How to Get Straight Eyebrows & Which is Best for You

Get Perfectly Straight Eyebrows that actually suit your face shape and features. Whether you’re drawn to the clean, modern look or seeking a youthful and innocent allure, straight eyebrows are your answer. With a study of the face and the different formats of straight eyebrows, you can also rock this look.

Keep reading and discover how to get straight eyebrows and find the best style that will leave you feeling confident and satisfied.

Are Straight Eyebrows Attractive

Straight eyebrows have become one of the most trendy eyebrow looks after the laminated brow effect. This new trendy brow look became popular not because of its uniqueness but also because of the definitive features it adds to the structure of our face.

Keep reading to learn the best straight brows for your face shape, how to achieve it, and if this style suits you.

Types of Straight Eyebrow Shapes

Straight eyebrows can sometimes sound scary is an unusual choice for many of us. As many of us think of a straight line across our face. Well, I’m here to help you alter these trendy brows so you can see which you are best comfortable with. See my description below…

Straight and Lifted Eyebrows

Eyebrows that are Straight and Lifted are brows with inner corners lower than the tail, which points outwards. this shape is best suited for anyone who wants to create that face-lift illusion and give a younger appearance.

These brow shapes can be either thin, thick, or bushy. depending on your natural eyebrow style.

Straight and Flat Eyebrows

Eyebrows that are Straight and Flat will have both the inner corners and tail-ends on the same level. these brows are great for adding softness and giving balance to face types with strong and sharp features.

These brows can be thin, thick, and even bushy depending on your natural brow type. They sometimes carry a slight curve on the top tend which also adds softness to the hairline and eyes.

Best face shape for straight eyebrows

We all see the straight brow becoming more and more popular, and we want in the trend too. But, many of us don’t know how straight of a brow to suit our face shape. So to answer this keep reading.

Straight Eyebrow for Different Face Shapes
Straight Eyebrow for Different Face Shapes

Heart Face

Having a heart-face shape and wanting straight eyebrows you really need to identify which straight brow shape and positioning works for your face type.

Heart shape faces look great with brows where the tails are higher than the inner corners. As this adds length and structure to the face.

Round Face

Round Face often lacks length and definition. Adding a straight eyebrow shape where the inner corners are lower than the tail will create the illusion of a longer and more structured face.

This type of straight eyebrow will also add boldness and give a lifted feature to your round face.

Long Face

For persons with a long/ oval face type, you are the best candidate for the straight and flat eyebrow shape. Meaning both the inner corner and tail are in one line. This will help to visually take away some of the lengths of your face, creating an illusion of a much softer yet defined structure.

Eyebrows with the inner corner lower than the tail will only add length to your face.

Square Face

Usually, I would not recommend getting straight eyebrows for persons with very distinctive square faces. As brows with a more curve/ arched feature best suit these faces as they add more softness and balance.

However, if you still want to proceed with straight eyebrows, feel comfortable too. And if so, I would advise getting the straight brows that carried a slight arch at the tail/ends.

Oval Shaped Face

Persons with oval face shapes are some of the perfect candidates for straight eyebrows. You guys can try any form and style when it comes to these brows.

Diamond Face

Dimond structured faces usually have strong and sharp features, this is why we recommend straight eyebrows with the inner corners lower than the tail that is slightly arched. This will add a bit of softness to your face and give the widened area (cheek area) the needed balance.

Straight brow is not just going to be a fast trend that will eventually fade away but it will stick around for a long while and this is all because of the amazing feature it adds to the face.

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Beauty Benefits Of Straight Eyebrows

  1. Creates a more youthful appearance, by giving your eyes and facial features a lifted effect.
  2. Make you look more awake and alert giving you an appearance, as they help to open up the eye area, leaving more room between your eyes and brow tail.
  3. Straight eyebrows enhance your facial symmetry, which is an important factor in adding facial balance and overall attractiveness.
  4. These brows complement our different face shapes once done correctly.
  5. Arches brows can make our face look a bit pulled down, unlike straight brows even out your face restoring life and brightening up your face.
  6. Straight brows add softness to your face, unlike arches brows which can sometimes give a fierce look.

How to Get Straight Eyebrows From Arched

Wanting to change your eyebrow shape from arched to straight is fully achievable. As this will give your face a more snatched and younger look. See the video below for a full demonstration on how to get it.

How to Fake Straight Eyebrows

For many of us, it is hard to commit to something we are completely unsure about. So we often try the fake version before getting the real thing.

And the same goes for Straight eyebrows, Here I will help you figure out if/which straight brows are best for you before committing to it.

  1. Groom your eyebrows using a spoolie and brush through them, using up and outward motion.
  2. Apply a bit of brow gel to help them stick in position,(up and outward).
  3. Conceal the bottom of the brows drawing a straight line cutting through your eyebrow tail, and blend it out covering the tail of your natural brows.
  4. You can now use a brow pencil and fill in any sparse area and your new eyebrow tail.

Faking your straight brows will help you decide which one is right for you before making any commitment.

Or you can just save all the Hassles and get straight eyebrow stickers. Click here to see the Options on Amazon.

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