tried numerous brands of both purple shampoo and purple conditioners on different individuals with varying hair types so I have a ton of experience.

So Continue reading to see which matches your hair’s type, health, and your expected desire.

Can I Use Purple Conditioner Instead Of Shampoo

Using a well-formulated purple conditioner instead of a purple shampoo will still give you the desired toning results, without the extra drying effect of course. Purple Conditioners are generally more moisturizing and hydrating than shampoos.

This makes it great for persons with already dry hair and who cannot risk their strands getting more damaged.

Purple Shampoo Or Conditioner Which One Is Better

When choosing between a well-formulated purple shampoo and a purple conditioner, it is important to consider your specific hair care needs, hair type, and personal preferences.

These factors play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of the product in removing yellow or brassy undertones from your hair.

It is crucial to prioritize the health and type of your hair to achieve the desired results.

Purple Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair

Purple Conditioners are considered to be more hydrating and nourishing for your strands. Hence, I would recommend you use Purple Conditioner if:

  • You have very dry and parched strands.
  • You have an unruly and frizzy type of hair.
  • Your hair has been damaged due to chemical treatments and harsh dyes.
  • You’re living in a cool climate

See the Bold Uniq Purple Hair Conditioning Mask. This will brighten your blonde hair by effectively removing all yellow undertones from your strands, without drying out your hair too much. Click belove to see the price of a bottle on Amazon.

Purple Shampoo for Extra Oily Hair

Purple Shampoo works great for anyone who needs to tone down the brassiness from their strands. However, I would recommend you use Purple shampoo if:

  • Your sebum produces excessive amounts of natural oils causing your hair to become oily and greasy faster than normal.
  • You have relatively healthy and strong strands.
  • If you live in a tropical climate, purple shampoo can help cleanse you of the excessive oil and grease from your hair.
  • You are in need of intense toning, as purple shampoo may be more effective.

For anyone with extra oily hair and looking for great purple shampoo options. See below for my two best picks; The Fanola Purple Shampoo and The Luseta Purple Shampoo.

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Is Purple Conditioner The Same As Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo and purple conditioner serve almost the exact same results in our hair care industry. Both Purple shampoos and conditioner are designed to neutralize brassy or yellow tones in blonde, gray, or silver hair, providing you with brighter-looking strands.

However, Most Purple shampoo in my experience tends to be drying and can leave your strands feeling parched and looking unruly. This is why I do not recommend these shampoos for persons who have extremely damaged or already dry hair, as it can lead to further damage.

Whilst Purple conditioners may not be as pigmented as the shampoos but they carry more nurturing and hydrating properties which help in counteracting any dryness to our strands. This is why I prefer using Purple conditioner rather than a Purple shampoo, especially on weak and damaged hair.

The Difference Between Purple Shampoo And Purple Conditioner

Purple shampoo and purple conditioner are both hair care products that are specifically formulated for blonde, silver, or gray hair. Both formulations contain purple pigments that help neutralize and counteract unwanted brassy or yellow tones in our hair.

While both products serve a similar purpose, they still have some key differences between their formulations and finishing effects:

Do You Need To Use Both Purple Shampoo And Conditioner

Purple shampoo and conditioner are not required to be used together, as both are commonly used to maintain and enhance blonde, silver, and gray hair. However, using them together can provide enhanced benefits.

Choosing your purple shampoo and/or conditioner depends on your hair’s specific needs and preferences. Hence, it’s always a good idea to consult with your professional hairstylist to provide personalized advice.

Can purple conditioner be used without purple shampoo

Yes, purple conditioner can be used without purple shampoo, that is only if your strands are not in need of intense toning.

Although Purple Conditioners can effectively tone your hair, it forces more nourishing, and moisturizing, and help with the rehydration of your strands. As the pigments in the conditioners are not as potent as compared to the purple shampoo’s formulation.

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